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Faykin It (REE11069266)

Short story By: REE11069266

Tags: Lesbian, Sex

This is a short story my friend Kiki and I wrote in subsitute for Games period as we couldn't be bothered doing athletics. Her portions of the story will be in Italics. x hope you enjoy ;)

Submitted:Nov 14, 2011    Reads: 738    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

As she lay naked; silk slipping over and under those delicious curves, my mouth watered and my eyes could not be torn away. I knew she was waiting for me to make the first move, she was not as experienced as I. I could see her nerves but still could not help wondering to myself why anyone else had not yet 'claimed' her, so to speak. Even still, it made no difference now, she is mine to claim and I will not allow myself to make mistakes. Her eyes were closed nervously. I stroked her face carefully and kissed her neck soflty, softer than her skin as I pulled her slender body towards me. She responded by laying a cautious hand on my hip, she calmed slightly and I rewarded her with a small nip on the bottom of her neck, kissing the spot gently. She squeaked a little, surprised by the sudden flash of pain and pleasure I'd caused her. The heat increased between us and her breathing quickened, every other breath becoming a cute little gasp that, with each, made me want her even more. I slid my hand over her beautiful curves and a surge of pleasure tore through my body as I felt hers quiver under my fingertips 'do I really have that sort of effect?' I wondered to myself. Suddenly she opened her eyes and kissed me with an element of ferocious need; I pulled her against me, closing the gap. She let her hands roam my body, exploring each and every part of me within her reach. I noticed her hand would reach between my thighs, only to pull back cautiously at the last second. I responded with a knowing smile and confidently took a hold of her wavering hand. ''It's okay'' I whispered in her ear, touching my teeth to her earlobe, glancing sideways on her expression on hearing a sudden intake of breath on contact between my teeth and her ear, she was strained in pleasure. Clearly, I had found her soft spot. The sounds that escaped her then etched themselves into my memory; the way she moved, and how she begged me to stop even though I knew inside she wanted me to continue. My hand left her hip and slid; caressing her thighs, almost tickling her. She moaned softly; so softly that I almost couldn't hear her, I only knew from the expression on her face. I let my middle finger feel the wetness i had caused and used it to slide up to her clit, at which her body jolted and there was a sudden sound-filled gasp. She bit her lip and dug her nails into my skin as the sound of her reckless breathing filled the room and my ear. I felt myself becoming wet and very hot, I spun my finger in a continual clockwise circular movement on her clit and felt her body begin to move rhythmetically against me. She continued to pant and moan, becoming very wet and ever more vocal, after a short while she grasped me very tightly and let out an orgasmic cry as she climaxed. I giggled in her ear after she regained her breath and said ''I think that's enough for one night beautiful''. I kissed her passionately and then wrapped my arms around her with my head on her shoulder. It wasn't long before we were both asleep.


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