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A Beautiful Thing (REE11069266)

Short story By: REE11069266

The sharing of passioin between two people, written in the first person. x

Submitted:Jan 21, 2012    Reads: 705    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

I sauntered into the bathroom where the hot shower had been running for five minutes or so, I could just about hear him in the next room, he would walk in soon 'is he as aroused as I am?' I wondered to myself. I undid the tie around my waist and let it fall, then slid the dressing gown from my shoulders and let it drop to a heap on the floor alongside it. The water was hot, I flinched when it touched the skin of my hand and flinched again when he knocked on the bathroom door. 'Come in' I said just loud enough to be heard. He opened the door and looked at me, looked at the fact that I was naked and there a was a split second of awed silence. I was embarrassed, to say the least. I was standing naked in front of him and he was standing in his pyjama bottoms. He came to me; wrapping his arms around me and as he drew my body close against him I realised in could feel his pulse somewhere else, somewhere rather private. He pressed his chest against mine and I let my head tilt backhand my hands feel round to his bum, I squeezed him and let one hand caress his back. After a short time we separated and, both with devilish grins, he undressed himself completely as I got into the shower. We both looked at each other, becoming more aroused as we did so. He was standing to attention, so to speak, and I could feel myself becoming wet not just from the water of the shower. He got into the shower and brought me close to him again, kissed my neck and reached behind me for showergel. Having dispensed a reasonable amount into his hand, he lathered it into suds against my body, paying particular attention to my breasts. He circled my pert nipples with both index fingers and listened to my breathing become quickened as he did, then as I started to moan quietly he moved to my shoulders, massaging the lather into them. He continued up my neck and then back down past my breasts to my waist and then round to my bum, squeezing it and pressing himself firmly against me. I giggled as he did so and in turn took up some of the lather, washing his body with it. I kissed him as I did so, caressing his bum and hips with my soapy hands, I slid round to his hardened penis and started stroking it slowly, gently. He let out a short gasp of relief and pleasure as he closed his eyes. I smiled on seeing his expression, I clasped my hand around him and took up a faster pace, his gasping came quicker and he kissed me feverishly, hastily taking hold of one of my breasts and playing with my nipple, making me moan for him to hear. Suddenly I stopped and giggled, looking into his clear, blue eyes. He smiled a naughty smile and I returned him a seductive look, then took up some shampoo to wash my hair. I lathered up my hair and shivered as i felt suds that had dripped onto my body slide down it, even moreso when the water washed it all away. The bath was pretty full of water now and he suggested we sit in it so I agreed, smiling again. Once we were sitting, me with my legs apart so he had room to sit with his knees against his chest, he began to stroke my thighs, I let my head rest back and my vocal expressions go as he slid toward the inner most part of me, between my thighs. Slowly he touched my clit, rubbing it in a circular motion, I gasped as I took hold of the side of the bathtub and allowed my body to move with the pleasure being caused to it. Suddenly I could take it no more and I pulled him toward and on top of me. Kissing him I took a hold of him and guided him inside, moaning loudly as he filled me, he groaned as he felt himself enter me and looked upon my strained expression. I whispered to him that I loved him and gasped in his ear for every time he thrusted into me, he replied that he loved me too. He loved me slowly, carefully. I gazed into his eyes at points so he'd know that I meant what I'd said to him. Our sounds filled and echoed the bathroom walls, causing more and more pleasure, I reached down to my clit and played with it, becoming almost silent with concentration, I concentrated on the feeling of his penis sliding into me again and again, hitting points inside me that were it painful would have been excruciating, but it was the opposite. The pleasure was inconceivable, I can't describe it, that and his ragged breathing filling my brain, he gasped that he was close and I moaned that I could any second. He thrusted faster and deeper into me and I came right there and then, my body arching completely and my loud moans filling the room, he came then too, groaning and gasping and thrusting, holding onto me for dear life. I lay back motionless, breathing heavily With my eyes closed. As he extracted himself and got up to wash himself. After a few moments I got up, I kissed him passionately and told him again that I loved him. Got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and went into his room to get dressed. x


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