For Sybill #6

By: RedRedWine

Page 1, Another installment inspired by my muse. Working to find my voice.


The cabbie gave us a second look and a chuckle when he noticed we didn’t have luggage when we got in his cab.  After giving him our destination, he seemed to understand why we had none.  The ride to the bungalow was uneventful as it was beautiful and scenic.  The winding roads we traveled seem to get us further from any tourist destinations and the foliage and wildlife outside as we whizzed past was more beautiful than any travelogue we had ever seen.

As we drove through the gates and stopped in front of a grass hut; the bellman seemed just as disappointed as the cabbie that we had no luggage.  He asked us to follow him to our bungalow. 

I marveled at your choice of clothes for the trip, an emerald green gossamer dress that billowed and highlighted your sumptuous curves while the wind off the ocean whipped your hair around your face.  Golden sandals covering your feet set off the creaminess of your bare legs as the wind blew and you grabbed the hem so it wouldn’t lift over your head.  The dress hugged your behind, bringing my thoughts to what lay beneath and the perfect shapeliness of your body.

The bellman let us in our cottage and proceeded to show us around.  Not spacious by any means, the far end away from the door was the focal point.  To the right lay a four-poster bed covered in mosquito netting with ebony furnishing and bathroom.  An outdoor shower was visible right outside the window overlooking the bed, to the left was the kitchen area consisting of hot plate, refrigerator and sink.  The overhead fans in the center stirred a nice breeze as we stared mouths agape at the view at the far end from the front door.

The ocean presented itself in all its glory, waves crashing just before reaching the shoreline the sound mixing with the wind creating a soothing white noise that loosened the tension.  As he explained the amenities and the restocking procedures, I watched as you loosed your sandals and walked through the lush tropical plants down to the beach of jet black sand that melted with each incoming wave.

As you walked towards the ocean, I saw the emerald green dress rise on your legs exposing the beautiful heart shape behind and finally being tossed aside as it cleared your shoulders and your windblown hair.  By now the bellman had stopped talking had turned around and was staring at what I knew to be the highlight of his day.  A generous tip and a small shove out the door later, I turned my attention back to the vision walking into the pale blue ocean.

You walked on tippy-toes causing the shapely cheeks to sway to the rhythm of the waves.  The movement of your hips helped move your torso to twist as you raised your arms as if to put the whole ocean into your passionate embrace.  You pirouetted on your toes in the sand.  As you approached the water your heavy breasts barely moving with fully erect nipples, a wave crashed at your feet splashing water up your torso causing you to jump slightly.

The water ran in rivulets down over your creamy breasts causing the already erect nipples to grow harder.  It continued cascading over your tummy and reached your heavenly mound.  I could see the tiny drops of salt water drip off the top of your clitoris as you walked back towards me.

Laughing all the way, you glided into my arms and threw your arms around me, pulling me to you.  Your nipples pressed into my chest as your arms tightened around me.  I bent down to kiss your lips and our mouths met softly and with great care.  Our lips pressed together, mouths parting as our tongues intertwined, lapping the insides of each other’s mouths and exploring, leaving no area untouched.

We separated and you took my hand, bending to pick up your dress thrusting your wonderful behind towards me, and we walked back inside.  Opening the fridge we found nothing there but two large liter bottles of water.  I decided to go to the reception area and see what I could find, saying that you should stay here since you were already getting comfortable.

At the registration cottage, they gladly helped me get provisions of meat, cheese, local fruits, wine and more water.  I put everything away and grabbed the two coldest bottles of water and went in search of you.  You were bent over peering into the trees next to the path to the beach; one arm holding your torso as you full breasts dangled, the other in between your legs massaging the altar.  You heard me approach and motioned for silence and pointed through the trees.

They were beautiful specimens of physical beauty.  Completely nude and very much engaged with each other, her fiery red hair wet and splayed across her shoulders as a cushion as she leaned against the palm tree.  Her arms held his head in place between her legs as he knelt on the black sand and kissed her deeply. 

Her breasts were large and full with ruby red areoles and pink nipples.  They complimented her figure as her ample hips widened to give him greater access.  She propped one leg up and he reached around under her and lifted her behind higher.  His skin was deeply tanned and the muscles in his back rippled with the effort seemly easy, his bare buttocks clenched in unison as he stood.

Your hand was working furiously and I dropped the water and ran my fingers down the cleft of your behind.  Running my thumb around your bung hole I heard you moan and I replaced your fingers with my own.  Looking at the scene playing out through the trees, the man had lifted the woman high enough to accommodate entry.  She grabbed his penis and guided it towards her lower lips.  At the same time I felt your free hand unzip my trousers and free my member.  You massaged me as she thrust her hips to take him inside.  He threw back his head and moaned as she wrapped her legs around him as his hands held her on him.

I started rubbing your mound together and parted the lips feeling sticky moisture coming from between them.  You took my penis between your legs and rubbed it vigorously against your clitoris as I removed my fingers you placed the head between your lips and moved back slowly.  As you slowly brought me inside, the man through the trees had picked up his pace as his cheek muscles released and clenched with each stroke.  Her breasts lay on each side and their movement matched his motions as they slapped the side of his head with every thrust.

My hands grabbed your behind and spread your checks as you quickened your pace to match.  The gentle massage became a tight squeeze as the snugness of the muscles inside you increased with the pace of our motions.  My thumbs played with your bung and teased it with alternating forays into your back door.   There were tiny beads of sweat forming in the small of your back and they began to roll down the crevice of your behind mixing with your nectar.  I reached underneath us and felt for your clitoris and rolled it between my fingers. 

I hadn’t registered any noise until a cry and a whimper came from the couple as she dismounted and crouched in front of him grabbing his member and drying her moisture from his penis with her face as she tried to place him in her mouth.  Once he was between her lips her hands reached around and grabbed his behind and she sought to pull him inside.  He intertwined his fingers in her red hair and helped her efforts by pulling her further on. 

We both stared intensely as she pushed him to the ground with his penis still clutched in her hand.  She straddled him and placed his swollen member between her lower lips and began to bounce up and down on his shaft.   Whether it was from them or us, the sound of wet flesh against wet flesh and short panting breathes should have been heard all the way to the beach.  You slammed against me while my sac bounced against your mound, the amount of moisture caused my member to completely be removed only to find itself back inside as your lower lips hungrily captured it again.

The woman screamed and clutched her knees alongside his body grinding her hips into his.  He grabbed those hips and his body shook as she collapsed on top, smothering his face with her heavy breasts.  You exhaled with a small grunt and clenched your muscles drenching me as you ground your hips onto mine and milked my penis. 

We both fell to our knees and curled up together on the beach kissing and stroking.  Completely spent we lay there as the movement of the other couple away from us was soon replaced with the hypnotic rhythm of the waves crashing on the beach.

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