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For Sybill #5

Short story By: RedRedWine

An earlier story that I took some time to rewrite. Inspired by my muse again. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to help me find my voice. Thank you for reading.

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I saw you walk into the ballroom. Your auburn hair framed your face in a soft sultry look that complimented the pouty lips and high cheek bones. The color of the dress you wore matched your hair color perfectly and it was hard to tell where you hair ended and the dress began. The neckline plunged in almost to your navel without showing too much, and your full breasts held everything in place.

The vision was astounding, as I gazed down your frame and saw your walk. You walked with your hips slightly forward in that model on the runway style and as you walked your dress allowed your bare legs to be visible to mid-thigh.

You walked past me and I couldn't keep my eyes from following as you glided across the room. The open back had small gold chains holding it in place and came together at the point several inches below where the small of your back curved to meet your heart shaped behind. The fullness of your figure was well accented.

I threw back my drink and mustered all of the courage that I could and approached. I was surprised and considered myself extremely lucky that no one stopped me. I placed my hand on your back and moved to the side asking if I could help in anyway. You said you needed a drink and an escort to your table. My hand moved lower on your back and I guided you to the bar.

After ordering we moved to your table. The band was playing and I asked if you would like to dance before dinner. Placing your drink on the table you looked at me and I could feel myself getting lost in your hazel green eyes, you licked you lips and nodded.

We danced and talked and remarked on how comfortable we both felt with each other. The band played all through dinner and we seemed to be the only ones on the floor. The ballroom was full but I couldn't see anyone. Our brief stops to rest, drink and nibble on the plates put in front of us helped keep up our strength. I held you close and moved you around the floor, marveling at your grace and beauty.

You were warm to the touch and I moved my hand down to the small of your back and my fingers came to rest between your cheeks. I felt your cheeks clench and hold my finger in place as you moved closer pressing our hips together. Our tempo slowed before the music and I pulled you in tighter towards me.

Our lips met in a light kiss and a tiny flick of your tongue played on my teeth. As you playfully bit my lower lip the dancing was over. You took my hand and we walked off the dance floor as the awards presentations started. We walked right past our table and as we left the ballroom, you grabbed an open bottle of wine and we made toward the elevator.

Once inside the elevator, are lips met again this time with a fire and passion. The kiss was warm moist and inviting as our tongues played in each other's mouths our hand caressed each other and moved in and around our clothing. The elevator slowed and we looked to see if it was the correct floor. The people who entered where quite shocked as we took turns on the wine bottle until we reached the floor and made our way to the room; lips in sync and hands fumbling with our clothes.

I double locked the door as we got to the room and turned around. You knelt and grabbed my belt and zipper pushing my pants to the floor; you took me in your mouth. My head was spinning at the sensation as you grasped my shaft. I lay on the floor and ran my fingers through your hair your silky smoothness on my fingers and organ. You kissed licked nibbled and bit my pen is and I let out a small gasp, but you kept your warm luscious moist mouth working.

I could feel you moving and I opened my eyes to gaze at your mound. You had positioned your hips above me and I could see your cleft a few inches from my face. I raised my neck and kissed your cli toris and lips and your hips locked my head in place. The juices that flowed from you raised my passion and I drank like a dying man.

My tongue found your cli toris and I ran the swollen button over my teeth. Parting your lips, my tongue probed and your hips helped me in deeper. I could hear your breathe shorten and I reached up to cup your breasts. Your mouth had a lock on my pen is and I could feel your teeth nibble around the head. I sucked both of your lower lips together and slightly tugged before plunging my tongue back inside. You ground your hips into my face released a flow of honey that was sweet and salty and filled my mouth. I could feel your hips shake and the pressure that had built up in me was released. You gently pulled on my testicles and it felt that this orgasm would never end.

We lay there trying to catch our breathe. You moved to sit up and I couldn't resist tickling the area of your an us with my tongue. You wiggled your behind and let out a sigh. You got to your feet and went in the bath, I heard the water running. You told me to get in and you would join me in a minute.

The shower was warm as I let the water run over me as my mind reeled. You stepped into the shower, placing your arms around my chest and hugging me tight. I reached back and cupped your mound and squeezed as your hand moved down my chest to my pen is and playfully stroked. We soaped each other and rinsed ourselves off, wrapping up in towels and walked back into the bedroom. I could see your hips moving under the towel and I whistled. You laughed and threw yourself on the bed. As you rolled over your towel came undone and your perfect body lay there as my eyes devoured the sight.

You pulled your legs up giving me a better view of your lower lips and motioned me forward. I dropped to my knees and moved my face between your thighs. I grabbed your legs and started kissing and tonguing your toes, moving up until I reached where your legs met. You tasted of soap and water and when I reached your lips, the heat from your mound was measureable. I moved both of your legs wider and licked from an us to cli toris as you moved your hips in a circle. Your hands grabbed my head and guided me your an us. I took my hands and spread you cheeks using both thumbs to massage the area around where my tongue was thrusting. I could feel your thighs shake and you moved your legs behind my head and pulled me deeper.

I thrust my tongue in your bung as your moved your hands to your cheeks and spread them even further. My nose crept past your lips and I inhaled the sweet musk of your scent. The silky cream coming from you had made everything wet and you let go of your cheeks and my thumb slipped inside your hole. With no place for my tongue I licked your lips and darted my tongue in and out of your canal while my nose rubbed your cli toris.

As your hips moved in and out my thumb was pulled deeper and deeper. Every movement in resulted in a low guttural pleasure moan from you and every movement out an intake of breathe that sounded of desire. You commanded my pen is to you and grabbed shaft and ba lls as you licked around the tip and took only the head in your mouth.

You lifted your behind away and the release of my thumb made a pop as you held my pen is and moved down my body. Your hand guided the tip of my shaft and rubbed your whole mound from top to bottom as your juices soaked my shaft. You guided me through your lips and I was inside the warm wet tunnel. As your hips ground down, I was completely inside feeling your muscles move up and down the length of my co ck. You leaned forward and placed your hands against the wall. Your perfectly shaped behind presented itself to me as you bounced slowly and steadily and with every bounce you panted or moaned.

While still inside you rotated around, face to face and drew my head up into a hungry kiss. With every thrust of your tongue, your hips ground into mine. You pulled me out and positioned the tip at your gaping bung, and slowly ever so painfully slow sat as my pen is was taken inside. Our moans probably disturbed our neighbors, but the animal passion that had been ignited was all consuming. My fingers found your erect nipples and squeezed as you reached back and cradled my ba lls.

Going from hole to hole, your hips bounced furiously nonstop and our breathe grew shorter and shorter. You guided one hand to the top of your mound and the cli toris I found was large and hot to the touch. As my shaft entered through your lips again I rolled it through my fingers as you bit my lower lip hard and came. As your muscles contracted I could not hold back any longer and we lay together shaking in each other's arms.


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