For Sybill #4

By: RedRedWine

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Paris may be the city for lovers, but Rome was more our style. Walking the streets arm in arm, sampling the wines and wares of the street vendors, we made our way to the Spanish Steps for photos next to the Trevi Fountain. She came up and asked if we needed her help to get us both in the picture.

Raven haired, full flowing skirt and peasant blouse, she was right out of central casting looking every bit the gypsy and despite the warnings we had heard we were grateful for the assistance. The blouse was a blouse in name only as it was tied together at her rib cage exposing portions of pear shaped breasts. Her skirt flowed freely over supple looking hips that she couldn't help but thrust forward as if to introduce her as she walked. Almost sheer, it helped to accent her figure and I saw your look of admiration, I am sure you could notice mine.

You asked her to join us for some wine and we walked to a nearby cafe and ordered and talked. An exchange student, she was not a real gypsy, but enjoyed assuming the mythos as entertainment to explore the city. She offered to accompany us as we walked and continuing our sampling of everything Rome had to offer.

As the afternoon progressed we talked and laughed and drank, all three of us arm in arm with no direction or purpose. Stumbling, we made it back to the hotel when you suggested we three take a nap. In order to continue our new found friendship this evening for the remainder of the day. You looked at me to gauge my interest, but seeing the large black irises inside your hazel eyes, my wink was as good as a nod. Wrapping your arms around each other’s waist we walked up the stairs off the street to our rooms.

Walking up the stairs in the cool semi dark stairwell, I marveled at the contrast in skin, hers tanned and smooth yours creamy and soft. I noticed that your fingers had slipped under the waist band of her skirt and hers were cupping your behind each helping the other to climb. As we got to our landing she pulled you into an embrace that started with soft kisses on the lips, and had gotten to your throat by the time I had opened the door waiting for the two of you to enter.

Walking past me you reached for my groin and gave the almost erect member a gentle squeeze, when her hand joined for a moment as we all entered. The room was cool and a little darker than the stairwell, I walked to the refrigerator for the chilled Grappa and glasses, the light from the window ample enough to light my path and keep me from bumping into anything. Turning back into the room, I could see that you had resumed your kissing and perhaps I was the only one who would need the grappa.

She broke your kiss and reached for the knot in her blouse, loosening and exposing the pear shaped breasts that we had been teased with all afternoon. Her nipples were dark and erect and I could see your mouth water as you placed your lips over each and bit lightly. She gasped and threw her shoulder length hair forward covering you and her breasts. Her head turned and her dark eyes were sparkling as her eyebrows rose hungrily and she stared directly into my eyes.

You reached under the waistband of her skirt and pulled it to the floor and as she stepped out you made your way between her breast pausing at her stomach and navel before her knees buckled and she sank to the bed. You turned you head to me and nodded for assistance. You bent back to her breasts and began the process, as I helped remove your clothes, you knelt in front of her and began to lick and kiss your way around her inner thighs. With your shirt off your full breasts dangled between her knees and I cupped and squeezed each one before reaching your shorts.

Your panties were soaked as I removed them and kissed down the small of your back and moved between your cheeks. The smell of you, the sweat and the sweetness reached my nose and I ran my tongue around your bung. Hearing small little moans coming from her I looked up and saw that your arms had draped around her thighs with hands caressing each cheek while you nibbled and sucked on her lips and clit. Her hands were on the back of your head guiding it around her hips. You stopped and turned back to me with a look that said I had better get back to what I was doing before pausing to watch the two of you.

I returned to my task running my tongue through the crevice of your behind and separating the cheeks so I might lick and tease your bung.  Teasing you anus with my tongue I moved my fingers to run them the length of you mound squeezing the flesh together and stroking your lips with my fingers and lightly pressing the clitoris with their tips.  The heat from you spread through my fingers as I slipped my fingers between your lips.

The symphony of her moans and your hums blended nicely as I could hear the pitch’s change and the intake of breathes getting shorter.  You reached for my free hand as it cupped your breast to tease your nipples.  You began to move back up her body towards her still erect nipples taking my hand and placing it on her mound.  Her hips continued to rotate and move and I noticed you were both moving in the same direction.  She was scalding and soaked, and your hand went to mine and guided it around her clit and past her lips and just that fast we both had our fingers inside.

Your lips had captured my other hand and drew me inside squeezing me and pushing and pulling the longest two in and out.  You lay on the bed facing each other, tongues intertwined breathe coming in short rasps her hands reached down and grabbed the my hand and joined me as we inserted out fingers in and out.  The heat spread in me caused by the mirror reflections of widely spread legs with two hands moving around and in the sex of two incredibly beautiful women brought an uncomfortable stiffness and I sought to free myself.  But neither of you would let go of my hands.

As the two luscious bodies moved closer to each other my hand was the only one present inside you both.  Her legs reached around and drew you close as the twin aroused clitoris ground together causing waves of shuddering coming from that union.  The breathing was now gasps and you bucked against each other as the aroma of two distinct beings filled the air.

Both set of lower lips were now so close enabling me to insert two fingers from the same hand into each over heated cave.  Folding the flesh of one over the other I brought my face in-between  both and rotated sucking the familiarity of your nectar with the exotic nectar coming from her, until I could no longer distinguish the difference.

Within seconds, stereophonic waves of passion juices flowed into and over mouth in ample quantity that lightened my head from the shear intoxication of sex.  Cries of pleasure, and spasms of orgasm surely could have been heard outside and you both exploded and shook.  Rocking back I admired the mirrored contrast again and smiled as you both parted sweaty stickiness not wanting to come apart.

You stared at my gaze and lifted your legs further apart so I could admire the moisture as it glistened on your lips.  Spreading her legs apart she mirrored your stance and licked her full lips. You nodded your head and I moved to straddle each leg that lay of the bed.  I took my member and tried to mop of the moisture still coming for the inside of both of you.  I pierced the space between both bodies, rubbing the head against two rock hard clitoris; the two of you ran yourselves up and down my shaft coating me with your fluids.

I was pulled between you both, and felt 2 sets of lips taking turns exploring my mouth.  My hands cupped separate breasts and rose to the task of massaging them both with equal gusto.  My penis was aching as you both massaged and caressed my shaft and sac.  The unspoken communication between both hands worked to heighten the sensation of one hand one hard-on.

Two sets of lips now worked their way down my chest to nibble and bite my nipples as your fingers intertwined around my penis.  My hands, now deprived of both breasts, moved down each stomach in order to warm themselves between your hips.  Still moist and warm each set of lips engulfed my fingers greedily and seemed to suck on them as my fingers slowly made their way inside.

Slowly but in tandem, your both started bouncing on my hands, and one finger was soon joined by two and as the hips moved faster it became three.  My thumb stroked the area’s leading through the cheeks and you both settled my thumb on puckering bung holes.  As your mouths intertwined I could feel one sucking on my sac, while the other swallowed me into her throat.  Then just as quickly the mouths reversed actions and I could feel familiar sensations building in my groin.

The motion of the hips had increased and in unison I could see my fingers penetrate further into each hole, slowly and with great care, my thumbs moved past the muscle and was fully inserted in the two of you.  I watched as the movement gained momentum and my thumb moved in and out with the rest of my fingers that were busy on their own. 

I moaned loudly and I heard the familiar growl from your throat and you moved away from my hand.  She swung her leg over my head and straddled my head.  A pair of hand grabbed my sac and gently pulled and I could feel your moist hotness engulf the head of my penis and slowly move down the shaft to nestle and grind against my hips.

She lowered her hips onto me and I replaced my thumb with my tongue.  You bounced on my shaft and the moist slaps of our skin against one another seemed to spur you on as with every thrust into you, I felt a gentle squeeze on my balls.  Your inner muscles where contracting, getting tighter around me and I could see her hands on your behind helping you bounce as your legs trembled.  I could hear you gasp and a tiny yell came from your mouth as your inner muscles contracted as you mad one final bounce.  The resistance I felt was heavenly and my penis was drenched as you released and fell back into my arms.  You were trembling as I held you close, your breath getting more measured.  She moved to assume your vacated position and you took me and guided me inside her.

She was sitting facing the two of us, as she rocked back and forth we reached for her engorged clitoris and pinched.  A silent scream was evident on her face and she moved up and down with purpose.  Fluid escaping her was making maintaining position difficult, but her control of her muscles never let me escape.  You moved to her still holding her clit between your fingers and bit on her nipple.

Her fingers dug into my chest and she clenched my penis.  You cupped my sac and squeezed harder than before and it was all too much for me to control.  I felt the tip against her inner back wall and I jerked and exploded.  Her whole body shook and an audible gasp preceded a tidal wave of cum and I lost control.

She slowly removed me as she quivered.  All three of us moved together entwined in each other’s arms, kissing and stroking overwhelmed by the aroma of passion and fulfillment.

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