For Sybill #3

By: RedRedWine

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Even through closed eyes I could see the flashes of light coming from the picture window across from the bed. The clap of thunder I heard next was what opened my eyes.  I sat up in bed, looked next to me only to find the bed empty.  Looking around you had already gotten up to look at the lightning as it danced over the tree tops and sky outside the bedroom window. 

I didn't pay much attention to the lightning itself, I was more interested in the silhouette of beauty standing in the room.  The flashes of light off your skin caused you to glow.  You stood there with your legs slightly apart, your arms holding the sheers away from the window and with your left hip slightly in front of the other. 

Lightning flashed again and the highlight of the addictive curves of your breasts and behind glowed again for my enjoyment.  You looked absolutely beautiful standing there completely nude, hair thrown back over your shoulder and I could feel longing and desire well up inside me. 

I slowly got out of bed not wanting to make any noise and walked towards you.  The light flashes helped guide me in an otherwise darkened room.  I moved in to kiss you exposed neck and you jumped a bit, only to relax when I started to nibble on your ear lobes and neck.  My hand ran down the small of your back and parted your cheeks slightly until I was nestled in between them.  The other hand curved around your stomach and moved down towards your mound. 

A sigh escaped your lips and one of your hands cradled my head. As I moved with gentle kisses and playful bites, from neck to shoulder and back, my hands gently massaged the areas they had targeted.  One finger slowly rotated around and dipping slightly into your bum, as the other mirrored the rotating motions on your clit. 

You spread your legs just a bit further as the button of your clitoris became pronounced and your hips started to move in an opposite motion from my finger.  I joined a second, and then a third finger grasping the sweet flesh that flanked your s ex while the middle finger slightly probed between your lips.  My thumb soon joined in and I massaged your mound with my whole hand as I began to feel heat and moisture building. 

Thunder rolled and you jumped back engulfing my finger that was probing your anus.  A contented murmur seemed to come from your chest and your hips moved back and forth, not staying with one hands attention very long before it thrust back to the other one.  You spread your legs even wider. 

My left hand was becoming wetter and the juices inside sought escape.  I couldn't let them go to waste so I licked my fingers of your stickiness that only made me hunger for more.  I moved my kisses and bites down your back and through the cheeks of your bottom, pausing to explore your anus with my tongue.  I sat on the floor and turned my self away from the window. 

I grasped both cheeks with my hands and nestled you on my face, lapping up the moisture that had been released.  I nudged your clit with my tongue and you moved higher against my face.  Letting my tongue explore between your lips tasting more nectar.  I sucked your lips into my mouth and gently massaged them, releasing them only to place my tongue deeper inside. 

Lightning flashed and I looked up to see your breasts pressed against the window to steady your stance as you spread your legs wider.  My hands were busy with your behind and I caressed and teased your rear hole with a finger on each hand. As my nose inflamed your button, my fingers probed your behind and you slowly brought one inside. 

Your hips were rotating now instead of thrusting as you moved me deeper inside you.  That moved your mound away momentarily, but I nibbled and bit until I found your lips again and sucked.  My tongue darted and rolled as my finger moved in and out to the same rhythm.  The gasps and mewls you made only inflamed my passions and I felt like I would burst.  I grabbed your clitoris flicking my tongue over and around holding it firmly in place with my teeth. 

Your cries of orgasm started, your hips bucked, your juices flooded my mouth and my finger disappeared inside you.  You ground your behind on my hand as the trembling of your thighs threatened to topple you, you clasped my head hard between them making for sure that I got all the juices I wanted.  I drank but did not quench my thirst for you. 

Thunder rolled. You moved away with weak legs and I went to steady you and help you back onto the bed.  The heat from your body warmed my hands and the softness of your skin caused me to sigh.  As I sat on the bed next to you I massaged your shoulders. You purred. I grew bolder and moved down your back and you raised your hips to allow my hand to slip between your cheeks once again.  You raised your behind until my hand came to rest on the silky wetness between your legs. 

Grabbing oil from the bed side table I opened it with my mouth and warmed a few drops in my free hand.  You brought your knees under your hips so your entire behind was higher than the rest of your delectable body.  I moved in behind you and replaced the hand with my penis.  Taking more oil in both hands I started massaging your cheeks around my member and carried the oil down your back to your neck.

The oil warmed fast as it touched your smooth skin and soon a light sheen was coating the beautiful heart shape of your behind and my penis.  As my hand slowly moved from shoulders over rib cage to hips and bottom, the movement helped you to sway back and forth on the shaft.  The oil started to really get hot. 

Lightning flashed as you opened your legs and I slipped through your lips and inside your canal.  The heat felt like it would melt me.  In slow steady rhythm we moved in and out.  I grabbed and kneaded your behind as you built up pressure and force.  The smell of love; oil, sweat, saliva and nectar only heightened our passion.  The heavy panting and gasping for breath was both loud and encouraging.

The frenzied sounds of our flesh meeting with every crash together helped the movement be measured.

 Your hand reached up and grasped my shaft and guided me from clit to anus.  The puckering of your bung was too much to resist and I positioned the tip at the opening. It moved to engulf the head and wrap itself around the girth.  My fingers moved inside between your lips and lightly pressed upward the tips of those fingers feeling your muscles feed my member to your behind.

 The guttural sound of release seemed to help you increase the tempo.  I was lost in your heat and felt you insert my sac between your lips each time I thrust forward.  My hand grabbed your checks with gusto and pushed back. Your lips made a popping noise as my sac disengaged.  The whole symphony of light, sounds and smell reached a crescendo and at the apex of the moment...

 The loudest crash of thunder outside did not match the roll of thunder we experienced.  Our bodies vibrated at the same pitch as we exploded together.  Hurriedly throwing our arms around each other, we clutched together and steadied our vibrating bodies.  Light kisses and squeezes settling our muscles and hearts.

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