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For Sybil #7 Chapter 2

Short story By: RedRedWine

Love and loss. Revenge and retribution. Here is the second chapter of this thread. Read For Sybil #7 for the opening segment. Please be open and honest with feedback and comments.

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For Sybil #7 Chapter 2

We must have lay there for over an hour. The rhythmic breathing interspersed with sobs and heavy sighs sent shudders through your body and would jar me awake, just when I thought to sleep. I held you close and wouldn't let you move until just the breathing moved the sheet ever so slightly. Gazing at your sumptuous curves as the sun from the window shone on your bed, your entire body glowed and the light seemed to come from under the sheets.

Rising slowly as to not disturb your slumber I made my way to the kitchen for some water, and out to the patio for a smoke. Darkness engulfed the yard and the cool air felt great on my skin, a nice contrast to the heat from your body. I could see the glowing ember from the tip of my cigarette in the reflection from the windows as I thought.

My thoughts were displayed for me in excellent detail as I pondered the circumstances I had found when I arrived. Physical abuse of a woman or man for that instance is deplorable to me, and I found my thoughts racing towards retribution. The position of lover in this situation was precarious as there have been countless stories of jealous lovers and husbands who take matters into their own hands when confronted by this type of violence. My main concern was your safety, and the difficulty that providing that safety involved, was proving to be frustrating at the least.

We had talked about this before. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes and thought back to that night. He had gone to work early and when I arrived you planted a hard and wet kiss on my lips. Your lips burned with fire and ice, and they were soon moving down my chest as you unbuttoned my shirt, running you nails down my chest and slipping into my pants. As you lightly bit my nipples, I could feel your nails rake against my penis with tiny little scratches.

Soon my pants were off and you were placing kisses up and down my shaft while holding my sack tightly in your grasp. You teased the head with your tongue and the memory of that caused me to shudder in the chair. As you took me in your mouth the sensations caused my penis to strain against its own skin. The velvet smoothness of your mouth, the hard edges of your teeth and the sucking motions were too much to handle as I grabbed the back of your head and held it in place. The buildup had reached its peak and as you milked, the liquid hit your cheeks, chin and breasts. That was when I first noticed the bruises.

You got up and with me still in your hand led me to the living room sitting me in your double seated chair. You curled up next to me and told me of your day and how those bruises had come to accent your neck and shoulders. He had come in while you were showering and after an argument that was all too common in your life, grabbed you by the shoulders and pushed you to the floor. You described in detail his full weight on your breasts as he sat on your chest and forced you to perform the same act that we had so passionately engaged upon my arrival that night.

Feeling your warmth next to mine and your hands stroking my penis, caused me to open my eyes when the stroking in my mind's eye was manifested on the body sitting out on your porch. You had snuck quietly out and had knelt in front of me and had begun to stroke my cock. Rubbing it against your face and licking the head, I could feel the muscle strain against its skin.

You told me you had a plan. A plan that could end our mutual torment and result in our mutual benefit. You laid it out to me is surprising detail, which you had to repeat later because my mind at the time was occupied with your actions.

You wetted my penis with saliva and as you rose turned completely around to present the heavenly globes of your behind. Swinging your leg over your arm you kept a firm grip on me as you brushed the head of my dick between your legs from anus to clitoris. In the moonlight I could see the moisture driping from you and it mixed with your saliva on my penis. You struck my penis against your clit several times softly moaning as it went from pink and prominent to red and throbbing.

Your hands guided me inside the hot, moist cavern of your sex and a muffled cry escaped your lips as I gripped the globes of your ass. Placing both hands on my knees you pushed yourself up, only to crash back down as my grip pulled you towards me. You ground your hips into me as I reached up and clasped you free hanging breasts and rolling the hard nipples between my fingers. The gasps were becoming throatier and turning into grunts as you continued to rise and fall on my shaft.

The motions were increasing at the same pace of your breaths and the effort coming from your mouth punctuated each thrust. I had returned my hands to help grip you cheeks and keep me inside as the muscles inside you contracted and squeezed my member. Slippery with your fluids you rocked and rose, I strained and thrust feeling every of your vagina tense and release with my movements.

The symphony of your sounds reached the climax as your muscles grasped tighter and a gush of nectar and essence rushed down the canal coating my thighs. Your body shook and the exclamation should have woken your neighbors. You disengaged and crawled up into my lap, inserting me back inside as if it was exactly where it should have been always. Wrapping your arms around my neck you kissed it and laid out your plan once more. While your hips rocked back and forth and the muscles constricted around me.


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