For Sybil #2

By: RedRedWine

Page 1, More adventures. I hope you like it. Any type of constructive feedback is appreciated as I try to find my voice.

I see you across the bar and notice how vibrant you look as the afternoon sun shines on your auburn hair and your flesh colored top could make it easily mistaken that you are topless. You haven't seen me yet as you are talking to the bartender and I signal to the bartender to not let on that I am coming for you. I walk up behind and run my hands between your arms and body to allow me to cup and caress your breasts from behind. They are full and soft and I give them a firm caress and feel your nipples rise to attention.

You know who it is and acknowledge me by tilting your head to one side. I take my cue and begin kissing your neck from behind your ears to the opening of your blouse. You grab my face with both hands and kiss my mouth with full lips and it takes me away from those beautiful breasts.

I crave your taste and you reach your arms around under my arms and pull me close. I wrap my arms around you and we hug each other fiercely. Your tongue enters my mouth and I suck lightly as my hands move down your back and settle on your waist. As we break our kiss, we can both see that our eyes are dilated and the passion is beginning to simmer.

Along with the seductively cut top you are wearing a smart pair of slacks that closely fit your luscious legs ending at your ankles were open sandals reveal perfectly manicured toes. As you get up from your stool so we can move to a booth, I notice that the close fit slacks help accent your shapely behind and you give it a shimmy and shake as you feel my eyes on your bottom. You tell me to sit across from you in the booth and I can't keep my eyes off your still erect nipples. I comment and tell you how marvelous those breasts look and you nod and smile and say how you can see my nipples are hard as well. You giggle as the bartender brings the drinks we ordered, and we share a laugh.

As the bartender turns and heads back I feel one of your feet with those marvelous toes inching towards my crotch. I look in your eyes and notice that your pupils are almost completely dark and I should just enjoy your touch. The heat is building and I suggest we hurry and finish our drinks, so we can enjoy each other fully. You respond in breathy tone you are okay with that if that’s what I want. I say that I want you and you reply that can be arranged.

Walking you to the car I cup your behind and lightly squeeze as I try an guide your behind into the seat. As we pull out onto the street you reach over and lightly trace the outline of my penis, helping the outline become clearer. You lay your head in my lap and I can hear you purr contentedly. I reach for the top of your slacks and undo the clasp and zipper and move my hand until I feel your warm skin. Bravely I reach even further between your legs and find your clitoris, already stimulated and pulsing. I roll it between my thumb and forefinger and your grip on my pants becomes tighter and I feel you take a small nibble.

As we park in the garage you sit up and crook your finger and say hurry you don't want to wait much longer. I agree and we hurry inside. Since you didn't fix your slacks, they start to slide down and by the time you open the door they are already off and in your hands. As I turn around to see if the neighbors saw your beautiful behind, you step in the house working on your blouse.

As soon as I close the door, I can make out your completely naked body reflecting the twilight shining through the far windows. Before I can turn on the lights, you jump into my arms and wrap those luscious legs around my waist, pressing your hard nipples into my chest and kissing my mouth hard, moist and hot. I wheel you around and put you on the table, while you pull my shirt over my head.

I can feel the heat and the moisture on my stomach from between your legs as you rewrap your legs around me and I lift you and carry you to the couch. You undo my pants and as you pull my penis out you place it in your mouth hungrily. My knees almost buckle. I slip out of my pants and sit on the couch. Your mouth has not let go and you lay on the couch so I may have access to your mound.

You are wet, and the caramel sweet scent of you is beginning to reach my nose and it spurs me to place my fingers in between your lower lips. I pull them gently apart and see the moisture from inside you is still there and I want to taste it desperately. Your lips, tongue and throat on my penis and sac are too heavenly to break away but I must as the nectar of you is too addictive.

I can hear a somewhat moan of disappointment, but my fingers haven’t left you and it could be a moan of contentment. I lift your leg with one hand and place it over my shoulder and you draw my face into your mound, where I am lost in your wonderland. I still have your clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and you grab the back of my head and push me into you as I lick and bite your lips. Your hips rotate as your hand forces me further and further in and my tongue reaches out and sucks your moisture. I move my face to lick and bite and nibble from clitoris to behind while tonguing your bung I can feel your inner muscles contract around my fingers and your bung muscles squeeze my tongue harder. Then my tongue and fingers exchange places and the taste of honey, caramel and spice is all over my face. Your bung muscles are pulling my finger inside as I taste a wave of your nectar and your hips shake and quiver.

You sit up and pull me up on the couch seated facing you. You straddle my legs and kiss and bite my neck and chest. I take your nipples and roll them while caressing your breasts and I can feel your hands on my penis as you glide me inside you. Although there is some resistance the wetness resumes as you rock and bounce. I move my hands to your behind and gently grab your cheeks. You lean forward and I massage your bung with my fingers. I can feel you gripping your muscles as you continue moving up and down on my penis. You behind doesn't want to be left out as you place my finger so it moves up and down your bung with the same motion. My finger explores you. I can feel your breathe hot on my chest, your arms tight around my chest, you lower lips suck my penis inside and your bung drawing my finger deeper and deeper inside you.

You are beginning to quiver and shake. Every muscle in your body is tensing and I feel the ecstasy building.

We climax together loud and hard. WE are soaked with sweat and moisture and cling to one another fiercely. You are shaking as I hungrily kiss the sweat from between you breasts, around your neck, down your back, between your bottom and around to your navel.

I stroke your lower lips and you stroke my penis as we gently fall asleep and dream of more adventures.

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