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Desi Girl

Short story By: Rati

Two online lovers meets after engaging on cyber-sex for long....

Submitted:Dec 23, 2012    Reads: 4,907    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

Desi Girl

It was my first time in India, and the first time I was meeting my online lover, Suvali. We met on Poetrend.com, an online poets' guild and publishing website.

At first it was just commenting on each other's works, reviewing and criticizing.

Soon, we were in-boxing; at first just getting to know how each other's day had been, sharing daily experiences, just the kind of talk virtual mutual friends can share. Then, it became something else - exchanging our views on life, likes and dislikes, and the generics that governed us. Ultimately it turned suggestive, and seductive. Sexy emails were sent and replied to, photos and e-cards sent from time to time. We chatted late in the night, laughed and talked like we had known each other for years. It was not surprising when one day we had a go at cyber sex which became our occasional shenanigans.

Subsequently, we exchanged cell phone numbers and we talked for hours on end until we decided that the long distance was killing us. We had to meet.

That's how I ended up in Maharashtra, Mumbai.

There was a delay at the airport, but I was sure Suvali would be waiting when I cleared with the immigration three hours later.

And when we at last met, there was no surprise in store - she was the exact copy of the virtual she I knew; only that she's more stunning in person.

"I live alone, Issa. You know my Miss Independent lifestyle. Let's go home first, we be tourists tomorrow."

"As you wish, sweetie. I'm all yours."

Guess I was not going to my hotel.

Thus it was then that I threw away all the caution about meeting online lovers for the first time. I trusted this girl who couldn't be a day older than twenty if her face was anything to go by, though she was twenty four. I had ten years on her, but what has age got to do with love?

At her house, a one-storey apartment, we had a sumptuous meal with the trademark chili of Indian cuisine.

When we were done she told me that she was the dessert and the idea itself send adrenalin rushing through my body.

She took off her sari revealing a black lace bra and provocative lingerie I only saw from photo-shopped photos being worn by Hollywood women. She began to dance to the music that was playing, an outlandish dance move that seemed to borrow from Jenifer Lopez and Britney Spears' Womanizer. She sang along, interweaving with ………… lyrics of Desi Girl, a song she had dedicated to me those first days.

She moved towards me, gyrating her hips in a calculated seduction move, and as I devoured the sight before me I felt a surge of obscene desire course through my body. I began to tumescent in my briefs.

I did not know what to do, so I just sat there.

She reached for me and began undressing me, and I let her do it. Who wouldn't anyway?

"Issa boy, you're so endowed. According to the Kama Sutra, you're a bull. Your lingam is the right tool for me.

She took my already twitching shaft in her small, soft hands and before I could do something, like cup her breasts - which were already full and nipples so erected they pointed at the ceiling - she took me in her mouth. Her lips slid up and down the diamond hard dick with deliberate slowness. When I was about to come, she licked the pre-come and stopped.

She took my hand and introduced it to her warm, slippery vagina.

"Touch my yoni, Issa. I want you to touch me."

Under my touch, I felt her vulva lips open like a lotus flower bud, swell and moisten. She guided me into her yoni, and the clitoris, and I did not need to be told what to do. Occasionally, I inserted my tongue inside her vagina, tasting her salty, yet sweet, liquids.

"Aaaaaaagh. Eeeeeeeegh." She moaned as I administered to her fluttering labia.

"Issa, babe. I am so ready for you. I want you now… when you're ready, my yoni is awaiting your lingam. I'm fluttering like a butterfly in there…"

I slid into her, slowly, her labia so soft and feathery to the head of my almost exploding lingam, and fit into her interior like no other, leaving no crevice untouched.

Suvali pulled her legs up, one on each side of me until they were in a V. I felt my tumescence grow inside her, and I sank deeper.

As though that was not enough, she reached up, grabbing each leg at her knees, pulling them tight to her chest. With her legs doubled up against each other I felt her widen more and I sank even deeper, to the deepest core of her womanhood, the whole of her female essence covered me.

I began to move in and out of her, and with every thrust I could feel strength seeping out of me while taking in some at the same time, exploring her inner depths and inner folds of her flower. The world around disappeared and our bodies, one conduit of pure unadulterated pleasure where nothing mattered than devouring the taste of nirvana this Desi Girl had provided.

I lost myself in the seamless movement, and as I reached way up inside her, a shivering wave of ecstasy seized me. I heard Suvali gasp and moan my name, "O Issa…"

At that instance, I felt the warm gush of her orgasm and I grew even bigger, pushed harder, and faster. With an explosion that deafened the explosive ecstasy I spew my hot liquids inside her just as I felt a surge of powerful energy.

I felt all the liquids boil inside her, scalding me, seeping out of her yoni and coating our thighs.

We luxuriated just for a brief moment in the lethargy that comes from truly ecstatic lovemaking. I discovered that her yoni had really awaited my lingam for I saw the trace of her innocence when she stood up, knelt above my chest and let all what her ravenous pudenda had held pour onto me.

Copyright © Rati, 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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