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Red - A Short Story by Rae Blair

Short story By: RaeBlair

Sometimes the only escape from yourself is within your mind.

Submitted:Nov 13, 2012    Reads: 723    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   


Red curtains draped in front of her face, slightly translucent, yet opaque enough to suffice as barriers in between rooms. Their touch against her face was soft and warming, brushing her cheeks as she passed through with closed eyes. It made her feel like she was somewhere else - anywhere else. She closed all of her senses to her surroundings consecutively, like flicking off switches, and continued through the dim lit hallways. Muffled moans soon sounded like the melodious tone of waves creeping up to hug a shoreline. The flashes from flickering, dying lights on the concrete walls soon became the dancing flame from a tea light candle. And those soft curtains soon became the passing ocean breeze, cool and gentle. She opened her eyes, her vision focusing on a hanging wind chime in front a large window. Outside was a setting sun tucking itself in to the horizon of an endless beach. Relaxation and comfort wrapped their arms around her. She was ready. Turning for the large wooden door to her bedroom, she slipped out of her sleek pump heels. As it slowly swung ajar, she was greeted by a handsome man; tall, with a slight five o' clock shadow contouring his chiseled jaw. His eyes were soft and sunken, calling her in. Without a word, she began to gently rotate her hips and dance for him, her body whispering to his in a language that couldn't be constructed by words. He reached forwards as she neared the bed, which was covered in dark blue silk sheets that shimmered blissfully in the now moonlight. Their eyes met as she brought her body down upon his, cradling his lap with her legs. She threw her head back, allowing him to kiss her chest and have a better view of her breasts. Her unlatched the front-facing clip to her bra, and it fell to the floor so gracefully that it almost moved in slow motion. His arm around the bend of her soft back allowed her to come back up towards him effortlessly and start unbuttoning his collared dress shirt. The slightly embossed pattern was shadowed by surrounding candles, allowing her to see the luxurious detail. She ran her small fingers against it before slipping it off of his shoulders. It clung to his biceps, their excellent tone reflecting his care for his appearance. Their gazes locked as she ran her fingertips down them, lightly touching his forearms, and eventually leading to his waistline to unbuckle his leather belt. A hot flash of pleasure surged through him as her hands touched his stomach now and again while unbuckling and unzipping his suit pants. Finally, she undressed him completely. Standing up in front of him, she flicked her hair over one shoulder and brought the same hand down her neck... her chest... and her stomach, then slipped out of her lingerie. She was pulled to him with attraction as if it was with gravitational force. Collapsing atop of his striking body, she slid him inside of her and closed her eyes. The waves that once snuck up and embraced the shore began to crash violently against the sand, creating huge dunes along the beach. The flickering candles waved and extinguished as their flames were thrown against their canisters. The soft breeze abruptly disappeared. Like an old television, her vision bounced in and out of focus, her surroundings short-circuiting. She threw her head around to look out the window and was met by an incoming tidal wave. "I'm cumming!" Screamed her mate, the wave crashing upon her as if on cue.

All was black. Heavy breathing. She opened her eyes, her reality shocking her for a brief second. A naked mattress lay on the floor beneath her kneeling, unclothed body. Two concrete walls were met by a pull-across curtain, resembling a hospital room, and a lone lamp sat in one corner of the makeshift room. "That was fucking nice, let me tell you," Her eyes followed the crackling, deep voice to examine her client. "You know what, here's a fifty. Fuckā€¦" His grimy smile took up half of his face, the rest covered by a bulbous nose, tiny eyes accented by furry brows and a multitude of pimples. She nodded politely and took the bill. "Have a good one, eh?" He finished dressing his short, stumpy self and left the room. She threw herself back on the dingy mattress and closed her eyes, readying herself for the next client in fifteen minutes. As everything began to fade again and her senses readjusted to her imaginative escape,

she genuinely smiled.


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