Vocal Adrenaline #3

By: PurpleSky

Page 1, Natalie takes Jesse\'s advice and is rewarded.

I sit in the empty classroom with my feet up on the desk, staring down at my phone screen. ..waiting.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

My heart fumbles when Jesse’s voice penetrates the silence. I look up and see him in the doorway with his elbow resting against the frame and his forearm over his head.

“Oh, hey Jesse,” I chirp and loll my head to the side innocently.

The muscles in his jaw flex and he runs his tongue across his top teeth, suppressing his anger.

“You weren’t at rehearsals,” he says and releases a frustrated breath.

I swing my legs over the desk and drop my feet onto the floor.

“You told me to change my act. I was just doing what you told me,” I smile.

He clenches his eyes shut and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“If you had no intention of going to rehearsals then why are you still in school at half seven at night?” He looks at me.

My smile widens. “I was waiting for you.”

His nostrils flare and he looks back at me. “So you’ve been sat there doing nothing while you could have been helping us win Nationals?.”

“I wasn’t doing nothing.” I lift my phone into the air. “I was playing Angry Birds.”

His shoulders sag and his jaw clenches. “You have really crossed a line now, Natalie. This whole thing was all well and good but now you’re putting the group at risk. You can’t go skipping rehearsals whenever you feel like it. We have a trophy to win.”

“Oh please, I know those steps like the back of my hand.” I roll my eyes.

His masculine heels click on the tiled floor as he storms up to me and slams his palms onto my desk. My whole body ignites and I chew my lips to hold in a delighted mewl.

“How am I supposed to know that?!” he bawls down at me, inches away from my face and I can feel myself instantly getting wet. “I haven’t seen you complete the routine once without missing a step or falling over!”

“It was an act, Jesse, I told you that.” I say. “If you want me to show you I can do it, I’ll do it.”

“I would like that,” he states, leaning back and straightening himself.

“Okay...” I say and rise. I wasn’t expecting him to actually make me dance for him but he’s Jesse St. James, what he says goes.

He watches me as I make my way to the front of the classroom where there is a space between the pupil’s desks and the teacher’s desk. He leans back against the desk I was previously sat behind and folds his arms across his chest. Shivers crawl over me when I feel his eyes on me. Even though I’ve been having my fun, I still find him incredibly intimidating.

I let out a steady breath and begin, clapping my heavy boots against the tilled floor. I wasn’t wearing the best outfit for this. Military boots don’t sound graceful at all. His eyes narrow a little as he devours my footwork and every now and again, they will flicker up to my thighs where my dress swings about and almost shows off my panties when I do a drastic move. My hair is flailing about all over the place and I can feel my forehead moistening with sweat as I near the end of the routine. He nods his head approvingly when I master the step that I would usually fail on. At the end, I stamp the last step and fling my arms up into the air triumphantly.

“Okay,” he holds his hands up to surrender, “You were right. You can do it.”

“See,” I grin and sway from side to side giddily. His approval makes my heart flutter, I can’t help it. I’ve been through weeks of screwing up so I can be yelled at and treated like the dirt he’s scraped off his shoe, but being praised by him does magical things to me too.

He makes his way down the classroom and I back up to the teacher’s desk when he closes the distance between us.

“So it was an act from the start then?” he asks, his eyes trailing from my lips to my eyes.

I shrug. “I get bored easily.”

He laughs and steps forward so he’s stood between my slightly parted legs, looking down at me. I can feel the heat radiating from his body and I try my best not to react.

“Boredom. Was that the only reason?” he muses, tilting his head a little. He glances down at my lips then back into my eyes. My stomach twists and I try to clench my thighs together at the heat that is spreading between them but his legs block me.

“Well...that and...attraction,” I gulp and look up at him.

He huffs a laugh and brushes his thumb across my right nipple, making me suck in a shaky breath as it instantly hardens.

“That’s more like it.”

He looks from my breasts back to my face. I can feel his hot breath on my cheeks and it takes everything in me to not let out an elated whimper or grab his face and suck on those beautiful plump lips which must be barely a few inches from mine. My heart is drumming so fast I think he can hear it.

“This seems to be a two way street,” he says after an intense silence, in which our eyes flickered around each others faces. None of us moved. We just stood in this close proximity, studying each other.

“W-what do you mean?” I ask, cursing myself silently for my dry throat which caused me to stutter.

“I mean this-” His finger waggles between our chests. “We’re testing each others patience.”

I just gulp in response because I’ve seemed to have forgotten how to form words.

“You’ve been testing mine by fucking up the dance routine and I’ve be testing yours-” Suddenly, his hand clasps around my chin firmly making me let out the whimper. His skin is so warm against mine and the thought of our naked bodies writhing together in glorious heat almost makes my knees give way. My hands grab the edge of the desk behind me and I grip it firmly as his eyes narrow a little at my lips.

His thumb presses against my chin with his fist still supporting under it. He pushes my chin up making me look up at him and pulls my jaw down so my lips part. My eyes widen and my stomach does all sorts of crazy flips when he inches his mouth closer to mine. When our noses touch I shiver with pleasure. His lips are unbearably close to mine and he breathes into my open mouth.

“-by not letting you get the one thing you so desperately want.”

My eyes trail down his flat chest to his crotch.

He laughs a little. “Yes, that is what I am referring to.”

I fix my gaze back to his. His eyes search mine then he retracts himself, letting go of my jaw and letting a cold breeze blow through the now open space that settles between us. I’ve only just realised that my chest is heaving when he looks down and smiles smugly to himself.

“But you really did impress me just then and you must know by now that that is very hard to do. Maybe you do deserve a little something...”

My heart feels like it’s in my throat and I just stare at him like an idiot. His heels click against the tiled floor as he steps closer to me again. I watch in stunned silence as his hands lift and brush up my bare thighs. Sparks fly and it feels like there’s an electric charge searing through my body as his warm palms begin to travel north. They pass the hem of my dress and his fingers hook around my panties. I suck on my lips to hold in a moan and he starts to tug them down. Soon, they’re at my knees and he pulls at them until they drop around my ankles.

A sideways smile tugs on his lips when he notices my trembling legs. I gasp when his hands wrap around my waist. He pulls me up a little so I’m sat on the desk. My eyes are wide and stuck on him when he starts to lower himself. My teeth stab into my bottom lip as his hands grab my knees and part them, exposing my now naked pussy to the cold air of the classroom. My body tenses when his soft lips press onto my inner thigh then begin to trail up to my moist heat. His nose brushes my clit when his flat tongue licks up my wet slit, making me emit a shaky gasp.

I lace my fingers through his loose curls as I watch his face bob between my thighs. My back arches as my skin flushes and speckles with gooseflesh. I press him closer to me. His teeth graze my throbbing clit.

“Oh, Jesse...”

With his tongue and teeth, he starts to rotate my clit and my hips start to grind against his face with his motions. My eyes roll back and I tip my head back, clutching his hair tighter and forcing him deeper into me. His greedy tongue gets my message and he starts to lap up my juices with more determined strokes.

“Oh, God, Jesse...keep going...”

His hands rub round to my outer thighs then up to the small of my back, pressing me in place as my hips continue to rotate. My chest is heaving and I emit heavy, shaky breathes as he continues his wonderful work.

I’m close. I can feel the familiar contortions in my stomach. He starts sucking on my engorged clit and that finishes me. My back arches as I cum onto his face. I can feel his tongue still inside me, lapping up my juices as they gush into his mouth.

My arms that are holding me up are trembling like crazy. He slowly gets back to his feet and wipes his glistening lips with his thumb, licking the nectar off it when he’s done.

I’m panting so much it takes me a while to catch my breath, but he seems to be admiring the view of my heaving chest so I take my time. Finally, when moisture returns to my throat, I say with a smile,

“Well, if that was the reward for getting a few moves right, what do I get if we win Nationals?”

He just replies with a grin.

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