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Vocal Adrenaline

Short story By: PurpleSky

Smutty Glee fan- fic. Things get steamy between Natalie and Jesse St. James after rehearsals.

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"Everyone get in your places!" Jesse's voice booms. It bounces off the walls of the auditorium. Everyone darts to their space on the stage and I take a leisurely stroll to my place. Jesse's eyes narrow at me but then he nods when I stand in the correct position and his eyes shift to someone else.

"Five, Six, Seven, Eight!" he chants and everyone starts twisting and stomping the dance routine that we have been practicing for nearly two hours now. We'll all sweating so bad we're don't care what we look like. Well, I say we, but I keep trying to make sure my hair is safely tucked behind my ears and is not stuck to my forehead. There is no music so all I hear is the thump of the group on the stage and everyone's ragged breathes. Jesse's eyes watch our footwork, scrutinizing each move.

"Wade, try to keep up!" he snaps and the boy next to me panics and completely loses the beat. "For God sake it's not that hard!"

Wade whimpers and bows his head, scared to look into the Jesse's glaring eyes. I chew my lip and purposely miss a step so his focus shifts to me.

"Natalie!" Jesse shouts through a clenched jaw. I shudder and bite down on my tongue to suppress a moan as my every fibre of my body sizzles.

"What did I do?" I ask innocently and slip a bit of fear into my voice because I know that's the reaction he wants from me.

His nostrils flare as he huffs out an angry puff of air. He strides over to me, his masculine heels click on the stage floor. I pause when he stops mere inches away from me. Our toes are nearly touching and his face is right in my face. I gulp and squirm a little at the heat that consumes the lower half of my body.

"You've been practicing the same routine over thirty times and you are still messing up!" he screams at me. His face is red with fury and the veins are popping out of his temples. "Now show me that you're not completely useless and get something right for a change!"

I suck in a breath as I feel myself getting wet. My eyes drop down to his lips. They are so close to mine. The noise of everyone still stomping to the beat matches the pace of my thumping heart. Oh God, I want to suck on those beautiful pink lips so fucking much.

"I'm sorry..." I mumble, looking back into his eyes. They are wide and alight with fury and impatience.

"You keep saying that but it's as if you aren't even trying to do it right!"

How observant of him. I chew my lip as the warmth of his body mingles with my own. My chest is rising and falling as my heavy breaths leave me.

"I'm just finding it difficult, Coach," I say, trying to keep him this close to me for as long as possible.

His nostrils flare. "No, it isn't. I could teach a baby these moves. I've seen you on stage before and you are fine so stop fucking up and do as I tell you!"

I wince as his spittle hits my cheeks. He looks down my body, at my heaving chest and then spins on his heel. "Get back to work," he mutters and he strolls over to someone else.

We're at it for another half an hour before someone actually keels over from exhaustion, to which Jesse rolls his eyes and mutters 'drama queen'.

"Right guys, I guess that's a wrap for tonight. I can safely say that not one of you has impressed me so far so thank you for that," he jeers. "If you want to win you'd better shape up. Just because I'm letting you go home, doesn't mean you can stop. I want you memorising those steps every single second of ever single day until you can dance them in your sleep. Got it?"

Everyone mumbles an agreement and nods their heads.

"Good. Well then....go." He gestures to the side of the stage and we start to shuffle away. A guy picks up the unconscious girl and carries her bridal style. "Not you, Natalie."

I freeze in the centre of the stage and turn to see Jesse's cold eyes on me. He has his head bowed a little and he is looking at me through his brows. Totally menacing and totally fucking hot.

"I need to have a word with you." He glances to the direction everyone is leaving and stalls until we're alone on the stage. The silence that falls between us makes me shudder but then the click of his heels breaks it and my heart starts drumming as he makes his way over to me. He's wearing a black leather jacket and a white shirt with a plunged neckline, showing just enough of his well sculptured chest to drive me wild with lust.

"What about?" I raise an eyebrow when he stops in front of me. Unfortunately he is now aware of boundaries and stays well out of my personal space.

"You're screwing up. Bad." His eyes narrow a little.

"I know," I shrug and give him a helpless look.

"You are very capable of the steps, Natalie."

"Well, clearly I'm not."

"No." He snaps and steps forward making suck in a delighted whimper. "You are."

"If I was, I wouldn't be doing it wrong."

He steps closer, now he is as close to me as before. I can feel his hot breath on my cheeks. I clench my thighs together as butterflies fly around my stomach and my juices coat my panties.

"Why are you doing it wrong?" he asks, looking into my eyes as if searching for the answer.

"Because I can't do it."

His jaw locks in anger. "Don't give me that shit, Natalie and just tell me why you are purposely fucking up this routine!"

"Because I like it when you shout at me!" I bawl back before I even realise I've done it. My mouth snaps shut and I cower back. His eyes narrow curiously into mine.


I squirm in the silence between us. But it's already out there, I can't reel my words back into my mouth. I should steer into the skid.

"I said...I like it when you shout at me..." I look tentatively into his eyes. His head cocks a little as he registers my words. God, he is so close I can see my reflection in his dilated pupils.

He's speechless.

My eyes drop to his lips. "I like getting you angry...it turns me on."

The muscles in his jaw clench. My gaze continues to trail down his flat stomach then down to his crotch.

"You've...been fucking up on purpose because you get your fix from pissing me off?" he asks in a whisper. His breath brushes through my hair. I glance up at him. His expression is hard to read as he looks deep into my eyes. A smile curves onto my lips and I run my finger along his collar bone. To my surprise and delight, he stays frozen on the spot, allowing me to continue the journey up his neck and along his jaw line to his chin.

"I've lost count of how many times you've got me so wet I've had to fuck myself after rehearsals." I breathe, looking up from his chin. My whole body flushes and the heat between my thighs becomes unbearable when I see that his grey eyes are filled with lust. He gulps with flared nostrils and stays silent but his breaths have become heavy, making his chest heave. I glance down at his crotch and smile when I see his bulge fighting against the fly of his jeans. He lets out a breath that I can tell was supposed to be steady but instead leaves his mouth shaky.

My hands slip down his chest to his fly and I look into his eyes.

"Now let me show you that I'm not completely useless." I smile wickedly and drop down to my knees. The bright lights shine down on us, making the stage floor shimmer with perspiration. His breath catches in his throat when I unzip him and pull his jeans down to his knees, exposing his tight white boxers and his erection that is pressing against the thin fabric. My juices gush onto my panties when I yank his boxers down and finally look upon what I have been dreaming about having inside me for weeks. He's big. Just what I had expected.

His cock twitches at the sudden free flow of air and I bite down on my lip as I wrap my hand around his shaft. I run my hand up and down him slowly, loving the feel of him. His head drops back and he lets out a breathy moan. I press my palms against his strong, dancers thighs and take him in my mouth. I lick his head and move my lips up and down his sensitive rim making him tense and suck in a breath. Then I take him all in, craving his flavour. The warmth between my thighs intensifies with the feel of him hitting the back of my throat and the pleasure-filled moans which he emits. My clit is throbbing with need as I start to suck him harder, running my tongue up and down his shaft to try to satisfy myself. My hand cups his balls and I give them a playful squeeze, causing his body to jolt and his fingers to lace into my hair. I moan into his cock as he grips my hair and moves me up and down him. He starts to grind, smoothly and rhythmically to my motions. No one can say that Jesse St. James doesn't have rhythm. I smile when I recognise his rhythm. It's the same beat of the dance that I was purposely messing up. I'm not going to mess up this time. I continue sucking him like he's the best lollipop I've even tasted as he guides my deep, even strokes.

Behind Jesse, there are rows and rows of empty seats and the thought of them being filled with onlookers, watching me pleasure my coach drives me wild. Every cell in my body is dancing and my panties are sticking to my pussy because they are so sodden. My hands begin to explore his body. I run my hands up his thighs, past his hips and to his hard chest. God, he feels so good. They brush around his sides to his ass and I give both cheeks a squeeze. That sends him over the edge. He emits a breathy gasp and his cum shoots into the back of my throat. I eagerly swallow his salty seed as it fills my mouth. His hand leaves my head and I take his soft cock out of my mouth. I wipe my lips with my thumb and get back to my feet. He has this bewildered look in his wide eyes which makes me chuckle. He shakes his head, snapping himself out of his daze. He quickly covers himself back up and locks his impressive length back behind its denim prison.

"Now... I can dance for you like a pretty butterfly all you want but just remember that this is where your filthy mouth takes you," I say, my eyes shifting from his eyes to his lips.

He smiles and his eyes pierce into mine.

"I may have found a use for you after all."


If you like this then please do tell me because I will continue it if people are interested. Thanks! :D


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