Second Life- fantasy world

By: praveen gola

Page 1, Love is endless..........No means that at which particular age it develops & in which new phase but a real & true Love is rare among the two adults having easily known about the consequences of such Love stories.

Second Life
               Hmm…today our talks again took a long time to finish.  Not a new thing although, as time passes soon when I feel him around me. Feel, its four letter word but has equally a deep meaning.   It was not too long that I know him. It’s been around two years that I am in contact with a guy through some online educational site. I, being a housewife of middle age, haven’t assumed our initial conversation to be too long. Having a nice life with husband and kids, something was there in the life which was missing, something in behavioral part or something in feeling part, perhaps.  He was a college going guy who also used to take participation in the same website, the place where our conversation came into a new height. We started as a normal online friend, initially we used to share our professional life, our day to day professional work etc. And meanwhile, in those talk I found a friend, which not only shares his life but also cares for me. This sharing and caring relationship that we both have in our life is something different. Since our knowledge domains are different and also we both belong to different age groups ,sex, family background it was never felt in our friendship. Inspite of all these, a kind of different bond was there in our friendship.  It sounds something odd about the existence of such a fictional friend, to whom you haven’t seen or met, only shares your heart.
I used to be a shy lady since my college time, and there after marriage and kids didn’t give time to think about myself that I am also a human being of feelings. Life became kind of scheduled robot. I used to spend normal daily routine with little pleasure.  My personal life has almost ruined in most of the cases. I was unaware about most of the things in life, like a novice pullet. This world is full of persons having evil thoughts all the time in the mind. It was disguised to me. He took as a big change in my life. As our talks went on through internet, there is something that I got attracted towards him. His talks, tutorials, way of presentation everything I started liking. He told me the realities of the this wicked world. I was like a frog in a well situation, who rarely goes out of the house and therefore never ever thought about those things. We started our friendship with the knowledge sharing ideas. So whether the knowledge relates to anything, we share. It’s a very different kind of friendship , a friendship of happiness, knowledge, pleasure, talks. Spending night hours for him had become a necessity for me.  There was not a space of lust in me and in our friendship but there is something hidden love exist between us, that I see everytime I logged in there. This media of communication became a messenger of my heart. Whenever I come here, I forget about the world and this has become a source of great energies for which I may spend my whole day in work continuously. I got positive side of change in personal life, especially with my husband. Every night comes with a new sun of endless talks with him. Today’s generation spends most of the time on internet in some futile facebook chat and get nothing except time wastage, but this knowledgeable chat become a love and necessity for me.
            This love is love of affection, caring, understanding, sympathy and much more than this. In this world, society has marked many limitation over a lady in which she lives. But this is something different world in which I have no boundation, no limitation. My heart can go beyond that. It beats when it found him online, it respond when something is asked. I am full of my heart and I don’t tell lie anything. Whatever I think I respond. I talk him about his family, since he is a unmarried guy so he is under parental guidance. He too talks me about my family, my husband and my kid. Perhaps this chat is the first and the last thing that is not in view of my husband, because of the sickness of society which will not take this in healthy way, so instead to put noise in healthy life, it is better to take this as my another life.
As happens in every relationship, things go beyond the thinking and some fun chatting was established between us. We both enjoyed a lot this change and it has everything to talk about. My all feelings concentrate on this fantasy world where I am a free bird to do anything. I have no limit to go and this fantasy world has become a pleasure for me. Initially I thought a lot about this and discussed about this with him. I thought that it is far better than those who indulge themselves in extramarital affairs and then put question on their family life. I like my fantasy world where I am a person who has desires and feelings and it gets fulfilled by his love. Creating love scenes and living in fantasy has become common to me in this world. I enjoyed this a lot.
And now, after having so much time spent with him on net, I didn’t regard it as wrong. And many questions like what is the future of this relationship? How far it will last? Which type of this relationship is exactly? I don’t know these’ answers. It is something like a different life of me, my another life, my second life!!!


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