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My First Generation Drop

Short story By: praveen gola

Tags: An, Experiment

This story highlights the curiosity of a teenager who tried to get the knowledge of His first practice session through study and later proves that if one puts a practical in His real life than the real life too can become an enjoyable one.

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I was not the one but I was not the last. Every teenager tries the same to get the answer but I was the lucky one who got the answer in a very unique way. Yes,I was the one who explore it without making me tired but after that I felt an immense change in myself. At the age of thirteen, when I was in the eighth standard ......our science teacher introduced us the chapter "Reproduction" in our FA-2 Syllabus. Like all the other students, We too started giggling in the class. After all We were going to be familiar with the new definitions......the definitions that were practically applied to us very soon. Mensuration Cycle, sperms,Zygote,Fusion..........etc.etc. that were creating more and more interest of students in the science subject.

But as an old saying ,"The more We go deeper the more we become curious". So We too were in a discussion on those days that How to apply them in our real life. I too felt the changes in myself that were going with me on those days. From the last few days ,I noticed that my mind was distracted towards music,movies etc from the studies,news and other educative channels. The female company attracted me more than the males. The hot love scenes of movies overpowered my mind and made me unanswered that forces me to know the curiosity about my body.One day during the cold wintry nights ,I was on my bed in the late hours. As I was watching some Hollywood movie ,a kissing scene made me aroused due to which my hand automatically slipped to touch the most strange organ of my body that was forcing me to find out the solution of my feelings.

That was the moment which made my mind something creative in their own. I too wanted to be freed myself with this typical situation but don't know the method of applying the same. But as one should be familiar with its body parts so I too wanted to learn everything via practical instead of theory. I gathered all my fantasies that I usually intake during nights and trying to squeeze and unsqueeze the most hardest organ at that time. My mind and body were not cooperating with each other. My mind reminds me that I was doing something wrong as I was too early for that but my body was forcing me to do the same.

That was the time when I made a balance between the both. So I made a trick. I made me assure that that was a part of my science subject Hometask which every student must submit before the so and so date. Such thought made my mind relaxed and now a good coordination made between my body and mind. Again my mind went into my classroom and I lost ," O ,Ma'am has told us in the class that at the age of thirteen your briefs will spoiled automatically,then why don't I still get the same? Perhaps today is the right day to check the same. I want to spoil myself......I too want to see my coming Generation Drop. Yes,this is my homework. I am doing my science subject practical na. After all I am too a Human being."

That half dressed naked actresses allured me and I wanted to get more now. Though in the class senior students already discussed about the male dilemma when He tried to satisfy Himself through some exotic scenes but that words were only a theory and now I was in my practice session. The very first session of my life which made me brave if I won and a coward if I lose. The speed of my hand automatically got fast. I again lost in my physics subject as physics was my favorite one so I derived a formula i.e . Speed= Distance/Time

I shouted, "O' Here Physics is also applied. Wow,Science is great where physics,Biology and chemistry work all together. I need more acceleration now. I couldn't stop my hand now. A to and fro motion must apply with great force and energy. All are based on study.........then why parents are always opposing for it.Now I am in the middle of the scene.I am enjoying a lot.........yes ,I am enjoying".

And at last after twenty minutes ,my nerves got down. My hand was in the retardation from the acceleration .I felt a relief in my body. My Science practical has been over. I became an Adult from a child. Something important was lying there........"My First Generation Drop". I was happy to see that......though an early decision but a curious and informative one for my body and soul.


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