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Winter in Prague

Short story By: PodOne

I am seduced but this time not to bed but to sit before the camera.

... and then to bed.

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Prague in the winter is beautiful. The old quarter is magical. A medieval city most of which still stands. After New Years most of the tourists go away for a month or two and so the place can be enjoyed in relative peace.

People bundle up, the women often in long coats with high collars, scarves and hats so one can only guess at the figure beneath from the cut and the way it moves. It's game I enjoy. I see a blond down the block in her long black coat, I can see she's shapely but I can only imagine her, beautiful, naked, her big breasts waiting for... And the an arctic gust brings me back. Bundled similarly, myself, I walk the narrow streets occasionally stopping for a mulled wine or grog. I can keep it up for hours. When it's snowing or when there's a fog the sense of mystery is almost tangible. The women, my cold cheeks and warm body, the hot drink and steamed windows, the cobblestones and occasional smell of a coal fire all conspire to just make me want to fuck.

Like usual, it was business that took me there the last time. But I saw the weather reports and so made sure to book some extra time and I invited my husband to join me a couple days later for a nice, long weekend. Everything worked out about as planned and so I had several days all to myself.

I wandered the windy lanes in Old Town and Pertin Park. I ate pork and roast duck with dumplings I drank that wonderful beer of theirs and generally relaxed. I was up for some adventure but not looking for it specifically.

In the part of town known as the Lesser Quarter, nestled under Prague Castle there are lots of tiny streets that twist all over and it's a great place in which to get lost. There aren't as many tourist bars there and it tends to be quieter that other parts of the historical city center. It's where I always try to find a hotel. So, about seven-ish on my second free night there I found myself in front of a small, steamy windowed restaurant, freezing, horny and seduced by the smells wafting out the door. I was about two blocks from my hotel so it just seemed like a good place to end my wandering and warm up.

Inside the place was wonderful. It was a very old building so the ceilings were arched and low, the decor was lovely antique and nicely enough, there was a bar where I could sit, eat, chat perhaps and not feel alone. I ordered a mulled wine and immediately felt better as I began to shed my layers. There was an Australian couple at the bar who were entertaining the wait staff, two pretty young ladies in St Pauli Girl type outfits showing some lovely cleavage. We all chatted, the mood was fun, and far sooner than I'd expected I noticed it was past 9. My Aussie friends turned down my offer of another round and left me with our pretty ladies. It was nice but I could see they were beginning to clean up for the night and so I figured I'd be getting myself off soon. I ordered one for the road and went to the toilet. When I got back a woman stood at the bar, her back to me and just beginning to unwrap herself. Her coat was cut for a slim figure with a beautiful very full fur collar - all black. I tried to imagine what she'd be like... I imagined about 30is Russian sex goddess spy type from some cold war movie. She'd have full breasts and Va-Va-Voom hips and of course, an ass made in heaven. Yes - I wasn't really playing my game but rather enjoying the 30 seconds I had to indulge in pure fantasy. But I was still a bit surprised to be so far off. When she turned so I caught a glimpse I saw a woman, quite attractive, but over 50. She had dark hair streaked with silver that looked natural and quite wild. Her build was athletic but not at all voluptuous and the slacks she had on gave no hint of what her butt might be like.

I slid onto my seat and she said something to me in Czech. I shrugged apologetically and said "Sorry". "Ahhh. That's OK. I lived in London for some time." Her eyes were amazing. They were a sort of blue/gray, very alive, and with them she seemed to size me up instantly. She ordered an espresso and a brandy. After a sip of each she turned toward me and made a remark about the weather and that began the small talk which lasted all of about 97 seconds. "I am Anna" she said and held out her hand. I was about to tell her my name but Anna took hold of my hand first and shook it but that handshake seemed as much a caress as anything else. A caress somehow charged, pregnant, not so much sexual but full of implication or unrealized potential.

"You are bored here?" she asked.

"No. I was talking with a couple who've left but were lovely. But I was about to go. The girls seem to be closing up."

"No. You should stay." and with that she ordered more brandy.

We moved to a table and talked for over an hour, drinking and opening up to one another. We talked about our husbands, her number three, my number one. We talked about independent women. And we talked about sex. She didn't strike me as lesbian but there seemed to be a seduction just waiting for its opportunity. She wasn't flirting overtly and I wasn't the frightened experimenter I was a couple years earlier so the tension wasn't quite there. I couldn't put my finger on it. Though she offered to buy the drinks I insisted on alternating rounds. She hadn't touched me since that handshake-caress, I felt somehow as if it would have been redundant. Though I didn't feel her feeling me out for sex I felt she was leading me to something … something.

Our glasses were empty. Our ashtray full. It was now close to eleven and apart from a young couple very obviously in love in a far corner, we were the only guests. One of our young lovelies arrived and I asked if they weren't closing. She said not to worry and smiled. And even in her smile I felt like she knew something I didn't. But by this time I was very comfortably warm from the brandy but sober enough to recognize it and to think I might be just making the whole thing up. A fresh round arrived, along with a clean ashtray. We leaned back and lit up looking at each other. After a couple drags and a long sip from the snifter she looked into, not at me. It was as if she were bringing me into sharp focus somehow. "I would love to shoot you." she said.

I didn't really know how to respond. It was an odd moment, an odd thing to say. She didn't seem to be joking. And when I didn't respond a look of mild confusion crossed her face. I was missing something.

"You don't know, do you?" she asked, grinning now.

"I'm a photographer. Some of my work hangs in museums all over the world. Did you think I wanted to kill you?"

I felt like an idiot. The entire time I thought there was something different about her.

"I'm sorry. I don't really follow the art scene. Please don't be offended."

"It's refreshing. I get used to being a secret celebrity I forget. You know, the locals whisper 'That's her, you know for that book or poster' or whatever."

"Might I know your work?"

"You've probably seen some advertisements and maybe a book. We all have to make a living." She smiled at this last observation and continued focused again into me, "But the museums hang my nudes."

It took me a minute to put things together. And then, to my own surprise, I blushed. But there it was. The seduction.

"That's flattering. I think." I stalled.

"No. You are beautiful and you are adventurous, aren't you? You thought I'd invite you to bed and you didn't fight it. You've been with women?"

"I have" I said before I realized what I'd let out.

"Yes. I could see that. But you are married. I think that's wonderful. A woman isn't sexually realized until she is comfortable with her own sex. I mean that both ways. Her sexuality and her gender. A woman can enjoy fucking women and not lose herself like most men. But this isn't what I'm asking. I want you to bare your sex to me in my studio.

"You're not shocked. That's good."

"No. But I still don't know what to say."

"What are you afraid of?"

"Good question. Will I hang in a museum for my mother to see?" I chuckled.

"A. Not being naked in front of strangers, then, but who will see. I have worse news. I don't know where the images will end up yet. Some might go to auction, some might go to commercial ends, some might never leave my studio."

"And that does scare me. I'd lose control of my own body - or at least who sees it."

"But don't you enjoy those eyes that undress you? You are pleased with the power your femininity and your figure give you. The power to inspire longing. And I bet to inspire a hard cock or a wet cunt. You do it intentionally sometimes, don't you?"

I smiled. Yes, I have been occasionally guilty there was no point in denying.

"I think all women have."

"But that's not the point. I still chose who sees me naked."

"Would you allow me and my staff?"

"Your staff?"

"Of course. Lighting assistants, visagist. There are usually 2 or 3 people besides myself on a shoot. More if it's complex."

I guess I was disappointed.

"You expected just the two of us?" She smiled again. "No. I need the help and sometimes witnesses.

"But you are intrigued, are you not?

"If not for losing your control would you come?"

"I don't know. I can't say no."

"You are a woman with means, yes? Your business, your hotel in this quarter of town. Does your husband know about you and women?"

"He does and yes, I have money. But I don't understand how that has to do with your proposal."

"I will share my time with you. You will give me your time. But you will pay my assistants, two of them. And you will keep your pictures. You will decide to make them public or not."

"You want me to pay you to shoot me naked?" I thought that was sort of funny. But I also felt a barrier fall, one I hadn't really realized was there. One that was keeping me from considering this seriously. She was moving in, I could feel it.

"No. I want you to pay them, not me. My skills, my talent for what there is, my name, my studio... I will share that with you and you will share your body and your sex with me."

Our glasses were empty again and a grinning girl brought two more. We lit cigarettes. She looked at me as if licking her lips before a sumptuous meal. I felt flattered and wanted and desired and... and very wet. I hadn't noticed until then how horny I'd become. My body once again had made up its mind before I knew it. I hated it. Anna saw that I'd agree. I loved it.

The rest of the evening we spoke of various things. She told funny stories about people she worked with, about her life. I talked a bit about my work, which seemed so dull all of a sudden. And she drew out of me things I didn't think I'd tell anyone.

We arranged that I would go to her studio two days later. I was already getting nervous. And I couldn't wait to get back to my room and give myself the most explosive orgasm imaginable. I think my whole body quivered.

As we dressed for the cold she put her hand on my shoulder and as if imparting a secret she said, "Please don't masturbate. Hold your desire until the shoot. Please. I want you like no one has wanted you but I want you ripe."

I didn't know if I could take that.

In my room I tried distraction. I tried a cold shower - bad idea. I tried writing a useless report about the meetings I'd had earlier. I barely slept.

But the next day was worse. There was a reason for skipping a day. I needed to follow some rules of hers. No underwear or tight clothing for a day prior to the shoot - so as not to leave lines in my skin. I needed to process the alcohol so I allowed myself only a glass of wine with my dinner that night. I ate only light foods and I stayed close to home. It seemed that everything I did had to do with getting naked and giving my sex to someone I barely knew the next day. This was hell. But I could feel every nerve in my body come alive. My skin became so sensitive I thought the slightest rub on my forearm or cheek would make me come. The loose clothing felt like a hundred lovers' feathers against my hypersensitive skin; between my thighs, on my nipples, across by bottom. I chose costumes, some lingerie I liked, a sexy black dress, a low cut silk blouse that always felt wonderful against my nips. Soon enough just about everything and anything whispered "sex" and "do it" and …

I don't know how but I did manage to get a decent night's sleep. OK, I allowed myself a large whiskey before bed and I'm glad it worked.

I awoke on The Day and I didn't think I would go through with it. All the reasonable arguments against went through my head. What if the pictures get out? What if she's a psycho? Did I know she was a known artist?

I ate a fruit cup. I had some tea. I did some exercises in my room, naked. I bathed for a long time, soaking in a bubbly bath. And I finally dressed - far to lightly for the weather - and called a taxi.

Anna had a studio on the top floor of a building in New Town (new because it was settled in the 1300's) with wonderful big skylights letting in the sun. It had a couple different sets, a lounge set, a sort of Sultan's Tent set with pillows and colorful drapes, one with nothing but various cubes and other geometric pieces big enough to drape a body on, a bedroom of course, and some space with roll down backgrounds. There were lights and reflectors, tripods and cables running all over.

She smiled a big, warm smile as she ushered me in.

"I knew you'd come early. Come in. Get your coat off and let's have some tea. You look wonderful. You are refreshed?"

We sat down in some old, worn and very comfortable overstuffed chairs.

"Meet Venca." said Anna as a man of about 25 approached with a tea tray. His handshake was as effeminate as was possible. Just fingertips, a bit limp. He wore very light weight, baggy, almost flowing clothes in pastel blue and yellow. He had a quality of wafting rather than walking.

"Hi. We can be familiar?" he asked.

"It's Czech. We have formal and familiar address. Normally adults, when they first meet keep to formal until they agree otherwise." Anna explained.

"Of course. Hi Venca." I thought what a funny thing to ask give that he'd be lighting my privates soon enough.

"And I'm Sarka." said the lovely girl carrying in a tray of what looked like little rolls and cookies. She looked about the same age as Venca and she had a figure that looked to me that in a few years would develop into that voluptuous image I'd had about Anna but she wasn't quite there yet.

Venca poured us all tea and offered cookies. When we were settled Anna began.

"This is my crew today. Both are art students. Talented. Venca will handle your makeup and Sarka is helping with the techie stuff. Mostly. They switch off.

"Are those the clothes you brought? Venco, will you lay them out?

"How do you feel?"

"I'm nervous. I'm embarrassed. And I'm horny as a mountain goat."

Anna smiled again and Venca chuckled. "Excellent", she said.

We looked at the things I brought.

"Pretty.", said Venca, fingering the bra lightly, judging the seems and lace. Sarka held up the dress. "This is lovely." She said. "And we have a wardrobe that should fit you quite well. All kinds of things you might like. Just here. Come."

We went to a small room off the side where there was a vanity and quite a lot of clothes hanging on a rack. I looked at a couple pieces and noticed that they were all about my size. Sarka noticed, "Anna is quite good at guessing people's sizes. We got these out this morning."

This was all fun. But distracting. It seemed so natural, fancy dress day with some nice, new friends. And it almost pushed the reason for my being there out of my mind. Almost.

Anna entered and pulled out some long, wide, diaphanous scarves and shawls.

"For your first set I suggest you dress as if to meet someone you want to seduce. You should feel natural." She and Sarka began laying out all sorts of things as Anna spoke. Pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, bras, suspenders, stockings, the works. Anna continued, her voice becoming lilting and airy, "You will meet in an intimate bistro. Perhaps it is a woman you've met? You don't know how she will react? Yes? You must think about your choices. Too obvious and you might frighten her off, poor thing. But you want her to wonder about the way you look by the end of the meal. If she notices your legs, you want her to notice the stockings or the belt or perhaps even a hint of pantie. And you want her to know you chose your underthings for her, should you get to the point of her seeing them."

During this I pointed to one thing then another. I changed my mind about some and changed it back. Again, this was a distraction but not as distant a one this time. I was feeling the intent, the seduction, my seduction and the seduction of me. Anna was putting me in a role, the active role, in order to distract me from the role of target I really felt in.

"As you dress you will consider your perfume and your lipstick. You are anticipating your meeting. Your excitement keeps simmering, rising slowly but surely. You wonder if I am dressing similarly. Is the anticipation mutual? Do I already want you?"

She looked right into me again and shifted tone slightly, "Here's a robe. Please undress and put it on."

She and Sarka left and I undressed. I undressed in the changing room, alone, in private. I looked into the mirror as I did so wondering what the three of them would be thinking when I'd be doing this in front of them. I judged my breasts, my arms, by belly, everything. Would they? Or would I just be one of the many naked bodies they saw as part of their work?

Venca knocked, came in and asked me to sit at the makeup table. He brushed out my hair and his hands felt wonderful. He had a very delicate touch. As he worked I heard a bottle opened and then smelled a hint of brandy or cognac. I took a sip and then laid my head into the cradle and his hands massaged my face.

"Anna likes to spin her spells with new models. She can be quite enchanting. But now just relax. I won't do much with you. You are very nice. Your skin doesn't need much. Just a little color here and there to bring out your features in the lights."

He spoke as continuously as Anna and with somewhat similar effect. His voice soothed. And before I knew it he was done.

Sarka returned, "Would you like help dressing?" It seemed both natural and very strange to consider such a thing. I was getting a feeling of "star treatment" but what an odd thing for a virtual stranger to ask. How intimate.

"I think..." I was going to say no but to my own surprise, "... I think I would like that. Please."

She refilled my glass and asked, "Are you nervous? This is your first time modeling, is that right?"

"Yes and yes." I sipped as much to do something as to drink.

"I understand. But remember, you are completely safe here. Nothing you don't want to happen will happen. And Anna will do and say various things to manipulate your mood to get her shots, but at any time you can stop to take a break or stop all together. Remember that. Everything Anna says during the shoot is to help you achieve your mood. She's very good at it. Sometimes even experienced models are surprised when they first work with her.

"But you're not a model, are you?"

I was a little surprised by this. I don't know why or why it should matter. And I couldn't tell if she meant anything by it.

"Forgive me if I'm prying and I don't mean to imply you're old but most first timers are no older than I am. I'm old for a first timer. And you don't look like you need the money."

I had to chuckle. I was at least ten years older than this girl so I didn't take offense at her question but I hadn't thought about it earlier. The question is natural.

"Actually, I'm paying for this shoot. Or for your help on it. And I don't really know why I'm here. Perhaps for my husband - a little surprise picture album. Or perhaps for myself. Or perhaps for Anna? I really don't know. But I know I've been feeling like an orgasmic time bomb since Anna asked me." I laughed and drank up. I lit a cigarette and for the first time felt like this was right. I was still nervous, still horny, still all those things but somehow not agitated. The butterflies in my stomach were more fun.

"So you're doing this for yourself? You're doing it for fun? This should be a fun day." she said with a big smile.

I stood and Sarka somehow managed to take my robe without me feeling like I was undressing in front of her. She looked at my body. "You are … 'nadherna'. I don't know the word. Beautiful isn't right. "Will you let me do some body makeup?"

I nodded and she took out a little brush and began brushing something onto my nipples, all matter of factly as if she were brushing rouge on my cheeks. My nips hardened and she smiled. Then she brought out a comb and kneeled in front of me. She combed my pubic hair. She parted it and in the process parted my labia a bit as if to emphasis what was going on.

"Would you like me to check on things in back?" She asked, grinning a just bit sheepishly?

"I, uh, I suppose so." And so I bent over and she professionally spread my cheeks and looked. I felt a wet wipe and then a dry and then that brush. It was a little shocking at first but the intimacy was somehow exciting.

"Now. What have you chosen to seduce our Anna?"

And with that we dressed me. Of course I could have handled it on my own and her straightening this and that was mostly fussing and touching. I was getting confused about what was meant to be sexual, seductive, intended to turn me on for the sake of getting in into bed and what was just part of the job.

At last we went back out to the studio. Anna looked me up and down and nodded. Venca was already dressing a set that could have been a luxurious office or perhaps a lounge. He looked me over and added some pillows, changed a wall hanging and moved a reflector. I approached with more confidence than I felt and the moment of truth was there.

"Very good. You look marvelous. You've chosen nicely.

"Now, please go to the table, the higher one, and lean on it as if expecting someone to come in. They are late. Perhaps it's an employee. No, someone else but you feel you have the upper hand. You are confident, you feel strong."

I went and leaned with one hand a little behind me. I had on a very form fitting brown skirt that went just below the knee with a slit up the side. I knew it showed off my bum nicely and I knew I could use the slit well in any negotiation with a man. A thin dark belt emphasized my waist and my own silk blouse showed my cleavage off nicely. I shifted around a bit and the camera clicked and the strobe blinked. We'd begun.

"Ok. Please hold that position. Venco, shift the right leg to open the slit more. No, please let Venca do it - he knows the angle I'm looking for. Very good. Shift her hair off her left shoulder. Good. Hold that.

"Now, lean into the camera a bit. You want me to see down between your breasts. You hope I look. Open up the blouse more. Yes. Like that. Fantastic. Your skin, lovely. Wet your lips, you want me to want to kiss you... yes.

"OK, turn around and show me your backside. Bend a bit, yes. Now look over your shoulder directly into the camera. Meet my gaze.

"Now sit on the table and cross your legs. I want to see a hint of the suspender, I want to see your stocking. I'm getting hungry to see more. You are seducing me in my own studio.

"Sarko, fix her lipstick. Venco, get the floor lights ready.

And so it went for longer than I thought it would. I was almost getting disappointed. It was a fashion shoot. I was still fully dressed half an hour after starting. I felt sexy but abstractly so. And then a shift.

"Now, I want you on the big chair there. I want your skirt hiked up as high as it looks ok. And open your blouse a button or two.

"Very good. Very good. Your breasts look delicious, don't they Sarko?"

I looked and Sarka was looking at me deeply with a look I couldn't read but decidedly one that begged me to show her more. And Anna was looking much more intense than I'd seen her before. Not just focused on her work but also on something of her own. These two were eager. For me?

"Now, Darling, you are seducing me. I am your lunch date, I am your naughty student. Whatever works, I am the one you want. All your communication is through the lens but you want to reach me."

I stood and began undoing my blouse. I stripped like a whore, slowly. I savored her eyes on me, all their eyes on me. And I finally opened it all the way showing the dusty rose bra with its black highlights and lace. I walked to the back of the chair and leaned over its back looking at Anna and then at Sarka. It was fun. I wasn't sure which one I was seducing but I didn't care now. I moved around slowly, swaying while the camera fired. I draped myself over the arms of the chair letting the blouse hang down.

"Hold that, Venco?"

And I felt Venca shifting my hair one way and my blouse another.

Rather than break my feeling, it made me all that much more aware of the newness of this situation. I wasn't just stripping for a lover, or even for party guests. I was posing for photos and though I felt the women reacting nicely to my sex show, everyone was there to get the shots. The camera and all its peripheral paraphernalia became amazing new sex toys - ones that work by not coming into any contact with me. It was their lack of contact that made them work my libido. Venca, Sarka, and even Anna were helpers of the camera.

And so I savored each stage of undress. I posed near the table, on the chair in several positions and near the window before finally taking it off. I did the same in just the bra. I considered taking that off but decided to go for the skirt first. I danced to an inner music as I undid the belt, click and flash all the while. Next the button on the side and then the zip, but only half way down. Again I posed in as many ways as I could think of, with Anna occasionally asking for me to hold and Venca coming in to adjust something.

And then I was inspired. I was going to enjoy stripping, skirt, then bra and pants... But instead I put the blouse back on and hiked my skirt back. I made my way to the chair that seemed to have become the center of my stage and bent over, bottom to the camera. I looked over my shoulder and smiled. Anna was grinning and encouraging me. Sarka looked a little confused and a little eager. Even Venca looked with an anticipation that seemed more than merely professional. And I slid down both skirt and pants, very slowly. I wiggled. I drew it out as much for myself as for them. But finally the clothing slid low enough to show most of my bum cheeks and I bent over low to spread them. Yes, I am an ass oriented woman but I'd never felt the urge to seduce with mine so badly. Perhaps it was an echo of Sarka's ministrations earlier. Perhaps it was just an impish thing to do. But I wanted so badly for them all to see my asshole, to have them light and photograph it. To...

"Hold that please." Anna said in a husky near whisper. I felt Venca shifting my top so it draped my bum but I knew my little hole was in view. Otherwise I was fully dressed. It was a delicious feeling. He tugged my skirt down just a little lower and put his hand between my shoulders.

"That is very hot. And you are very wicked." he said and even his voice was a little husky.

And then I felt that brush again. I had to look. It was Sarka brushing whatever she was brushing onto my asshole. "Very subtle gold glitter. Real gold.", she paused, "Edible." and she left.

It seemed a very long time I was in that position while they shot, shifted lighting, shot more.

"Wonderful," said Anna, "you can continue."

I stood and continued removing my skirt, but this time I kept the blouse. I walked and posed in the top, stockings, pants and suspenders. I sat in the chair and did a porn pose, bottom way forward, knees apart and as high as I could hold them. And they shot. I began rubbing myself through the silk and for the first time realized I was utterly wet. I looked down and saw the dark spot in my crotch. I felt like I'd peed myself. I was mortified.

"That's absolutely charming." said Anna. "Her cunt is dripping and she's blushing."

Of course that made me blush more but I rubbed my clit some more too. God I was in need of release. I wanted to go for it right there but...

"Venco, can you please?"

And I felt him take me by the wrist, wag his finger as if I were a naughty four year old, and wink.

"None of that, My Love. You're still ripening."

I felt like I'd bust but I stopped playing with myself. My seduction was sort of broken down and Anna recognized it so she took over.

"Ok love, you are doing marvelously. Blushing is something a seasoned pro doesn't too easily on set and it's what will make your photos so incredible. Your delightful honesty about your feelings. Now...

"Pull the crotch aside. Show me your goodies....

I did and felt a wave of warmth wash over me.

"Careful now, I want you to pretend to rub your clitoris. Don't touch, let your finger fly over … just over...

"Lovely... "

It felt strange. I could feel an energy from my fingers going up and down across my button but not near enough to get me off.

"Ok. Now stand up, please. Let's drop the top for now. I want your nipples. I want them rolling in my mouth, to tell you truth, but for now I want them out."

I slowly, still aware of the camera as sex partner / toy, reached back to unhook the bra. As I did I turned to give a rear view.

"Yeees. Very good."

I turned back and slowly let it fall. Or I thought it would. My nips were so hard it actually hung on them. They all laughed, without a trace of malice but rather in fun. It was funny and kinda cute.

"I love it. Hold that. Don't touch her. Let's get shots from all angles. My Love, don't budge and for god's sake, keep those nipples erect.

"Good. Now let it go."

My breasts wanted to be touched so badly they were sore. I don't know if I'd ever felt that before. My nipples were like rocks and I swear my tits were offering themselves to any of the three all on their own. Any friendly hand, any friendly mouth...

"Lovely, lovely. I knew you had a great rack. Not too big but that perfect shape. Delicious.

"Now fondle yourself. Pinch."

I squeezed and I pinched but it wasn't right. I needed someone else.

"Ok Darling, I want to see you strut. Those boobs are as beautiful as any I've seen. Your body would flatter a 20 year old but anyone can see you know how to use it. You are nearly naked, your breasts should be on display... strut."

I ate it up. I have to admit, her vocabulary wasn't quite mine but I loved hearing those words. I need to mention here, all three had a strong Czech accent and varying levels of English. Anna's was best but far from perfect. But I can't write dialects, I tried and gave up. Sarka's name is really very sexy. Pronounced "Shahrka" with a rolled R, the first A is drawn out. And her English was understandable but the worst of the three. Venca (pronounced about how it looks 'ventsa') spoke well and Anna spoke about as I write her - but with an accent. "Cunt" sounded like "Kant". "Pussy" sounded like "Pooosie". It's hard to write but was comical and sensuous at the same time.

But so I strutted. I now had on my pants, suspenders, stockings and shoes. No more. I was one of the porn girls I so enjoyed looking at. I fully realized and accepted and looked forward to the fact that soon enough I'd be losing the pants and all the goods would be on view. I'd look like a whore. I couldn't wait.

"Darling, I want you to think now. You are about to fuck me. You are about to shake my world. You are Aphrodite. You are THE sex goddess.

"Now My Love, the moment we have all waited for... Slowly please , pull down you pants."

Interestingly enough, they'd already seen my asshole, my pussy. But this was the magical moment. The only thing I'd have on would be decoration intended to accentuate my naughty bits. I'd almost be more than naked. My last defense to fall.

And so I began. I tugged at the hem of my lace pants and at various stages Anna asked for a hold, front, sides, back. But it got to that point and she wanted to see me from the back. They'd all seen my asshole but not my whole butt . And so here I went. I bent over a bit, tugged, and the next thing I knew my bum was there for them to see. I straightened up and turned around. Pants at mid-thigh, my puss was in full view. It was only a couple movements for me to step out of them all together. And I was more than naked. And I strutted.

We moved to the bedroom set. I lay on the bed, everything exposed. And while Venca arranged the lights Sarka came over with some cognac. I sipped. I lit a cigarette. And she stroked my hair.

"You are amazing. I have never experienced such pure sex. I want you." and she blushed.

When Anna was ready again she told me, "Now I will work on many closeups. I want to see the bumps on your skin. I want to see the wetness. You will show me everything and you will soon come. Do you want that?"

It was screamingly obvious that I did. I'd needed it for the last couple days. It had been psychological foreplay since we'd met that night.

"Lie back naturally. Give me your body now."

I did. I writhed on the bed, now only in part aware of the camera. I spread my labia wide and could feel myself pulsing. She photographed it all. I slipped in a finger but I knew that wasn't enough anymore. I masturbated but it only excited me, it didn't bring me closer to release.

And I heard Sarka's voice now, "I can smell you. It's perfect."

And I spread myself open as much as I could as if by smelling me she could make me come. Normally I'd have been horrified by someone smelling my cunt, my desire but this was so far beyond that I couldn't care. I looked and with huge surprise I saw that in Venca's lose trousers he had an erection, I thought he was gay. Anna brought her camera in close. I could sometimes feel her breath on my thighs.

"Now, my Dearest, your lover is about to enter. How will you welcome her. Him. What do you want?"

I rolled over onto my belly and stuck my ass into the air. My knees apart, both my holes were as open as they could be. Throbbing, swollen, ripe.

"Who do you want?"

"I don't care."

"Really?" she asked.

"Please." I begged.

"Do you want me to shoot you hardcore?"


"Then trust me."

I didn't know what that meant until someone put a blindfold over my eyes. I felt a moment of panic and them I felt a tongue in my ass. I had crossed another barrier point. I didn't move. It felt amazing - and I guessed it was Sarka licking me but I didn't know. I assumed Anna was still shooting, I could hear the camera. But from somewhere I heard her ask for video cameras to be set up and they were, quickly. Next thing I knew a woman had maneuvered herself under my face and I dove into her. And I was confused. Was Venca rimming me? I didn't care.

But still, no one touched my pussy. My own hands were fondling the body in front of me and I began to feel certain it wasn't Sarka but Anna. The confusion was exquisite. And it lasted until I felt a definite man's cock probe my ass. I heard Sarka ask if it was ok, but she seemed far. I sort of nodded with my mouth full of pussy and in it went. And then another body squirmed under me until a mouth reached that button of mine.

I'd never been in a group, a couple threesomes with my husband but not like this. I didn't know who was where except that I knew Venca's dick was wonderfully, slowly working my asshole and one woman was eating me while I ate another. Only later did I find out that it was, in fact Anna who came very profusely in my mouth and I in Sarkas. This whole scene lasted only about ten or fifteen minutes. It had the effect of giving me immediate release from the last couple days pent up energy. But it didn't satisfy. We all rolled over onto the bed, Venca dressed except for his penis out. Anna with her slacks off. And dear Sarka beautifully and completely dressed, poor girl. It was her turn next.

As Anna returned to shoot, I undressed Sarka. And she was gorgeous. A green apple. She quivered under my touch. Venca undressed and joined us with a huge grin. The two of us licked her from head to toe. We tickled her. We poured sips of cognac into and onto her. I turned her over and she stiffened.

"I have never had it in the butt."

I ignored her and began licking her. I raised her ass high to give myself access to all her nether sweets and savories. I licked and sucked and when I came up for air I saw she was sucking Venca's cock. It was hypnotic. She did it slowly, in and out of her mouth. She took his balls into her mouth and licked his ass. She started fingering him as she sucked more. And then he handed her a very realistic dildo which she slipped into his anus - without missing a beat. I went back to work on her moving from one hole to the other. Slipping a finger into the one my tongue wasn't in. And then I felt Anna move in toward me. She was an expert with her mouth.

The four of us stayed together all night. We enjoyed every possibility except Venca fucking a vagina. We all sucked him and he ate us all, front and back. We all got him in the butt, I asked for another session later. In maybe twelve hours we were a sweaty, sticky pile of people deeply tired and deeply satisfied.

We are all good friends to this day and have enjoyed various sex since then. Venca fucking my husband was fun.

The photos are amazing, and I agreed to let some out. I see them in books and occasionally I get to masturbate looking at my own asshole on the internet, remembering that amazing day.


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