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Catching Up Part 2

Short story By: PodOne

After taking that beautiful woman to her hotel room only to discover she was a prostitute, I make my choice... As she stands in front of me, naked and so mouthwatering, so gorgeous, should I reach for my purse or reach for the door?

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I suppose that you, gentle reader, would have me dive head first into her crotch at this point. But I won't. Not quite yet. I want to take this pause for an aside.

I can't think of how I would have reacted back then, to my husband paying a prostitute for sex. I had never given the matter much thought beyond the pedestrian feeling that it's a bad thing; that the women who do it are either pitiable drug addicts or victims of some sort or that they are shrewd, manipulating gold diggers. But again - beyond TV and maybe a sermon or two in church, my exposure to these women and their work was nil. But had I discovered that my husband had gone to one, had I discovered it any time prior to this particular evening, I know I would have felt cheated on (as hypocritical as the feeling was in my case, I admit), I think I would have been more hurt than if it had not been for money, and I think it would have been more dirty. In the gutter, in the muck, unattractive type dirty. I can't explain it but even thought these thoughts were wafting through my brain in some vague, spectral form, I didn't feel those taints about what I was obviously about to do. Yes, having to pay came with its own set of emotions but Maya had done her work well and knew how to soften that blow. Showing my gratitude afterward made it seem more genuinely like gratitude rather than payment due. And I suppose I would have liked to say I was mesmerized by her beauty as her dress fell to the floor and she stood there in black lace bra and panties with a midnight deep purple trim… but the reality was that I had made my decision before that. I did not ask her to leave on either of the two occasions she offered. The fact of the matter was, though hearing of the "arrangement" came as a shock, once it settled in I wanted her just as badly.

And she stood there in those under things. They were simple. I would have expected something elaborate like suspenders and belts and silk stockings. Maybe a corset or something like one sees in the movies when a Lady of the Evening comes to call. But no. Maya stood there in a bra and pants, very expensive and looking perfect for her figure and I must say… perfect for my mood. And I drank her in. She was slim but not skinny. Her hair was cut above the shoulder and jet black. Her skin had just a bit of an olive tint and appeared the same color all over her body. I would confirm soon enough that she didn't have tans lines at all.Her breasts were beautifully round with nipples pointing up and out, as I could see through the bra. They were hardening in front of me and were growing quite large. And I had to wonder if they would droop at all when they slipped from their support because they seemed to defy gravity. Her waist came in beautifully and rounded out into such sensuous hips my tongue nearly fell out. That curve from ribs on down to her outer thighs was more perfect than I've seen in pictures or the silver screen. I could just make out the muscles in her belly and that super sexy line of her lower belly curving down and in, under her belly button, into the tops of her pants. I nearly felt I would suffocate. I don't know how long I stared at her and just drank her in but I felt a pain in my fingertips and realized I had lit a cigarette, forgotten about it, and let it burn down to the filter. I snuffed it, lit another, took a cool drink of G&T and sat back and smiled. The smile of the happy Buddha. The combination of my anticipation, the knowledge that this was just the beginning, the unearthly beauty and sex appeal before me, and my just plain old hornyness was bliss. I could now let this stretch out forever.

As I sat and smoked and admired, Maya began walking around the room turning on all the tabletop and floor lamps. I was a bit curious about this until she turned off the overhead and I saw that the light was just right. There was plenty to see what I would want to see and yet with varying brightness. Also, as I would note a bit later, the light from the side mean fewer and less harsh shadows in those good bits when my head was right over them. Picture yourself about to go down on the most fantastic ass in heaven and earth but your head is casting a shadow right where you want to see the most. Well, Maya anticipated this and made arrangements. A professional's attention to detail. But I also just enjoyed the way she moved. Maya walked slowly around the room, the lounge as I had engaged a suite, while at her task. She swayed gently as she moved. Something between a natural walk and a dancer's, across a stage.

The lighting having been seen too, Maya went and sat down in a plush, wide, chair opposite the sofa. I got up, handed her her drink and cigs and sat opposite her. She lit up, took her glass and put her feet, wide apart on the low table between us. I gazed into her crotch. Though the lace was black I could swear I saw a small wet spot. She began to rub herself there gently.

"Do you want to undress?" she asked with a most matter of fact tone. "I have to admit, I am rather eager to see your butt. It looks wonderful beneath your skirt." And she smiled.

I was now feeling more secure, in an, if not exactly my, element I could work in. I lit another cigarette and drew slowly and long.

"I like to look at women play with themselves in the internet but I have never seen one masturbate in real life. I would like to watch you make yourself come."

Maya laughed, "You are certainly mastering your role tonight. I thought you would be timid and need me to lead you."

"You may." I smiled at her and continued, "But I think I came just asking you. It's more direct than I'm used to being even at home. I like it."

We both laughed. It was a very strange feeling. It's hard to imagine the air practically crackling with sexual electricity and yet feeling so at ease as if with an old friend joking about… oh I don't know - something personal like our husbands love making noises. And yet it really was swimming with sex. But I felt I was in control. I guess since I was paying, but it didn't enter my mind in exactly those terms. She was easy to be with but a stranger nonetheless and I didn't need to worry about what she might think or if she would run away screaming. Anyway - being so direct was an extreme turn on in and of itself.

She snubbed out her butt end, took a deep sip of her drink, and leaned back in her chair. She let her hands roam that goddess's body of hers, her fingertips gently tracing lines up and down her belly and her waist, around her navel and down her inner thighs which spread wider when she did. I began feeling myself get drawn back into that zone of Mesmer and glamor; that of feeling my peripheral vision shrinking and of sounds growing muted; that of little more than her long slim fingers gracefully gliding around her nearly nude body. She slowly got up and walked over to me with her eyes half closed and sat on the edge of the table near me. She leaned in close to me, reached back behind her back and unsnapped her bra. For a few moments she swayed only a few inches in front of me, holding the cups of her bra to her breasts and then… She let it fall away. Those breasts were gorgeous. Round, certainly more than a handful, and the nipples pointed up at me of their own accord. I wanted to reach out and feel them, to suck them. But I wanted more, to hold back. To stretch this out as long as possible. And so hold back I did. She stood and still with here eyes barely open she felt and kneaded those beautiful orbs, pinching her nipples and letting out tiny gasps. Maya then turned and walked back toward her chair and when she arrived she leaned down, almost as if falling and caught herself, hands on the chair's arms. And for the first time that night I stared right at her perfect, perfect ass. From her round hips there grew the two most lovely round cheeks ever. And above each was a deep dimple. Though completely dressed and not touching myself at all I was on the verge of orgasm there on the spot. Had I moved my thighs just a little toward each other I would have, but again I resisted. And I fell deeper into hypnosis as I watched her fingers hook the waistband and slowly pull her pants down. With each sway I could see her asshole. And I could see her labia sliding against each other, quite obviously well lubricated already. She stepped out of her pants, spread her legs wide and ran her hand around her vagina and a finger between her lips. It looked to me that the tremor I noticed in her knees was real enough and she turned and sat back down in the chair. Back in her previous position but naked now, I watched her fingers resume their journey around her body. Only now as they passed her nipples they stopped to fiddle and pinch. And when they made their way up and down her inner thighs I could see a definite quiver as her legs opened wider and wider. And of course, when her middle finger traced the cleft of her pussy from the bottom near her anus up toward her clit I had a clear, fantastic view thanks to her forethought and lighting skills.

With two fingers she spread her lips and slipped her middle finger into her vagina. As she frigged herself her other hand kept tracing circles around her breasts and occasionally pinched a nipple. Soft, but no longer tiny, moans and gasps escaped her lips. And her body was beginning to writhe and twist in her chair. Then I watched as she used all her fingers to rub herself from the outside, holding her clit between two fingers. After about the third stroke like this she moaned deeply and a shudder swept her whole body from head to foot. I loved watching her because I knew exactly the feeling. This wasn't the orgasm, it was a warm-up. It was touching the magic spot that would produce the orgasm, now that her body was sensitized enough. If she responded like me she could now push herself over in about two seconds at any time. Or, she could hold herself letting the energy build and enjoying the feeling that one's entire body is a sex organ.

I lit a cigarette and poured more G&T, hating the fact that I had to look away for about 7 seconds.

"Take your time darling. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

Maya smiled and I saw that she slowed her pace a little.

"Talk to me." She said slowly in a very husky voice. "Tell me what you want to see."

"I want to watch you give yourself an orgasm."

"Oh you will. But I want to show you everything… Tell me."

"I like watching you finger yourself with one finger."

Again she smiled. With her left hand she began slowly messaging her clit. She ran a fingertip around it's naked little head and then ran a couple fingers up and down the shaft and back down. She rubbed the hood back and forth over the little man. And she repeated this. Again I smiled seeing much of my own technique at play, so to speak. My maintenance hand as I called it. With the other she spread her lips wide and slipped that middle finger back into her puckered tiny hole. Back and forth and back… Her body twisted and her face contorted as if she were being tortured only the expressions running across her face occasionally included such angelic smiles there could be no mistaking her bliss for agony.

"Ohhh, that's beautiful." I told her. "I could watch you for hours."

I watched as her finger burrowed itself deeper. She made circles with her whole hand as if trying to stretch the opening to her vagina. At the extremes I could see inside her just a little.

"Now turn around so I can see your bum."

Maya smiled at me, she seemed to be enjoying taking my orders. And when she aimed that amazing ass at me I nearly cried. It was brilliant. Looking at her stick her bum high into the air, seeing her bum hole clear as day, and watching her finger disappear inside her pussy was bliss. She rubbed herself and fingered herself.

"Please, finger your bum."

Maya slid her very wet finger out of her pussy and slid it around the rim of her anus. Several times. I guess it was an uncomfortable position because she turned round again, nearly into her former position but with her bum more on the edge and then she raised her legs. This was the view I needed. Her maintenance hand was back at work. She slid her probing finger into her mouth and tasted and lubricated. And then I watched it slip into her ring. I watched her sphincter expand to take it. And I saw it vanish to the second knuckle.

I was fit to burst at this point. Still dressed and still virgin, as far as that night was concerned. I could only imagine what state Maya was in. Poor girl had been masturbating for me for about three quarters of an hour now.

"Let yourself go, love."

She dug her finger just a bit deeper into her ass and began really working the other hand. Her body began twisting as if in a hurricane. Her moans became one steady hum which rose in crescendo as her rhythm increased. And then she yelled.


I watched her entire vagina pulsate and contract. I watched as her asshole pinched her finger. I watched her juices pour from her. I watched her body tense up like a bowstring and release. And, not being able to hold back, I dived face first and drove my tongue into her drenched pussy, licking up her orgasmic juices… drinking, as if from a cool well after days in the desert. After far too short a time, perhaps 10 or 15 seconds she pulled my head away.

"I'm sorry but I'm much too sensitive just now."

I smiled at her, wiped the excess from the bottom half of my face, and lit us each a cigarette.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever experience… with my clothes on."

Maya chuckled a bit. She, very gently now and with legs still spread wide as if too exhausted for anything else, rubbed the lower part of her slit near her entrance.

"I think we will have to do something about that." She said.

And with that the most beautiful naked woman on earth came over to undress me.


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