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Catching Up Part 1

Short story By: PodOne

Bored and tired after a long business trip a married woman meets the most beautiful woman she's ever seen. And is this beauty propositioning her?

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Note: This story is part of an ongoing log of a married woman's lesbian fantasies and experiences. Please vivsit for a more complete picture.

After my evening with Shelly from the sex shop (see Power Toys Pts 1 & 2) I sort of went on a bender you could say. She had been my first deliberate lover, the first one for whom I picked up the phone and made a call explicitly expecting sex. Anyway, having crossed that Rubicon; actually making a date and kept it and so thoroughly enjoyed it, I began feeling more and more randy. More intensely and more an more often. Continuously, even. Every skirt I saw made my thoughts dive straight up it and into whatever hole I found there. I wondered about each attractive woman I saw - if I could have her and if so, how. I had very hard times negotiating with nice looking women - that advantage I'd always enjoyed over most of my male counterparts had now come back to mock me. I didn't actually do anything about it. I mean, I felt as frustrated as a 15 year old boy (at least so I assume). I was constantly on edge, constantly horny, and just plain tense. At first I could take it out in bed with my husband and he certainly enjoyed my newfound energy therein. I was a wildcat. But it didn't satisfy me much. I came and all but there was no relief. None of that bone deep satisfaction I used to get from his attentions. This was all around springtime and as summer approached it only worsened.

Now I have a job where I travel a great deal. I am on the road for over 30 weeks out of the 52. Mostly in Europe and the US but I am also in Asia and Australia a few times each year. I won't mention exactly what I do because there aren't that many women in my field and though the risk of being discovered through this blog is slight I simply don't want to take it. But think of a corporate lawyer or a very high level accountant and you'll be close enough. I have to be very sharp in my job. Great heaps of my clients' money depend on my wits. So I simply couldn't let my work suffer too much or too long. The situation became intolerable.

I began looking for opportunity whenever I sipped my G&T in the hotel bars. I trolled like the lounge lizards I'd spent most of my free time avoiding. And I was no pro at it. Trying to feel out whether this woman or that was up to a bit of a romp without showing my hand was something I found as difficult as handling a deal worth many millions or Euros.

And so it was in such a state that I found myself in yet another airport Hilton, this one in Eastern Europe. I had concluded talks with a client a day early and so had an extra day before flying back home. It was early when I got to the hotel, perhaps around 4 in the afternoon. So I decided to have a bath and then go down to the bar. The weather was lousy so I didn't feel like wandering the city, one I could recognize from postcards but wasn't much more familiar with than that. I was tired. In the tub I let the stress of that last several days of talks and maneuvering melt away from me. With only the light slipping in past the door I'd left ajar I drifted. No bubbles. No wine. No candles. Just darkness and heat. Various images and thoughts flitted through my brain like moths in a breeze. I hardly had time to register them before they zipped off someplace. A few sexual ones blinked passed which... I was mildly surprised, didn't take. Actually - it was a bit of a relief. I soaked for about 45 min and then began getting bored. I dressed and put on a face without really thinking. Comfort was key which my travel wardrobe provides for with business casual. I don't recall what I actually wore but it was probably a sporty khaki skirt, plain under things, a blouse that might have been silk given I was planning to go down to the bar, and black or navy pumps. Boring. But I do remember that as I dressed I began to wonder if I'd be trolling again and concluded that I probably would be. That sexual tension was beginning to make itself known following my little respite in my bath. The result was that I put on a showier bra and unbuttoned the top button or two on my blouse. I generally felt foolish since I was used to men coming after me regardless of whether I pimped my breasts or not. And here I was pimping all the while knowing my success rate at this game - zero.

Half past five found me down the pub. I sat the bar sipping my G&T making small talk with the bartenders. One was a man of about 30 - fairly big, dark haired and well built, a nice guy named Pavel who made the time slip passed. The other was a woman named Ana who, like an awful lot in that city I'd noticed, was strikingly beautiful. She had long, straight, blond hair that shone and moved in waves as she went back and forth behind the bar. She had a light, almost birdlike, built. And lovely smallish breasts that bobbed just a bit as she moved. Her English wasn't as good as his but she tried and it was an awful lot of fun to hear her giggle. I ordered some food and took it at a table where I read a book - Dan Brown probably (I read them all summer). His work isn't terribly good, especially if you read more than one (it's incredibly formulaic - basically the same plot in every book) but he has a definite talent for writing you can't set down easily. By about 8ish I had finally finished it - the hero got the girl like in every single one of his books - looked around and decided to go back to the bar. Less than half the stools were occupied so the bartenders weren't all that busy and I returned to the bar for more drink and chat. I could see that the lousy weather outside had turned into a steady downpour and even though my mood and good energy levels had risen a bit, that rain told me I was definitely in for the night.

And so we chatted and joked and when a woman about 2 or 3 stools down from me began participating in our fun and games it was seamless. I'd barely noticed. When I finally did notice I did a genuine double take. This woman I'd been sitting next too for who knows how long and with whom, along with Ana and Pavel, I'd been chatting for with for maybe 15 or 20 minutes was a goddess. Anna was beautiful but this one was of another league, another universe, altogether.

There are some women who are so breathtakingly beautiful I'm filled, when I see them, with an emptiness, an ache, an almost holy joy and longing and for no particular reason at all, I want to weep. Catherine Zeta Jones (especially in those otherwise dreadful Zorro movies) is one such woman. Nicole Kidman They tend to dwell on the silver screen and in pages of fashion magazines and one thing I'd always assumed about such goddesses is that they were Hollywood creations. Industrial strength light and make-up magic. But I was wrong.

I don't know if anyone noticed that I'd stopped breathing except for her. Her smile truly and honestly dazzled me and only after I'd caught my breath did I notice that Ana and Pavel were both off serving customers. She held out her hand and simply said, "Maya." I introduced myself and regained a bit of my composure. I didn't know what to say. As stupid as it sounds I'd never been in the presence of human beauty like hers. There was no flaw, not a single thing out of place, nothing. Her makeup was simple but just right. Her clothes were also fairly simple but left anyone who saw her with the knowledge that her body was beautiful - with a very generous slit up the side of her skirt. And her manner was also simply charming and at ease. Ironically had she been just a notch less perfect I might have felt like a homely klutz but comparing myself to her was so outrageous it didn't even cross my mind. Hence I didn't really act stupid or stutter or say idiotic things - after those first few seconds anyway. I was perfectly able to make jokes and let my own charm flow and when A & P returned we made a happy foursome. Pavel arrived first and said, "Ah. So I see you introduced yourselves." And he winked at me. It was obvious that the three of them knew each other but I thought nothing of it as Maya drank her drinks and I mine.

Business began getting brisker and so two things happened. First thing was that our bartenders had less time for chat and second, Maya moved to the stool next to mine - to make room and so we could be heard better. After refreshing our drinks she asked, "So, are you in town on business?"

"Yes." I said and explained in brief what my week had been like.

"That sounds very stressful." Said Maya. "I'd need a week of lovely massage and hot tubs after something like that."

"And you?" I asked.

She fixed my gaze and said, "I'm here just for pleasure." And her foot grazed my calf as she said "pleasure". I thought it had been my imagination but when I glanced down she excused herself, though I recall thinking that the apology was a bit coquettish. I felt a touch lightheaded. I'm sure it was just for an instant but I suddenly felt about ten times drunker than I was (I'd only had three or four G&T's in the over four hours I was there - plus dinner). Normally I'd swear she was inviting me but I couldn't think of why. I chose to chalk it up to the sexual tension and gin and ignore it.

We chatted on nicely for about 10 minutes. Then I had to go to the loo. When I got back I saw Maya was following Ana up and down the bar with her eyes. I stopped for a moment and watched her. I confirmed that observation. I slid back onto my stool and without breaking her gaze Maya said, "She is lovely, don't you think?"

"Yup." I said enjoying the leer. "I've been enjoying her all evening."

"I know."

"You do? How?"

Maya smiled a bit impishly, "I've been watching you."

Those four words hit me like a wave. The things she had said and done in the last hour or so hit me. My lust hit me. And again my disbelief. She couldn't possibly be picking me up. Of the thousands of hotel bars I've been in I have never been hit on by a woman. Many men have had their go but… And why this gorgeous thing and why now? It didn't make sense.

"I noticed," she continued, "that you gave more attention to Ana than to Pavel, and he's a nice looking man."

"Was it that obvious?"

"Not at all. I observe people a lot. I try to figure them out. Do you mind?"

I had to think for a few seconds. It was a little strange but if her observations lead to what now seemed a possibility then I wouldn't complain if she stuck me under a microscope.

"I don't think I do, really. It's just a little strange. And so what else did you learn?"

"Not all that much. You're married, but that's obvious from your ring." She leaned in close to me, so I could feel her warmth and smell her perfume for the first time, "And I don't think you're a lesbian."

Maya chuckled and sat back as she was. She smiled her impish smile again and said, "But from your object of attention and a couple of your reactions with me this evening I'm betting you could be interested in some intense relaxation in your room and with me."

At that I almost choked on the sip of G&T I was taking. But I was glad it gave me that split second to consider.

"That is the most forward thing I've ever heard."

"Am I wrong?"

I looked her in those deep dark fantastic eyes and told her, "No. You're not wrong. But I'm having a little trouble figuring out why with me. You don't strike me as a lesbian either."

"I'm not." She replied easily. "I just don't feel bound by those labels. And you are a lovely woman and I've enjoyed my chat with you. And…"

I was getting very, very strongly turned on by now. It was clear, it was obvious, it was going to happen. I still could not for the life of me figure out why but one doesn't question such opportunities. I wanted it, I wanted her, I was so far beyond questioning if it was right, what anyone would think and all that, and I was going to make damn sure I didn't fuck it up somehow.

I finished my drink and asked, "Shall we have another?"

"Is there any point?" she asked.

Pavel and Ana both grinned from ear to ear as we left. They looked a bit silly, really.

We shared the elevator with an elderly couple and didn't speak. I thought that even they must have felt the sexual tension between us. Now that it was a sure thing my body was screaming to touch her, to be touched and nibbled and licked. Her perfume, something fruity and light, from Chanel I think, gently filled the car and intoxicated me all the more. Finally we got out and though it was only a few feet to my door I wasn't sure I'd make it. When the door shut behind us I wanted to grab Maya and slip my tongue into her mouth but she slipped aside from me. I was a bit confused at first but decided not to be so eager. I fixed a couple drinks and we sat down at the table.

"There is one small thing." Maya began. "It's the matter of gratitude. It's unpleasant, I know, but I feel it's best to set expectation from the outset. Men usually leave me 500 Euros or more. Women I am happy to share my time with more openly. They offer me at least 300."

She looked perfectly natural as she lit her cigarette and waited, I suppose, for me to reach for my purse.

Now even as I write this I realize how obvious the signs were. The very effective but yet almost businesslike manner in which she gradually let on that sex was an option. I had been too drunk with her beauty to notice. And the way she got me out of the pub and into my room without any fuss or discussion on which room to choose... As the realization unfolded in my head and Maya sat quietly smoking I began to feel tricked, offended, even angry. Was her talk about my attractiveness a lie? Was I really that obviously out trolling that I made an easy mark? And was I supposed to actually pay for sex?

Maya coughed gently which brought my attention back to her. "Look," she said very matter of factly, "I can see you didn't expect this turn of events and I'll leave if you like. But I honestly wouldn't be here now if what I said downstairs wasn't true. There are several men there who would be most generous if that was my only consideration."

I believed her. I thought about it. And the it hit me. Those smiles. That wink Pavel gave me. They knew! They knew Maya because she worked out of their bar. And when I left with her… I was mortified. They saw me leave with a prostitute, one of my own gender no less, there would be no two and two to put together. I dropped my face into my hands and just said, "Pavel…"

Maya smiled and took my head into her hands. "Of course they know but why on earth would you care? They certainly don't. And if you happen to see them tomorrow I am very sure they won't bring it up unless you do."

"Have you ever made love to a woman before?"

I nodded.

"But not often. Am I right?"

I nodded again.

"Then it is this arrangement that is new to you."

There was no question. She knew.

"It is something special. Your gratitude is not for the act itself. It is for the fact that I can make this a very pleasant and special evening for you. I can focus all my attention on you and your desires. I enjoy pleasing women and it's rare that I get too, especially one so pretty. Pleasing a man who expects it and probably wouldn't know how to pleasure a woman in any situation is simply not as much fun, so I expect more of their gratitude. I meant what I said about the gentlemen at the bar. And I will leave if this is uncomfortable for you. Do you want me too?"

She took a couple more drags of her cigarette. I said nothing. Then she stood up and began unfastening her dress. I reached for my purse.

"Now that we understand each other, later will do."

And then in front of me stood the most magnificent naked women as her dress fell to the floor.

To be continued...


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