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Uncle Bill's Way: Part 4

Short story By: PeytonBlack

A blind fold and a bit of string and I thought I had died and gone to my happy place...

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Well I just looked at Uncle Bill like he was crazy. 'What's it gonna be?' That was a stupid question.

"I think…I need to think about some things. And…that you all need to go downstairs." I tried to sound assertive though I was all week and shaky inside.

Well, they all looked at me for a bit then shuffled off closing the door behind them, which kinda amused me since they had just threatened to break it down.

I jumped to my feet as soon as I was alone and began to pace. I was so nervous I couldn't sit still another moment. In my heart I knew Jesse was right. Any one of them could entice me to do just about anything. Just look at this afternoon. My body was practically purring when they finally set me on Uncle Bills lap. I'd agree to just about anything at the time.

Not that I had much to think about at this point. I'd had plenty of fantasies over the year, starring my three uncles. I had savored every glimpse of their well-toned bodies. I was jealous of every one of their girlfriends. And I had thrilled at every innocent touch. There wasn't really anything to think about at this point. But I still couldn't shake the feeling that things were about to change forever and I couldn't see how, I could only remember the loft, and how all those fantasies over the years had been hollow dreams compared to the reality.

When I descended the stairs I couldn't have been more shocked if Jesse had taken possession of my prized bull whip. I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from laughing out loud. Besides I couldn't let those Uncles get the upper hand if they could keep a straight face and pretend they were acting normal then so can I.

I shouldn't let it affect my breathing to see Uncle Bill sitting naked except his silk bandanna and cowboy boots while reading a magazine artistically covering his never mind.

I couldn't allow myself to tremble at the sight of Jesse oiling his boots, his muscles rippling delicately with the subtle movements. Oh heavens! I think the heat must have started around my ankles and slowly climbed my legs and ignited in my belly.

I wouldn't moan from the pleasure of seeing Uncles Curt's naked erection beautifully framed by his chaps.

Instead of walking directly into the living room, I continued down the hall to the kitchen. I retrieved a glass in my shaking hand, walked to the fridge and let the grinding sound of the ice dispenser calm me. It was a normal sound, a loud sound. I watched as exactly 10 oz. of water slowly filled the glass.

No matter how I looked at it, I was never going to be ready. Every instinct told me to run and hide. I took a slow small drink and set the glass on the counter. The way I see it, I only had one option… Don't think.

I walked as calmly as I could to the center of the room and sat on the coffee table; just to make sure there was no mistakes, I loosened the belt of my robe and opened it enough so they could see I had nothing on underneath.

I don't know if any of you have ever landed in the dust, but if you're not expecting it, there is a second or two where you're stunned and then as the dust settles your mind starts racing. That's exactly what I felt like when I looked up and in the space of a heartbeat I was surrounded. But they weren't just standing there staring. No they were circling around me, closing in. Each one was a powerful figure by himself, but together they formed an oppressive force. It nearly stole my breath away.

Then curt was standing before me I couldn't tear my eyes away from his wonderfully framed erection. Never having a reason to consider size before, I didn't have an opinion neither for nor against, but to me it was simply a thing of beauty.

I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away.

With a groan Uncle Curt claimed my lips in a beautiful, demanding invasion. His tongue branded everything in its wake claiming territory like a conquering dictator. One hand bore his weight on the coffee table the other clutched my hair possessively holding me in place.

I whimpered when I felt him slipping away and wondered absently when my hand found the back of his neck. A growling sound to my left reminded me that there were two other people in the room and at least one of them was Uncle Bill.

The whispering sounds of silk caught my attention just before the warm cloth covered my eyes and dropped me into a world of darkness. My head tipped back with a gasp as I searched for the slightest sound.

I was startled by the brush of lips on my neck, gone before the groan escaped my throat. A warm hand glided up my thigh, over my abdomen, across my breast, and disappeared even as my back arched. They were moving around me. Randomly touching me until my body shook with anticipation. Oh God, they were driving me insane.

With a tug, I felt the belt of my robe being tugged from its loops, the terry dropped from my shoulders leaving me bare before them. I couldn't seem to control my ragged breaths anymore, but my ears told me I wasn't the only one. The air around me moved, and I could feel my robe being spread out over the coffee table.

Warm hands glided across my neck and rearranged my hair. Hot breath caressed my ear as if to enhance the soft gentle voice of Uncle Bill. "Chassey Girl, any time you would like to repeat this night, you just bring one of my silk bandannas down with you. We will know exactly what to do…"

At the moment I thought I could live in that danged bandanna. 'Just let me die and be buried in that silk bandanna.'

I was so distracted by the voice, by the gentle instructions, I hadn't noticed right off that those hands weren't just caressing my skin but drawing the belt of my robe over my shoulders and was lacing my arms together and knotting them behind me. My desperate excited moan sounded loud in the silence. Uncle Bill chuckled behind me. His hands slid over my breasts. My head dropped back to his shoulder. "Now I have you…" his lips and tongue caressed the artery along my neck, his teeth nibbled at the pulse.

I couldn't seem to stop the shaking, or the mindless sounds escaping me. I was in a different world, a place where the only thing that mattered was the next touch, the next word, the next embrace…

With a little effort they had me lying on my back, arms tucked uncomfortably beneath me, my bottom resting on my hands. Someone took out my ponytail and spread my hair across the table above me. Two sets of hands teased and caressed and tugged until my legs were on either side of the coffee table. My never mind exposed for their viewing pleasure. I was laid out like a buffet.

Two ranchers and some piggin string and I thought I was part of the coffee table. I'd have to clock them some other time. Right now I was being distracted by the sounds of boots hitting the floor, and the chaps coming off. They must be getting down right serious…

"Damn, Chassey, you are a lovely sight." Uncle Bill's praise spiraled right through me.

"All soft and helpless," Uncle Curt murmured, his fingers blazing a trail from knee to breast to shoulder.

"Yes," Jesse agreed. "She does make the lovely virgin sacrifice."

Oh shit. I could feel my knuckles getting damp and I suspected it was from me.

"Are you all planning on killing me with words, or is somebody going to touch me?" My voice cracked, must be dry from all that heavy breathing.

"Well now, Darlin, that is hard to say. See, we have some very conflicting ideas about how we should proceed…" I had to turn my head to catch his words just right.

Jesse spoke from somewhere down at my feet. "Bill's theory is that your first time is gonna be… uncomfortable anyway, so we should just get on with the show and teach you to feel the pleasure with the pain."

Jesse's words were making me squirm, they sounded both ominous and exciting. Uncle Bill's warm mouth closed over one breast while Curt claimed the other (assuming no one changed places on me.) Just when my back arched and my breasts thrust forward, Uncle Bill's teeth caught at the tender flesh, and Curt's tongue was teasing me until I couldn't decide which was worse, the pain or the joyous pleasure, for they both felt like torture to me.

So quickly I was reduced to trembling tears and ridiculous sounds. Then as if they switched places Uncle Curt began to use his teeth and Uncle Bill did the most amazing thing with his tongue. Only now everything seemed magnified as if the pleasure only intensified the pain, and the tenderness of my abused nipple had increased the pleasure. My fingers curled into wet little fists beneath me. They seemed to be the only part I could control. Then even that was ripped away in the wake of a climax that left me gasping and shaking.

Their touches became soothing gestures, fingers running through my hair, a hand gliding over my belly. Despite the silk covering my eyes, I felt moisture dripping into my ears.

"God, Chassey, you are so beautiful. I never dreamed you would be so responsive." I don't think I have ever heard Uncle Bills voice sound so ragged. My breath hitched.

"I knew," Curt whispered into my ear, before kissing my temple.

"I never knew what it would be like to see Chassey helpless."

"What you hear in Jesse's voice, Darlin, is pure lust." Uncle Bill said gruffly. "I have often seen Jesse look upon a woman with longing, but I don't recall ever seeing lust. Now I wonder what he is planning to do with it."

"I'm going to test my own theory."

"What's his theory?" I whispered, knowing Curt was still beside me, I could feel his breath on my neck and shoulder. I wasn't really sure if I could handle any more 'theories', but felt unable to resist all the same.

"Jesse's wants to tempt and tease you until you beg (or demand) for release, thereby leaving the decision and the consequences in your hands."

I tried to stifle the groan that escaped. They have no idea, I would have begged a long time ago if I could have found a way to make my mind and voice connect!

I could feel Jesse drop down between my legs, the warmth of his shoulder brushing against my thigh. He tugged my robe out of my grasp, and slid my bottom closer to the edge of the coffee table. My legs pulled against their bonds uncomfortably. Then he reached under me and unclenched my fingers, drawing them out straight, his thumbs playing in the wetness he found there. I liked the feel of his fingers on mine.

His thumbs slipped away from my fingers and started this embarrassing little massage that pressed my lips apart making me feel so exposed. I tried to close my legs in embarrassment but they only pressed against the coffee table, the hard wood biting into my skin. Then his mouth was on me, hot and demanding. His tongue, teeth, and lips were a heady ballet of pleasure. Every dip of his tongue, every strong pull of his lips, and every nip of his teeth elicited a new and different sound from my voice until I was way beyond pleading.

"Dammit, Jesse!" My next words were already framed in my mind. I opened my mouth to make my demand, when his lips closed over my clit. Some warm pressure, a flick of the tongue, and I was over the edge. My whole body tightened and shifted in the waves that wracked my body. Even my teeth were clenched making my hoarse cries almost painful. And suddenly I was sobbing. I didn't want to be, because it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced.

I cried and shook, and they made comforting noises and soothing touches that couldn't sooth me anymore, because there wasn't a place on my body that wasn't demanding sex.

Uncle Bill's deep voice drew my attention. "Chassey, do you need to stop?"

I shook my head fiercely.

"I need to hear your voice, Darlin."

"If someone doesn't take me soon, you will all be dead by morning," I threatened.

"That's all I needed to hear." Curt said with satisfaction.

"I guess we will just have to go with Curt's theory." Jesse's hand stroked my hip.

"What's that?" I demanded, teeth clenching against the need shaking me.

"The blitz attack," Uncle Bill announced smugly. "He wanted to call it the stampede." He chuckled. "Basically just overwhelm you with pleasure until you don't care about the possibility of pain."

I was making some strange noise. In my heart I was chuckling, but it sounded more like a strangled groan to me. "Been there, done that. Twice already."

"Yes, but we had to let Jesse have his wicked way… It's so rare he takes the initiative and makes demands of his own."

Then Jesse was kissing me. I knew those lips more intimately than anyone should. Besides, the odd flavor dancing across my tongue had to be me. It was strangely intoxicating to partake of my own flavor and scent.

"Chassey, we need to know…"

"I thought you knew everything." I challenged.

"We know you have a prescription but we don't know if you have been taking it."

"Every day." I was too happy at the moment to care if they knew about the birth control, or how they even found out about it. Who knows, maybe I'll be angry in the morning, but right now Uncle Bill and Jesse were driving me crazy with those warm hands… and oh my! I was lost in the pleasure of Curt kissing that soft spot under my hip, and his teeth grazing that tendon between my thigh and, Oh My God, his erection sliding across my clit!

I don't know if it was just a reaction or blind panic, but I tried to sit up. Uncle Bill and Jesse both restrained me.

"Just relax, Darlin, we know what we are doing, just lay back and enjoy."

"She's shivering," Jesse said quietly.

"It's just reaction, she's okay."

Then I just let go, and lost myself in the pleasure and tension building inside me. By the time Curt started pressing inside me, the stretching burning sensation felt wonderful and I was trying to push myself down on him.

"Slow down, Chassey." He sounded like he was gritting his teeth. "You have to slow down."

He began to glide in and out in shallow movements that were driving me crazy. I only knew I wanted him deeper inside me. I whimpered in frustration.

The shock of teeth properly distracted me. It seemed no time before I was wondering what was pain and what was pleasure. Then I felt my hymen break, and the burning pain of Curt pushing deep inside me, and Jesse's lips capturing my loud cries. And that had to be Uncle Bills warm fingers stroking that sensitive button while Curt began to move inside me, and suddenly I knew why I had wanted him so deep. It was beautiful and amazing.

"Damn, she's tight." Curt complained.

"I don't want to hear it." Uncle Bill's voice sounded dark and threatening. "Any time you want to move aside…"

"I hope you don't mind me watching," Jesse was saying. When had he left my lips? "I can't seem to tear my eyes away."

"I know what you mean," Uncle Bill murmured.

I didn't know if I was supposed to me amused or offended as they talked about me, their words both shocked and delighted me. Then I felt fingers tracing around me and Curt's cock as if someone was too curious to hold back.

"Do you mind?"

"I don't mind at all." Jesse replied. And Curt just laughed.

Then Jesse was stroking my lips with those fingers and kissing me hungrily. And Uncle Bill's fingers were becoming more insistent on my bud until I could literally feel my toes curl. And Curt began to move more quickly. I felt the first wave of my climax clench around him, gripping him tightly in its wake. Everything stilled for a few second like the eye of a storm, then crashed through me again, starting with my voice and ending somewhere around those darned ropes relentlessly holding my legs in place.

Eventually I noticed the bandanna was missing, and in an unusually gentle gesture, Uncle Bill was kissing away my tears before claiming my lips in a soft warm caress. "Good girl, Chassey," he breathed.


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