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Uncle Bill's Way: Part 3

Short story By: PeytonBlack

Even a hot shower couldn't prepare me for what Uncle Bill was planning!

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My body was positively tingling when I took my shower that evening. I was mindful not to linger too long under the hot spray. I didn't want any misunderstandings after my warning this afternoon. Now it might come as a surprise to you all, but I'm not even sure how one goes about receiving a spanking. From the things I heard at school it sounded about as fun as waking up next to a rattlesnake.

I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and pulled my robe around me fastening the belt tight. It felt positively decadent to walk even from the bathroom to my bedroom with just the terry of my robe brushing against my skin.

The murmur of voices drew me to the end of the hall. They were all down there talking and I wanted so much to walk down those stairs. But now that I was here balanced on the top step, I could barely breathe.

That's when I heard the strain in Uncle Bill's voice. "Look, one of us has to do it and it aint gonna be me." At first I assumed one of the cows slipped the fence or something like that. I pressed my body against the wall waiting to hear the rest of the story, waiting to find out if I was going to bed while they went traipsing around outside.

"Well, Bill," that was Uncle Curt. "You're the head of the house. So Man Up!" Well that raised my eyebrows some.

"Dammit!" I put a hand over my mouth. Holy crap! Was that Uncle Bill? My Uncle Bill? "It took all of my control just to let that girl sit on my knees today. How the hell am I supposed to be gentle while taking her virginity?!"

That must be the moment my heart stopped. It didn't race, it didn't flutter, it just stopped. I could feel the blood drain from my head and settle in my ankles like that stupid game with the sticks and marbles; and I just lost. Black dots swam in front of my eyes like a swarm of pesky flies reminding me to breath.

"Look," Uncle Bill's voice turned soft like and I just smiled, because it's the tone he uses to get me to do all kinds of things. Mostly things I won't like. "I think that Jesse-"

"No way." Jesse said, quietly. I was kind of surprised. For the most part none of us argue with Uncle Bill about anything, but Jesse seldom disagrees with anyone. By some crazy notion I wanted to step in between Jesse and what was going to be a big fight. But then I heard Uncle Bill sigh.

Well I was happy that Uncle Bill didn't seem to be mad but I didn't stay happy long because they were discussing my virginity, and for some reason none of them seemed particularly inclined to relieve me of it; which makes a kind of sense, since they had spent so many years making certain that it remained intact. I covered my mouth to hold back the snicker trying to escape.

Now I may not have been lying, but I wasn't completely honest either when I suggested I hadn't been interested in any of the boys in school. See, there was a spell when I turned sixteen where I got all rebellious like and started a campaign to loose said virginity.

I don't know where the notion came from, maybe it was sex education, maybe it was my birthday where I turned sweet sixteen and hadn't been kissed… Whatever the reason, I had decided to find someone in school courageous enough to brave the uncles. That shouldn't have been hard to do, right?

Well, I'm not sure what I was hoping for, I would have settled for someone copping a feel. What I hadn't figured on was my uncles' popularity and influence in, not only my own county, but in the neighboring counties as well apparently.

That night Katie and I had gone to one of the local dances, and I had only one thing in mind. I was going to find me the hottest male body and lure him off to the side. And hopefully he would figure out the rest. Yeah right.

Tony Coots was there looking more handsome than ever in his Stetson and Levis. And if there was ever a man I wanted to lasso me… I still feel flutters in my tummy just thinking about the way he looked that night. Everything was going along just fine, and then Mr. Finian taps on his shoulder and whispers a few words in his ear and suddenly there was enough space between us a cat could have sauntered through. And that was the way of it all evening.

We never lacked for partners Katie and I. I returned home exhausted as heck and disappointed besides. When Uncle Bill asked me how my evening had been, I was as hissy as a cat in a puddle of mud.

I peek around the corner and see Uncle Bill holding up his hand. "Just hear me out. Now I know that taking the lead ain't your cup of tea, but Chassey is comfortable with you. You're the closest to her age. And you will be gentle."

"You don't understand me if you think that's what I am all about." Jesse sounded hurt for some reason I couldn't understand. Jesse had a perpetual need to please, but I never once thought of him as any less of a man then the other uncles. I thought about marching right down there grabbing his hand and dragging him off to my room.

Right away I saw the problem Jesse must be thinking of because after that I had very little notion of what to do. Don't get me wrong, I know what goes where and all that, but I could see it turning into an awkward evening full of more laughs than I would want for my first time…

"Besides," Jesse continued quietly. "Chassey doesn't need comfort right now, she needs someone who can take command and-"

"I can't," Uncle Bill hissed vehemently dragging his hand through his hair in agitation. I was shocked by the raw emotion I saw on his face. "Inside, I feel every bit of passion that girl is capable of and I want to drag every ounce of it out of her. Do you hear what I am saying? I am incapable of being gentle right now." His breathing was ragged, and I felt a shudder of fear. "This afternoon, in the barn," he said through clenched teeth. "Just seeing her face when you were lapping at her pussy," he stopped and swallowed. He reminded me of bull with a rider on his back, muscles coiling and shifting just waiting for the gate. That was when Uncle Curt looked away from him and straight at me. It was a very serious face. He didn't look surprised to see me there and he didn't tell the others either.

"All I wanted, all I could see, was me standing over Jesse with his face buried, Curt's hands and Chasseys breasts between my thighs as I pressed my cock between those soft pink lips, knowing all the while she was so overwhelmed she couldn't resist. I wanted to feel the drag of her tongue and the tightness of her throat. I wanted to hear her helpless moans of pleasure wrap around me as you both drove her insane."

I made a sound half moan and half squeak. Uncle Bill's words filled me with all kinds of reactions, but fear must have been the foremost, because I was running down the hall and into my bedroom as quick as you please. I even locked the door before jumping on my bed. I sat there wide eyed listening to them come down the hall way. What had I been thinking? These were full grown men with… manly needs. And I felt like a tiny kitty swatting at the big dog's nose. It didn't matter that the dog was on a leash.

Two firm knocks, then someone tried the handle.

"Chassey, unlock the door, Baby Doll." Uncle Curt said.

"Go away." I wish my voice had sounded as firm as I wanted it to. "I'm going to sleep."

"Chassey, please let us in." Uncle Jesse's voice had me scooting off the bed in no time.

"Chassey, open the damn door. I'm coming in and if I have to break this door down it is coming out of your hide." You can guess where that threat came from.

No sooner had I turned the lock then the door flew open banging into the wall. "If you break something it's your own danged fault." I grumbled as I climbed onto the bed and curled up next to the wall.

It took all of three seconds for me to see my mistake. I should have known they would follow me and want to talk. And this conversation would have been so much more comfortable in the living room rather than in my tiny little bedroom which was about to overflow with masculine hormones. How they managed to make me feel all grown up and still ten years old I have no idea.

They spread out like men about to do battle but looking casual like. Uncle Curt's arms were folded across his chest and he was leaning against the wall and blocking the door. He looked strange for Curt. Sort of purposeful but amused. I was very intimidated.

Jesse was half leaning half sitting against the window with his weight on his hands. He looked very open and reassuring. He seemed the only safe place in the room to rest my eyes.

I waited breathlessly for something to happen to break the tension. Uncle Bill stopped pacing. "Chassey, look at me." Oh lord, that gravelly voice did awful things to me. "Chassey," it was that pleading note that made me look up at him. I was used to him making demands.

"How much did you hear?"

I looked away. "Long enough to think nobody wanted me… until you started to speak." God only knows why I said it.

The room came alive with chuckles, groans, and heavy breathing. Everybody started shifting. They were making room in their jeans and I was trying to cover more than I had covering for.

"What's that your wearing, Baby Doll?" Uncle Curt asked.

I looked down frowning. "My robe," I said somewhat confused.

"And what are you wearing underneath?" Jesse asked from across the room, his eyes half closed. Was that the 'hooded gaze' I read about in stories? It had to be, because it sent little flames of heat dancing through me.

"Nothing." I whispered. Not that I was trying to be provocative or anything, it's just all that would come out.

"And where were you going, Darlin'?"

"Downstairs," I managed to muster up a bit more strength.

"And where were you going to sit, Sugar?" I couldn't help but smile back at Jesse.

"On the coffee table in the middle of the room," I said, managing a little teasing lilt to my voice.

Jesse groaned. "Oh Sugar, then why are we up here?"

"Because I got scared," I admitted.

"You know what they say," Uncle Curt said pointedly. "If you don't like what you hear, stop listening."

"I liked it," I said quietly. "That's why I was scared."

I'd like to say you could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed, but I couldn't hear a thing past all the ragged breathing. Most of it mine. Maybe I wanted to shock them a little. Maybe I was still shocked from the revelation of it myself, but heaven help me, when Uncle Bill described his little scenario it liked to make my toenails curl I was so tight inside.

It wasn't so much what he said but that he said it with so much hunger. I've never much thought of taking a man in my mouth, even when Katie mentioned it a time or two. I mean I knew that some of the girls had done it, mostly when they didn't want to go all the way, so I just thought of it as a sort of alternative, and a lesser one at that. It was something you did if you didn't have another choice.

That's not the way Uncle Bill made it sound...

Now that I think about it, it did seem a terribly personal thing to me. I mean a woman's body was designed to receive a man inside right? But the mouth, my mouth… Why I spend three times a day dedicated to keeping it clean. It's where my thoughts are conveyed by words. It is the gate by which I receive nourishment for my body. It is the only place in my body that can taste and smell, and feel all at the same time. Yes, to hold a man there seemed a terribly intimate thing.

"You can hide from a lot of things, Darlin', but you can't hide from yourself."

I don't know what done it, but that awful something inside of me got angry. "I wasn't trying to hide till you chased me. I probably would have snuck back out there by now just out of curiosity. But you have to follow me and strip me of my dignity. Always pressing until you make me confess to you whatever I want to conceal, always making me feel naked and empty. Just like your stupid new rules!"

"Making me present myself to you as some sort of gift. Come downstairs naked under my robe. Sit in the center of the room like a display. Confess openly before all of you that I need to be touched so bad that I am willing to beg for it. To offer myself up as some sort of offering in hopes that at least one of you might want me enough to take me?" Dammit! I hated that I was crying and shaking so bad that my legs wouldn't hold me.

Jesse bent clear over as if he was in pain or something and Uncle Curt surprised me with his growling; a raw angry sound passing through clenched teeth. "We are men, Chassey, not saints. Just hearing you in the shower is enough to make us want you. Having a set ritual is the only thing that holds us in check."

"The robe, the walk, the sitting on the coffee table," Jesse said quietly from across the room. "Those are not meant to humiliate you but to protect you. It's not about making you confess some sort of weakness. It's about letting us know you are open to our advances…"

Jesse crossed the room and sat on my bed. His weight pulled me closer to him so we were face to face. He reached out and cradled my face with one hand. "Each one of us knows how to hold you…" he dragged his finger along the edges of my robe, his eyes caressing my skin as if he could see what lie beneath. "Knows how to touch you so you want more…" Oh, God, I wanted more! "Knows how to kiss you breathless…" And heavens he did! His soft hot lips caressed mine until they parted in a moan his tongue thoroughly exploring my mouth until I melted against him.

He gently held me away from him, probably waiting for the glazed look to leave my eyes.

Suddenly, I felt all kinds of a fool. I was so embarrassed. I looked down at my hands.

Jesse tilted my chin so I was looking at him. "So for our own peace of mind. Just so we don't feel like we are taking advantage of you, could you please…" He leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "Just. Follow. The rules?"

"Yes." I said very quietly. And just like that he was across the room.

"Well, Darlin', what's it gonna be?"


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