Uncle Bill's Way: Part 2

By: PeytonBlack

Page 1, After a breakfast like that I needed a quiet place, but the loft was a lot more crowded then I remembered.

Now there isn’t a thing about mucking stalls that’s even remotely sexy, so I would be hard pressed to explain why I was feeling so horny.  But every time I moved my arms, my shirt would drag across the lace of my bra and send tiny little vibrations straight to my belly.  My blue jeans felt too tight and the seam below my zipper blazed an agonizing trail right over my most sensitive area. 

By the time I finished my chores and got cleaned up I was almost in tears.  I just hoped those uncles would stay away long enough for me to find a bit of relief.

I climbed up into the loft, trying not to look suspicious.   I didn’t see anyone but that never stopped them from knowing where to find me.

I stood beside the big window, peeking out into the distance.  There was no one in sight.  I ran my fingers along the neck line of my shirt, leaned my head against the rough wood framing of the window, and let my imagination start to wander.

My fingers slipped open button after button till I could reach the clasp of my bra…

In my mind I could see the dark sun kissed hands cupping my breasts, could smell the scent of salty skin caressing mine. I wanted to feel the brush of work roughened hands skim cross my nipples but my imagination just wasn’t that good.

Mindful not to be seen from the window, I brazenly bared my breasts, slipping them out of the confines of my half open shirt.  This wanton act outside of my room and in the day light made me moan slightly.

I heard a noise behind me and when I would have turned around hands held me steady facing the wall. 

“Why don’t you let me help you with that, Baby Doll?”  It was Uncle Curt’s voice and heaven help me everything inside me went all tight and my breath was hard to find.  A small frightened sound escaped of its own accord.

“Just lean your head back on my shoulder and close your eyes.  There’s nothing to be afraid of, just a gentle caress.” His soft voice in my ear and his breath on my neck both relaxed me and excited me at the same time.

I felt like I was melting against his hard body, my head against his shoulder. He slid my shirt and bra off my shoulders pinning my arms to my side while his hands grazed my breasts; just skirting around the edges in a soft caress.  I must have groaned some cause he was saying “We’ll get there, Baby Doll.  We’re just getting to know one another that’s all.”

Lord almighty, I don’t know which was driving me more crazy, the skittish way he was getting to know me or the soft sexy drawl I’ve heard him use on ornery cattle.

“Dang Curt, if that’s the way you talk to the girls, it’s no wonder you never get laid.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard Jesse’s voice.  I don’t know why I didn’t expect him there.  I was suddenly so hot I thought I was standing in a furnace.

I felt Curt’s hand tighten against my tummy as if he expected me to cut and run.

“Curt, touch me please, before I die.”  Then his hands were skimming over my nipples, bringing them to hard peaks and still I needed more.  All my muscles coiled and shifted till my back arched painfully and I was pressing my breasts into his hot rough hands. Absently I noticed tears making a trail down my cheeks in response to the raw emotion I was feeling.

Uncle Curt was slowly turning us around one tiny step at a time almost like we were dancing.  I could feel his hardness brush against my backside with each tiny move.  It made me want to climb right out of my clothes.  That’s about when I noticed my shirt was gone, I hadn’t even notice it disappear.

“Oh Sugar,” Jesse’s voice was a lot closer than I expected it to be.  “You have got to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Your face is all flushed pink, lips open and panting.  Then you get this pretty little frown just when you think you can’t take any more.”

That had to be right now because Curt’s fingers were rolling and twisting my nipples into such uncontrollable pleasure I was half moaning, half sobbing with need.  “Please, Uncle Curt, please.” I wailed helplessly.

“Please what, Baby?”  He whispered in my ear.  “Tell me what you need.”

“I don’t know!” I wailed.

“Don’t you?”  I could hear the grin in his voice.  “Well, Baby Doll, if you can’t tell me maybe you should just show me.”

Without hardly any thought at all I covered his warm hand and guided it over my tummy into the waist of my jeans.  Only he couldn’t do the things I wanted him to do so I popped the button quick as a wink and downed the zipper.  I slipped my thumbs in the back of my pants and pushed my bottom out so I could slip out of my jeans.  I was surprised when Uncle Curt grabbed my hips ground his erection against my backside.  The rough denim scratching across my skin.

The sound of his lustful groan… I’ve heard Jesse say he likes a vocal woman and suddenly I understood why.  The sound of the groan traveled right down to my toes and made them curl: Oh! I wanted more.

“Off! Take them off, Chassey Girl.”  Uncle Bill’s raspy voice sure did the trick.  I was scootin out of my britches so fast…

As long as I recall, Uncle Bill’s word was law and there was something powerful about his command that made me come undone.

I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I know, I was sitting on Curt’s lap naked as the day I was born.

“Open your legs, Chassey,” Bill commanded.

I felt so vulnerable and exposed as I slowly opened my legs before them.

With a slide of his hands, Curt opened them wider, tucking them on either side of his legs. Then his hands moved slowly up the inside of my thighs until my fingers were digging into his jeans.

“Let Jesse do that.” Bill commanded.

Jesse dropped down before me caressing my thighs.

“Chassey Girl, you look so lovely all laid out like that.  Your breasts look so lonely though.”

Curt’s hands started doing that magical thing that made me feel like I was coming undone.

“Ah sugar, you’re so sweet and beautiful.  I need to taste you.  Let me taste you.”

“You have to tell Jesse what to do.” Bill instructed.

“Taste me, Jesse.”  I moaned.  “Please, Jesse, taste me!” I never imagined myself speaking such words.  The very sound of them falling from my lips made me feel vulnerable and brazen at the same time.  It was like something snapped in Jesse because he was doing some amazing things with his mouth, nuzzling and licking, sucking and nibbling until I came with a helpless cry.

I always assumed that once a girl had that mysterious all powerful orgasm, her body would go quiet.  But though I did feel somewhat sated, I also felt so very alive and so very embarrassed.

Curt continued to pet and stroke me until my body began to settle.  Then he gently settled me onto Uncle Bills lap.

He moved to dust off his jeans and my horrified gaze fell on a giant wet spot.

“Dang, girl. That’s some powerful need you have there.” And he was grinning at me in that ‘I can’t believe you did it’ way. And I smiled back shyly.

“So, Chassey, once again you tried to hide from your uncles.  What kind of uncles are we if we don’t see to your needs?”

I didn’t hear any humor in his voice so I peeked up at his solemn gaze.

“We have always seen to your needs, haven’t we?”

“Yes,” I said quietly.

“So why do you hide now?”

“Are you kidding?”  My eyes were huge.  “You’re my uncles and it’s shameful that no other man stirs me as you do.”  I ducked my head.

“Yes and no.  Though we are technically your uncles; and we are definitely your family; we are also your keepers, and as such, responsible for your needs as well as your well-being.  And yet you hide from us.”

“Having a period is embarrassing.  Growing breasts is irritating.  Hormones are inconvenient, but lust?  It feels shameful.  You are all so big and beautiful.  So strong and…”

“And?”  He prompted with a little shake.

“Masterful.”  I whispered.

Jesse chuckled behind me.

“I guess you could say that,” Curt murmured.

Well, Chassey, let me tell you what we will do.  Whenever you have this kind of need you will wait until after dinner.  After we have all showered and we are gathered in the family room, you will come down in nothing but your robe and sit on the coffee table in the middle of the room.”

Darned if his words weren’t sending lightning sizzling through my veins, and my breath hitched.

“Do you think you can live with that?”

“Yes.”  I said weakly.

“Good.  Unfortunately there is a catch,” he warned.

“What’s the catch?”

“If any of us catch you so much as touching yourself except to clean yourself in the shower, I will paddle you first then punish you how I see fit.  Do you understand me?”

“But why?”  I couldn’t even remember a time when I had been spanked.

“If it is our duty to see to your needs then you will let us see to them.” His voice was firm. “Do you agree to that?”


“All righty then, there will be no leniency when you break the rules.  And when you are punished no begging or tears will make a hills beans bit of difference.  This is your fair warning.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

“Good, see you tonight.”  He stood up, setting me on my feet.  “Now let’s see you get dressed.”

There was something seriously wrong with me because the three of them standing witness to me dressing was driving me mad, and I knew without a doubt, I would be wearing nothing but my robe tonight.

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