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Uncle Bill's Way: Part 1

Short story By: PeytonBlack

Those uncles of mine are becoming quite a distraction. What's a girl to do?

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Uncle Bill is my uncle sure enough; brother to my mother's second husband. And when they left the country I stayed behind.

Now when I say 'left the country' I wouldn't want to give you the wrong impression, I only meant they headed for the city. Well the city excited me like any other girl, bright lights, fast pace, and lots of places to shop. So you might wonder why I chose to live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere instead of trotting off after all that excitement. I guess this is where I have to confess that I was in love; and it wasn't with my cousins because I don't have any. No, I was in love with my uncles, all three of them.

Growing through my teen years on the ranch with three well chiseled male bodies was enough to throw this girl for quite a loop. I don't remember any boys around that held my attention for longer than three minutes. But I could, well did, watch my uncles for hours on end.

I listened to them talk on every subject under the sun, even women. Granted they probably didn't know I was even there when they were talking; about the women I mean.

I learned more about sex from my uncles than the whole cheerleading squad on homecoming night. I guess it should only stand to reason that these men became the subject of all my fantasies. So I suppose you could understand where there just wasn't enough privacy in the world to do the fantasizin' I wanted to do. And when my hormones went into overdrive I was just flat out ornery with my need for privacy.

Oh they noticed all right. They noticed that I spent a lot of time by myself. Until one of them had to go and accuse me of being in a sulk. Well, trust me, I've had very little reason to sulk over the years so I took offense as you may imagine. So with all the effort it took to convince them that I wasn't sulking, I had even less time to myself. As far as distractions go it worked for a time.

Until one night I was lying in bed just sobbing from need and nowhere in 30,000 acres private enough to practice any of the things that I learned in school. I could hear the uncles pacing in the hallway like expectant fathers or something, so out of shame I quieted down to just sniffles. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself.

I remember the girls from school saying how great it would be to be in my shoes and how spoiled I must be, and I was, sort of. I was the only girl on a ranch with three of the hottest men around these parts. But I had to pay the price to stand around and watch the big boys play.

At first it was all about fetching and carrying. Later it meant roping and riding, and helping with the bales. Now that I'm older I have to say I've done things a girl ought not to ever do, just for the joy of hanging out with the men. I'm not complaining though, well at least I haven't been.

But times like these, with all that testosterone floating around and NONE of it focused on me… Okay, so maybe I was in a sulk.

Suddenly I was feeling all rebellious like and thought 'well a girl has got needs to.' And unlike them I couldn't go off carousing at the local honky-tonk. Even if I was of a mind to at least one of them would have dragged my sorry butt home and tanned my hide but good. Now that I thought of it, that wasn't a bad idea… Maybe it was time my uncles knew what it meant to be living with a woman and not just another ranch hand.

No kidding, as soon as my hand reached down between my legs the door flew open and light from the hall came pouring in.

"Chassey, you okay in there, Doll?"

Well I was until he caught me in the act of seeking my own pleasure! 'Of all the darned luck!' It probably would have been all right if I hadn't gasped and jerked my hand away like a little schoolgirl with her hand in the cookie jar. "Ungh!" was my only reply. I was still in the process of deciding whether to throw the pillow or bury my face in it.

"Oh! Sorry." Well, let me tell you, I almost laughed out loud with the quickest retreat Uncle Curt ever made. Him being the bull rider in the family that was saying something.

"Well, how is she?"

"Did she say what was wrong?"

I heard their voices disappearing down the hallway on what had to be the most interesting conversation this house has seen in likely fifteen years. So of course I had to scoot out of bed and sneak down the hall to my usual eavesdropping position. That is, back to the wall at the top of the stairs. If I was of a mind to, I could peek around the corner and see all three of them sitting in the living room.

"I just don't know what's wrong with her." That was Uncle Bill, the oldest.

"Maybe she's homesick and needs to see her ma." Jesse suggested.

Curt nearly spit out half the beer he just drank. "Sorry." He choked out. "You all couldn't be so wrong."

The way he chuckled sent shivers down my spine.

Uncle Bill sighed like he knew he was stepping into something unpleasant. "Okay know-it-all, what do you think?" He took the bait but he didn't sound happy about it.

"That there is one heck of a woman with some powerful needs and ain't none of them being met."

"What are you talking about Curt, that girl's gotten every darned thing she's ever asked for in her life." I liked the way Jesse said it like it was a fact and not like I was a spoiled little girl. In fact, I was spoiled, just not in the little princess sort of way. Sure I've gotten everything I've ever asked for, I just asked for way different things than most girls. Like that bull whip at the fair a couple years back. It was a thing of beauty, and I wanted it like nothing other.

All Uncle Bill had said was "If I buy it you better learn how to use it." And God knows I learned how to use it. He probably knows how I've used it in my fantasies also… makes me hesitate to pray.

"It's true, if she needs something all she has to do is ask."

"Remember when she was thirteen and had special needs? As I recall she wasn't about to do no askin' then." I heard murmurs of agreement as everyone remembered the day my first period came, and Jesse caught me ripping up my softest flannel shirt it was red so I just thought no one would notice…

"Yeah, and remember how Curt sprained his ankle when she was fifteen and we couldn't find the ace bandages and when we asked Chassey where they were she turned all red like?" Yeah I remember quite well, I felt my face heating up just thinking about it.

Ah, just the sound of the soft male laughter floating up to my ears made my panties wet.

"I'm still not certain what she thought she'd accomplish by wrapping her chest so tight."

Of course I was hoping if I didn't look like a girl they wouldn't treat me like one: Silly me.

"As best I can tell we've passed all the major hurdles in her feminine life."

"Not all."

"Well, damn it all, we can't do everything for her. I draw the line at finding her a man." It was a sign of stress that Uncle Bill swore like that. He kind of got in the habit of clean speaking the day I moved in.

"Don't you think she's a right beautiful little lady?" Curt asked and I admit to a bit of preening when they all agreed.

"And she has a mind of her own?"

"Heck yeah." That was Jesse and right then I wanted to hug him real tight.

"And she knows how to dress up real nice. Remember Senior Prom?"

The very assertive way they agreed turned my breathing a little funny.

"Yeah yeah, what's your point?" It sounded like poor Uncle Bill was gritting his teeth.

"Just sayin'. Girl's pretty, knows her mind, and cleans up real nice. Do you really think the homecoming queen needs help finding a man?"

Uncle Bill sounded about as frustrated as I've ever heard him. "And you are suggesting that she hasn't found one because…"

"She' isn't looking." Jesse said with a sudden burst of insight.

"Because we have always seen to her needs." Curt's voice was so soft I almost didn't hear him. My heart started thundering in my chest so hard it sounded like a tornado was tearing through my head.

"Well, we'll just have to see what we can do about that." Uncle Bill declared.

I must have groaned a bit too loud because they all turned my way. I was never so happy to have a wall to my back as I was at that moment. I heard them getting to their feet and stood up myself.

"We'll talk about it more in the morning."

Quick as a cat I was down the hall and in my bed.

Years of experience told me they would check on me and I had to get my breathing under control. I held my breath for a few seconds then let it out slowly. But my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest.

The door opened slowly. "Chassey, you all right?" Uncle Bill slipped into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. He ran a hand over my hair. "She's sweating. Do you think she is ill?" I could hear the concern in his voice and felt guilty. Not guilty enough to say anything.

"Maybe you were wrong, Curt. Maybe she was just sick after all." Jesse said.

"I don't think so."

Uncle Bill stood up. "Let's sleep on it." Then he bent over and brushed a kiss on my forehead. "Goodnight, Chassey Girl."

Jesse leaned over. "Feel better, Sugar." And he kissed me on the cheek.

Curt hovered next to my ear. "I know your faking it little girl. I know you were listening. Sleep well." He brushed a kiss across my lips soft as butterfly wings. Then I was alone.

I tossed and turned all night playing their conversation over and over in my mind. Every once in a while my Uncles would come to some sort agreement during a conversation that went beyond my understanding. And try as hard as I might, I couldn't figure out what that conclusion had been.

I woke the next morning to an exasperated Uncle Bill pounding on the door. "Chassey Girl, what's wrong with you?" he opened the door wide exposing a drenched shirt and hands on hips. "We've been up since never mind bustin' our butts, came inside for breakfast and find you in bed. Are you still sick?"

"Not sick, just tired," I said sleepily. "I didn't sleep well last night."

"None of us slept well, Darling." He turned his back and stalked off.

Well I just stared. Well that got my attention, and let me tell you, I was willing to do all manner of penance; unfortunately the only course of action available was fixin' breakfast. I was half way to the kitchen before I realized I forgot my robe.

I stopped half a second before I continued on my way. I've seen my three uncles in all manner of undress for years. If they didn't like my silky little shirt and shorts they could suck it up.

I stumbled into the kitchen, my eyes only half open, but I could hear the shocked silence loud and clear. It was Curt that spoke first.

"Grab the biscuits, Baby Doll. I've got the gravy."

I opened the oven and started to reach for the pan.

"Dammit, Chassey, go sit down." Uncle Bill said gruffly.

"What?" I demanded.

"Just sit down before you hurt yourself." Warm firm hands led me away. I was still frowning as I took my seat. As soon as the biscuits hit the table I reached for one. Imagine my surprise when Uncle Bill slapped my hand. I jerked it back and stared at him wide eyed.

"They're hot." He placed two biscuits on my plate and split them. "Do you want gravy on both?"

I was still staring wide eyed, how could I not. I couldn't remember the last time I had been slapped. I just nodded, who cared what it meant.

He chuckled.

I stared at my hand sitting in my lap. That was when I noticed my nipples were hard little peaks jutting against the silk of my night shirt. I made an effort to cover up.

"Don't hide them now, Darlin'. They're just wakin' up." Uncle Bill murmured.

I dropped my hands back into my lap and stared at my plate. I was feeling all kinds of embarrassment, but I was hotter than those biscuits that's for sure. After what felt like forever, I could feel myself start to relax.

Uncle Curt spoke up beside me. "What's the matter, Chassey? Aren't you hungry, Baby Girl?" His voice, so full of suggestion, tightened my nipples and made my belly clench tight, and left me panting besides.

Jesse groaned from across the table drawing my eyes quick as you please. His head was bent and his eyes were closed like he was praying or something…

"Well now, Darlin'," Uncle Bill said, "You've just made breakfast my favorite time of day."


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