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The Rain and My Old Lady

Short story By: Petersgirl

He meets a woman that captivated him and she was on his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Taking her for a ride on his bike then for a ride on his cock.

Submitted:Aug 18, 2013    Reads: 1,172    Comments: 9    Likes: 12   

Flying down the highway with nowhere to go but where I land. I ended up back at the same place I had started today, where I had met my Bella. No reason other than my bike took me here. It looks like my bike knows its shit too cause she was walking to her car and the place was already closed when I pulled up.

When I parked and got off my bike I noticed three guys walking behind her. Since it was dark outside they were following her at a safe distance so I know they are up to no fucken good.

"Hey". I said it loud enough that not only did they hear me but she did too. When she turned around she was startled by them you could tell.

Being a Son always guarantees that some asshole has to prove how tough he is by thinking he can whip your ass. Looks like tonight is no fucken different than its always been.

"This doesn't concern you biker boy. In case you haven't noticed there is three of us and only one of you so take your trailer white trash ass and leave. Before we decide to fuck you up." Why they always have to go to calling us white trash I don't fucken know.

I was amused by them until the one of them touched her. I wouldn't let that happen to a woman that I didn't know, let alone to the one that has been on my mind all day. Fucken more trashy women than I can keep track of or never remember their name is one thing. It's our way of life, pussy comes and pussy goes. But forcing myself on them would never happen. I gave them a fair warning and they laughed at me. So I had to be the outlaw that I am.

Pulling my gun and putting a bullet in the assholes leg damn close to his balls. That got their attention. The others were no longer laughing but pissing on themselves. This was my side that I'm in control of, staring a man in the face and watching him die.

Pointing the gun to the ones dick that had a hold of her arm "Wanna be next?" He let go of her and was backing away. He is smarter than he looks.

It was time for me to introduce myself and let them know the shit storm that would come if they fucked with me "They call me the Killer."

I pulled up my shirt and let them see all my yellow happy face tatts for effect "I've got forty six of these on my body. I get a new one for every man I kill. Unless you want me to get three more take the piece of shit laying on the ground and fucken don't come back. If you call the cops on me, I will hunt you down. Then I'll kill everything within miles that you love, like or talk to." That part wasn't for effect. It's just how I am.

My Doll was shaking and it wasn't cold outside. I wasn't sure how to calm her down or if she would even let me near her cause of what she just saw me do. It takes a special breed of woman to love a man like we all are. After seeing that side of me let's face it why would she come near me? "Um…could you maybe follow me home? I'm kind of scared and I don't want to go home to an empty house alone tonight."

That answered one of my questions. She lives alone. She was making me have others, why isn't she scared to death of me?

I was careful not to get too close to her or make her feel threatened by me "Do you wanna go for a ride with me? Is there someone that will be looking for you? It's probably not a good time tonight huh? I'll just follow you home to make sure your safe and then I'll take off." Maybe this is why I was supposed to come here. Not to get close to her but to protect her.

When I looked into those eyes of hers my walls were coming down around me "No I don't have anybody. I just moved here a few months ago and my neighbor is really my only friend. I have never ridden on a motorcycle before but, I've always wanted too. Can we make it a short ride then you can follow me home?"

I held out my hand and she took it "Darlin we can make it anything you want to."

I only have one helmet and I gave it to her. I could tell she had never rode before "Hold on to me and don't let go."

It felt so damn good to have her warm body pressed into mine. It's the Killers rule never allow a woman to stay around long enough to get use to riding with me. Hearing the excitement come from her about the ride reminded me of what I've lost over the years. It's like my second nature and I could do it in my sleep if I had to.

When I saw the lighting and heard thunder I turned the bike around to head back to her car. Small drops of rain were starting to come down and they feel like tiny needles hitting your skin making it sting at seventy miles an hour. Finding the first dirt road I could, I need to find us some shelter until the rain stopped. There was a field with a group of big trees. I know that's not a lot. But it will keep most of the rain off of us.

Parking under the trees I was holding on to her. Her white shirt was already soaked and I couldn't help but to look. She smiled to sweetly that it took me off guard. The women I normally go for are a lot of things but sweet isn't high up on the list. I pushed it a little when I kissed her and she kissed me back. She was different and I needed to be somewhat gentle with her.

It wasn't the normal either. What the fuck is this woman doing to me? Maybe she does need to know and see the real me. The man that will send her running far away from me and not want to come back. I went to my saddle bags and took out two bandannas and tied them together "Do you trust me Doll?" She smiled and nodded her head yes.

We'll see about that shit in a minute. I started wrapping them around her wrist "Still trust me?" When she said yes again, I'm figuring she's just fucken with my head now. It was time to show this little girl why I am like I am. For her sake, she needs to run.

After tying her wrist up to the lowest branch I could find, she was on her tip toes and could barely reach the ground. Going to my knees and wrapping her legs over my shoulders was the first place I went. Shoving my face into that beautiful pussy was like having heaven on my tongue. Feeling her squirming around and moaning louder with each stroke of the tongue that I made. Her body twisting from the tree in the lightening was like I was being given my own show from a sex goddess.

Saying she was wet wasn't even begin to describe it. But when I stopped what she did surprised me. Tightening the vise grip she has around my neck with her legs "Please don't stop. I am so close to cumming again. Make me cum baby. Nobody has ever been able to do that right to me before."

Spurring me on it was and making my cock throb more to make this woman beg me for everything I did to her. I licked, sucked and fingered her clit until she was screaming things that I couldn't even understand. Some of it was the thunder and some was my own head shouting things from inside me.

With the rain drops coming down and falling through the trees hitting our bodies soothing them from where the stings of flying down the road were. I ran my hands over her. With the warm heat and the way her body responded to mine was making us both hotter than the warm sun could ever make us in the dark. The rain was helping cool us down and felt so damn good in the spots it hit. Her hair was wet and the silky feel of it felt good in my callused hands. She was rubbing her ass into my hard cock while I kept running my fingers through those silky locks of hers.

Every part of me said to fuck the shit out of her but I didn't. This was where I needed her to tell me how much she wanted it and beg me to. I stepped back where she could no longer feel my body "Tell me what you want me to do to you. I need to know that you want to feel my cock inside you." It's dominance control but with her I needed to maintain some sort of it in myself.

Letting out hard short breaths as she spoke "I want to feel your cock in my ass. Take me and do what you want to."

She took away my control without even knowing she did. Most women think anal sex is nasty but she was wanted it and begged for it. She was willing to give it to me without my asking. Now I was the one that would have begged if I had to, to have her. But I didn't have to she wanted it as much as I do.

Holding on to her hips my cock was inside her wet pussy and it felt like she had started a fire down below. A slow burning fire that only she could put out. Smacking her wet ass was making my own hand sting and the shouts of ecstasy coming from her was felt all over my body. She wasn't with me cause of the leather on my back. Not the random crow eaters that hung out in hopes of saying I had one of the Sons in my bed. She was with me cause she wanted me, the real me.

Fucking her pussy and rubbing her ass to make the stinging stop I had to finish in her ass. She threw her head back against mine when I pushed about half way into her "Fuck your cock is tearing me in half." I was going where no man had gone before with her. She was where I never let a woman go either. I wasn't going to last much longer and trying not to rip her apart. I thrusted harder until I went to the point of no return. My final thrust shot my cum in her ass. I stood holding her to me until I was limp.

When I cut her down from the branch she didn't say much other than "What's your name?"

I told her Happy but she wanted to know my real one. No woman has ever asked that before but I told her "David." I haven't been known as that for years. The only one that still calls me that is my mom. Hearing it fall from Dolls lips made me have a strange feeling, something I've never felt before.

We made love on the ground slow and steady just like the rain fall. Feeling nothing but each other and cold wet grass touching our bodies. Laying together and talking after is something new for me. I kick their ass to the curb as soon as I'm done with them.

The air was shifting and another storm was coming. More than the one in my heart. My saddle bags had a couple of sweat shirts that were dry. I gave her one and we took off. We never made it back to her car. Hell we never made it back to the town she lives in. Today Annabella became Doll, my old lady.

A sample of the smutty goodness of my story; Hot Harleys and Cool Vampires.


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