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A Ride With Her Harley Man

Short story By: Petersgirl

Needing to get his head clear. He wakes his old lady up to go for a ride with him that she won't forget.

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The ride back to the reservation I used the time to clear my head. Taking my time, in no real hurry to get anywhere. I always turn to the road when I need to think or gain back my sanity.

Finding Bella curled up on the floor with all of the kids. I snuggled up behind her "Hey wake up. Go for a ride with me."

She rolled over still half asleep "What about the kids?"

Happy was asleep on the couch and Koz was asleep in the recliner "They'll be fine."

With Happy and Koz watching over the kids I would pity the fucker that messed with them.

She was getting dressed and I stopped her "Your dressed perfect for this ride. Just put your hair up."

In a tank top and shorts she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth then tied up her hair.

After we rode a couple of miles from the reservation I pulled over to the side of the road and took my shirt off. Bella was hesitant to ride without a shirt on "Seriously is this the same girl that molested me on the side of the road in the daylight? We're riding on the back roads and I'll go slow. "

I lifted her tank over her head and knew I better get back on the bike or it would turn into another roadside show.

This was the best ride and sexiest I've ever had. With her arms around me and feeling skin on skin it was a rushing sensation going down the road. Her breasts were pressed up against my back and the vibration from the bike felt so good on my already hard cock. I reached around with one hand moved her shorts over and stuck my fingers into her wet pussy.

I thought Bella was gonna have a heart attack "Jaxs keep your hands on the bike. We'll have a wreck."

Moving my fingers in and out of her a little faster "Relax babe and enjoy the ride. I've got this." I wasn't going over twenty five but fucken while on a slow ride was a thrill no less. When she relaxed and got into; it made cum start oozing from my cock. Hearing the roar of the engine and Bellas moans was making me want more and need it now.

Pulling over again only this time I wanna feel the ride and her too at the same time. I unzipped my pants and helped her straddle me on the seat.

"Lay back and hold on to the handle bars." I tucked my shirt under her to cover the gas tank to protect her back.

I could only make small movements inside her while going down the road but the engine was making it feel like a giant viberator for the both of us. Our juices were mixed together running from the seat and were making a sizzling sound when hitting the hot parts on the bike.

Bella was trying to sit up and I wasn't stopping till we both had all we could take. She managed to sit up on me and feeling her bouncing on my cock I had to either cum or pull over. So I did both. I could barely hold the bike up with the hard way she rocking the bike and my world at the same time.

When my feet hit the ground I pounded her till she came and I was soft. I held her to me as tight as I could.

"Will you forget me Bella?" More hard truths for myself; she'll eventually move on and I already know with who.

The moonlight was showing her tears like sparkling rain drops "I'll never forget my Jackson. You were my first for a lot of things. I will always love you no matter what happens."

We got dressed and I gave her my sweatshirt out of the saddle bag for the ride back. Opie was sitting outside alone drinking still when we got back "Where've you been brother?"

Of course he already knew "We just went for a ride."

Opie laughed "Yeah I can tell. A good ride no doubt."

I snuggled up to Bella that had Abel laying next to her. I put my arm over both of them and held on to my family one more time.

This is some of the smutty goddnes ffrom my story; Hot Harleys and Cool Vampires


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