Magic Spelled Act 2: Enemies become Friends

By: PearAmongstApples

Page 1, Jay wishes for a couple of his classmates to make up, but the result he knows he will not forget for the rest of his perverted life...

Warning: contains female/s being dominated, so wouldn't recommend for straight women.

Magic Spelled Act 2: Enemies become Friends

Jay went with Mermaid as she lead him to a window. He looked out and saw Jessie relaxing in the hot tub. “Yeah, she’s hot, isn’t she?” Jay pointed out as he looked at her boobs just out and round, the navy triangular bikini not being able to keep in that bulge of nipple at the tip. She also had a blue bottom, which only covered her vagina with a navy blue triangle. She had one leg out, her small foot rested against the other edge; her thin anklet dangling a string. “What’s the point? What are you going to… “
“You’ll see…” Mermaid said and waved a hand in front of him. Jordan came in, who also was in a bikini, and light blonde hair that came down her tan back in spikes. She wore aqua bikini, and hers held themselves up from two buttons on her shoulders and came down, squeezing the perfectly round boobs into their place as they went down and ended up tied to a string around the waist. The string had a triangle to cover her vagina and just a line that went between her smooth butt-cheeks back to the string.
“Move over!” Jordan said bluntly as she grabbed Jessie’s ankle and pushed it out of the way.
“Look who’s come; the bitch of the town.” Jessie says annoyed, raising her dark but thin eyebrow that compliments her long lashes.
“Look, for the last time: Your boyfriend came on to me.”
“You are such a bitch! You were in there having sex with him at MY party?”
“Hey, if your man hasn’t gotten enough from her woman…”
Jessie splashed some water violently at Jordan and it got her head wet. Both girls were now in the water, but very angry.
“How’d it feel to see me with him?” Jordan said, covering her face from the water or Jessie’s kicks before she stopped. “His face was at buried in my cunt and I was on my shoulders, legs spread, facing the door just for YOU!”
“Why would he rather spend time with you?” Jessie says as she looks off to the side into the sky with an annoyed expression.
“Well, I have a nice body, you know. It’s all about the body. And my lips can twist up a cherry’s stalk.”
“Can you really do that?” Jessie asks. Jordan nods. “I was never a good kisser; James used to make fun of me for that.”
“It’s easy!” Jordan twisted her tongue on the inside. “It takes practice. Come here.”
Jessie comes close to Jordan’s face, “Are…”
Jordan puts her shiny lips on Jessie’s and they start kissing. Jordan’s tongue enters Jessie’s mouth and wrestles with Jessie’s tongue. Jordan and Jessie start kissing more passionately, twisting theirs faces and wrestling tongues, rustling little noses. Jordan grabs both of Jessie’s ankles and pulls Jessie’s legs around herself. Jessie is instructed to push her feet against Jordan’s back, so she does it, her ankles coming out of the water rhythmically. Her arms go around Jordan’s neck and into her shiny hair as she gets more. Jessie’s cute belly pushes up against Jordan’s and the top of her pushed up boobs rustle Jordan’s chin. They stop kissing, pulling a little away.
“Did your boyfriend like your boobs?” Jordan asks.
“Why don’t you go ahead and see.” Jessie turns her head to the side as Jordan unhooks the bikini top and the navy is quickly removed from her boobs. Jordan sees perfectly round, pale boobs with tiny pink nipples in the centre. She buries her face right in. The feel of her tongue violently licking the nipple and the smooth, soft boob around them makes Jessie moan into the air, closing her eyes.
Jay is already sitting on a chair, having the perfect view of this phenomenon, playing with his boner.
Jordan had enough of Jessie’s boobs for now, so she pulls away, Jessie humping her belly using her feet at the bottom of the hot-tub. Jordan lays back on the edge of the hot-tub, her big boobs pointed right at Jessie’s “You know, he likes my boobs too.”
Jessie grabs the material and rips the aqua bikini top right off, Jordan’s boobs bouncing to the sides for freedom. Her boobs are bigger than Jessie’s. Jessie feels the rubbery nipples with her palms and then gives them a soft pinch. Jordan moans and Jessie sends a hand onto Jordan’s neck while the other hand holds one of the boobs so that she can lick them. Jessie, then, rubs the nipple over her cheeks, forehead, and nose (she gives a little sniff as her tongue’s caressing the boob). And then she licks right to the top of the boob, neck, chin and hen lips.
Jordan and Jessie then kiss a little again and come back to the hot-tub. Jordan fixes her wet hair back and then says, “I think you have the body that any person needs.”
“You like my body?” Jessie asks as she pours some of the water of the hot-tub over her boobs, the water trickling down her smooth tits.
The two have caught their breaths, so Mermaid waves her hand and they stick to each other again, Jordan’s hands caressing the side of Jessie’s body. Jessie notices this and stands a bit up, letting Jordan kiss her boobs and then her belly. She has a small waste compared to Jordan, but Jordan has a flat belly while Jessie has a tiny bump in which the belly button is. Jessie puts one of her legs out of the water and against the edge of the hot-tub again, her anklet wet with heat. Jordan is still crouched down and she kisses Jessie’s vaginal area a few times before moving on to the inside of her thighs. Her hands go around and her little pink tongue goes up and down the smoothly-waxed, pale and bodacious thighs. Now Jessie puts both legs up to the edge while Jessie supports herself on the edge by her elbows, smiling wildly. Her little black eyes sparkle with ecstasy.
Jordan stands up as she finishes with both legs and spreads the legs out, shaking her butt, when she stands up completely; aqua material all around her stringed bikini like a torn p skirt. Jessie sits down in the water and puts her tiny feet against Jordan’s tanned breasts. Her toes capture the nipples and circle as the body dances. Jordan shakes her tits around so that every inch of them is caressed by Jessie. The girls laugh.
Jessie looks at the bottom of the bikini; a loose string with material going in all directions. The wet flat belly was shiny and tan, the button big and the skin smooth. Jordan stops dancing, turning around so that Jessie could see her butt cheeks. “Do it!”
Jessie grabs the string with her toes and pulls the string down and into the water, starting slowly, but quickening as she pulls it below the butt. Jordan quickly goes towards the butt-cheeks and starts caressing them and licking them. Before long, Jordan turns and Jessie is facing a long, yet cleanly shaven pussy.
Jessie buries her face in its warmth, and she has both her hands on Jordan’s butt the whole time. Jordan caresses her boobs and hair with agonizing pleasure. Jordan pushes away Jessie and falls back, spreading her legs and supporting herself on the grass, just her shoulders and hands. The legs are perfectly spread and dripping in cold. Jessie comes in, putting her body against the upside-down back of Jordan and starts licking the pussy in a teasing way, then starts biting, stretching the skin out. Jordan orgasms as she begs Jessie, “Your fingers…” Jessie puts two in, twisting and feeling.
Jordan is facing directly the window that Jay is watching them from, letting Jay and Mermaid see everything. “This is awesome.”
Jessie stops and Jordan lies in the grass, “We have to do this again sometime.”
“Yeah, I never really got a turn…” Jessie says and runs away with her own clothing in her hands.

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