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Magic Spelled 1: A Mermaid in the Woods

Short story By: PearAmongstApples

Jay is a preverted young man who stumbles upon a sexy blue-haired and eyed girl in the woods. The girl is Mermaid, she has magical powers, and she wants all his wishes to come true.

Submitted:Sep 3, 2010    Reads: 2,400    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Warning: This story has girl/s getting dominated, so do not recommend this to be read by straight girls.

Magic Spelled 1: Mermaid in the Woods

Jay walked around in the streets right outside the cottage he'd finished moving into along with twenty or so other teens. They were there on a volunteer tour, and he felt like this was a sweet deal. There were trees everywhere, and this was an especially sunny summer. He'd seen some girls from the group leaving the cottage with their bikinis. Jay wondered how these girls could have such clear skin and touchable figures.
Suddenly, Jay noticed a clean and untorn piece of paper on the pathway. It was right in front of him, and it said "Come on in!"
Jay looked at the pathway that leads into the forest. He picked up the note and walked a few steps in. He stumbled onto yet another note. This one said, "If your desires are the right kind, I might turn to reality what's on your mind."
"That's a lame rhyme." Jay says, but he continues on through the path. "Desires?" A girl runs from one patch of woods to the next, crossing the path while giggling. Jay's eyes widen with excitement, because the girl was naked.
All of a sudden, Jay gets off the path and into the woods. After 5 minutes pf searching and chasing the giggle, he comes across the waterfall. It is rather like a pool into which a small waterfall was trickling down. He also had a good view of the girl. She had dark-blue hair and extremely blue eyes. She was at the other side of the river, and her body was bare. Her curves were flawless, as well as her tan. She was tall and had the right kind of muscles in legs & belly. "You chose the right desire, Jay."
Jay saw a bunch of rocks he could step on in order to get to the naked woman, but he saw something on the way. Right under the waterfall there was a woman lying down. He hopped over to under the waterfall until he reached the woman. He thought she was a dead body, but no. The face, and soon, the body moved from under the pile of seaweed.
"My gosh!" Jay uttered. "Miss Jean?"
"Jay!" she whispered. "I'm so glad you came." Jay could see she was moving her legs, bending them and straightening, like she is rubbing her feet on the seaweed-laden ground. "Do me!"
Jay couldn't believe it, it was his physical education teacher. He had a crush on her when he was 15. Everyone had made fun of him back then, but it had never reached the teacher herself. "Miss Jean, I need to get you out of here."
"I'm fine here, Mockenborough." Miss Jean called Jay by his last name. "Just shut up and do me!"
"Uncover me."
Jay hesitated, then went on to remove the wet seaweed that had engulfed his former teacher. As he did, the blue-eyed girl behind him was watching, her eyes almost flashing blue. Jay removed a whole bunch of green vegetation before uncovering nipples. He suddenly got turned on. He removed more, feeling with the back of his hand Miss Jean's bare chest and the hanging breasts. The breasts went from side to side as he removed seaweed from between them. He even squeezed the breasts and lifted them up so he could remove debris from underneath. Once he was done with all the seaweed in her bare chest, it was clear that she was naked. He felt like closing his eyes as he would uncover her bottom half until Miss Jean said, "You want a taste?"
"Of what?" Jay asked.
Jay's naked teacher wiggled around her boobs. Her nipples were pink and erect against her pale, big, hanging boobs. "Seriously?" Jay asked. He knew he wanted to. He made eye-contact with the teacher.
"I give you permission!" the teacher said in her normal voice.
"But you're dirty, with the seaweed and all." Jay says.
The teacher is slightly annoyed and nods at the metal-bowl standing on the rocks. He taken the bowl and fills it up with water from the waterfall. He hesitates one more time before pouring clear water over the breasts.
Jay crouches down and grabs both boobs gently. The teacher moans as Jay massages them, rubbing his fingers over the erect nipples. He lets his head down and sucks on one boob at a time, playing with the nipples with his tongue violently.
"I want you all over me, Jay!" Miss Jean says and Jay starts uncovering her belly as well. He removes even the heavier pile of seaweed off, and he uncovers everything else above her feet. He starts rubbing the side of her body, giving squeezes to her butt-cheek and slightly-muscular belly. Jay takes all of his own clothes off. "I want you on me Jay!" the naked teacher moans.
He pours another bowl of fresh water on her and lies face-down on top of her. She keeps lying in a perfect straight line on her back while her hands and feet are covered in seaweed. She moans as Jay kisses her, feeling his teacher's tongue give into his while her body dances in spot to rub her belly at Jay's penis.
She moans louder and louder, "Jay, you son of a bitch, you never did good in school! You're a slacker but you're just so good inside of me!"
"Thanks!" is all Jay can muster as his penis gets inside her and she squeezes out his semen. He feels so hot all of a sudden as she screams, "Ohhhh Yesss!"
He gets off her as the plants all around happen to move. As he lies down on the seaweed floor, he watches his teacher. The ropes that tie her hands and the ropes that tie her feet together rise up and entangle her so she is crotch-high. Her legs are driver apart and so are her hands. Her upper body is slightly lifted to give Jay a view of her boobs from her bottom. Her legs are driven so apart by the ropes that her legs are straight from foot-to-foot, revealing her pink vagina dripping with fluid.
Jay gets another erection as his naked teacher says, "Take me!"
This time, Jay makes out with his teacher while grabbing both her boobs while inserting him into her, pounding his hips against her perfectly-round ass. He also strokes around her soft belly and her smooth legs before they both come to a climax again.
The ropes give as she falls to the ground, closing her eyes and lying there naked. Jay is speechless.
"Very good, Jay. Impressive." Comes a voice from behind. Jay looks back to see the blue-haired girl. "Do you like my friend here, Jay?"
Jay summoned the question, "Who are you?"
"People have called me Mermaid. I am here to give you your wishes."
Jay thought about this as he caught a last glimpse of his teacher, dressing up her underwear and then her formal uniform until she walked away, winking with an, "I hope we do this again sometime!"
"This is pretty weird. I didn't think she was the kind to give herself to me like that." Jay says to Mermaid.
"That's because she wouldn't do that sort of stuff, especially to losers like you." Mermaid didn't change her tone from that womanly voice. "But…you wished for her. So I thought I'd introduce myself with this."
"What did you do to my teacher to make her do that?" Jay was curious. "Hypnotised her?"
"Something like that. Mermaid flashed her blue eyes and Jay had his clothes back on. Mermaid also had a shiny, strapless and long blouse. The shine was coming from all the scales that were on her blouse.
Jay fell down with surprise, "Woah, you're some kind of a magician!"
"You could say that." Mermaid says. "They don't even have to remember that they slept with you, and they'll never have babies from you. That's the deal!"
"Hey," Jay stood up, "Who are they?"
"The women you desire!" Mermaid's eyes flash as she smiles. Jay smirks a little too.


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