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F-Buddy Submission - "Just a Buddy of Mine"

Short story By: PearAmongstApples

Junice and Richey are coworkers, and they're angry at each other. But it's that day of the week, so they'll have to sexually pleasure each other.

Submitted:Oct 10, 2010    Reads: 2,280    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Note: Here's a story, probably not the best in the competition. 4th division of this story is about the guy and 5th one is about the girl. Since i am straight, I wasn't bale to write too much on the guy's part. Hope you guy-lovers forgive me :) Both genders and all sexualities, enjoy.

As she presses the button, she awaits the copier machine to spit out that piece of paper. "Hey there, Junice." Junice realizes she is being ogled again. She always showed cleavage, in fact the only one to have such cleavage in the office, but it still wasn't reasonable that guys would hit on her so much. Can't they just get a life?
"Hi, Richey" Junice says, smiling.
"You were…offered a modelling contract. How did that go?" Richey asks.
"They wanted me to go nude, and I am not a whore so I said 'no'."
Junice feels fingers on through her formal mini-skirt, her asscheek and down to her bare thigh. She slaps away the hand and yells, "What the HELL are you doing?"
"Come on, we're alone and there are not cameras around." Richey smiles.
Junice makes an expression, "Okay, you're a pervert! Stay at least 10 feet away from me or else I'm going to HAVE YOU FIRED!"
"Alright, alright, I'm sorry." Richey says with a serious face now. He takes a step closer and whispers, "My girlfriend has been unavailable."
"We'll talk about it later, okay?" the two separate in the office.
8:00 pm that night, Junice is at home. She just took a nice clean shower and sits down in her gown to watch TV. She gets a call. "Hello,"
"It's Friday night." Richey says on the phone.
"What?" Junice asks, confused.
"It's Friday…night."
"I didn't realise they're put the cameras up again, I thought they were still repairing them." Richey chuckles.
"No worries. I'll come over."
Richey and Junice talk in the apartment. They both sit on the couch while Junice listens to Richey "I asked my girlfriend, but she is not doing this. She is some sort of a nun in bed; she just won't try new things."
Junice's face is a little angry, "Well, she's not a whore like you." Junice says. "By the way, did you want to give me something?"
"You forgot?"
"I didn't forget Friday Night."
"You forgot my birthday! You son of a bitch, I always get you presents but you never get me anything."
Richey is offended, "Junice, why do we need to get presents to each other, we don't even know each other's interests."
"Well, it'd be something nice. Of course you being a pervert it's impossible for you."
There's a long pause until Richey says, "Look, should we…"
"Yeah, let's get started." Junice unbuttons her shirt.
The two go into the bedroom. "Just the bedroom?" Richey asks her. Junice nods. Richey pulls up his shirt and his pants down. Junice immediately sees the bump on his crotch and grabs it. The two grin before closing their eyes and kissing passionately. The tongues wrestle around and lips suck about. Junice slips her hand in to grab the penis with her cold, little fingers. She massages it and then pushes Richey to the bed.
She gets some rope from the bag nearby. "You're mine!" Junice ties Richey's hands and feet to the bed, his naked body spread out to reveal he has no hair other than the little bit of pubic. Junice caresses his torso, moving up to kiss it and lick the nipples. Junice sits on her knees on top of the torso to reach up her skirt and pull out her underwear. She puts it over his eyes and continues. She turns around to caress up and down both his legs, and even lead her fingers up his thigh and on top of his balls.
Her round ass rest right on top of Richey as she crouches down to talk into the erect penis. "My birthdays are to be REMEMBERED!"
Her breath warms the penis and the balls. She spits on it and rubs it gently all over. Richey shifts his hips so he can move them easily. He starts humping Junice's hand, which is only gently wrapped around the penis. She scratches at Richey's thighs and chest with one hand, while he tries desperately to get the pleasure off her other hand. Junice's palms are rubbing up against Richey's testicles now, and she still doesn't make any effort other than to just lay her hand there. "Oh poor Richey." Junice says, scratching around the crotch area, but not the crotch itself.
Richey's penis is in its maximum length now. Junice finally pulls the sides of her skirt up and puts her vagina against the tip of the dick. She moans, but he moans louder. Junice grabs the penis in between her soft thighs and there he ejacuates. His penis is directed back and massaged by Junice, so the semen falls on Richey. The squirts of white liquid are spread out on Richey's body after he finishes, making his hairless chest shiny. She puts a delicate foot on his chest between his abs. She smiles devilishly. Her cum is left on the penis as she moves up and down with the side of it inside her vaginal lips.
The two watch a movie with their clothes on. Now Junice tries to cuddle up to him, but he pushes her away. "See, no emotion." Junice says.
"There should be no emotion. Junice, if we were girlfriend and boyfriend we would have more stupid girly arguments like these."
Junice ponders the thought angrily, "Stupid and girly?"
The two finish watching the movie, and Richey starts the kissing now. She kisses intimately, her lips and tongue all over the place. Richey says, "I need you to have more energy." Junice wiggles her hips around to rub against him continuously. "Faster! Faster! Faster! Come on!" She rubs up faster, and her white shirt is pulled off. Richey unhooks her bra from the front, and she lets it be pulled off as well. He throws her clothes to random places on the floor. He kisses her lips for a moment, then moves on to kiss her body and her perfectly round boobs. Her skin is pale and flawless, her flesh soft and her shape sexy.
She ends up dry-humping his leg as he sits on his knees. He takes off his shirt, so she can hug him, and he could feel her boobs and nipples against his skin.
Her neck is fastened with a leather choker, and the rope is in Richey's hands. He pulls at the rope and she is lead on into the kitchen. "I have prepared a lot of tying spots you are not aware of." He says as he shows her the two jutting off pieces of metal on top of the fridge. He gets some ropes and ties her hands up there. He lets go of her neck rope.
She is touches and grabbed and scratched and pushed back to the cold fridge door as she is kissed. Her body is kissed as well, and she is turned around too. He kisses her asscheeks, her feeling the soft and warm touch of his lips and his breath on her asscheeks. He moves up to lick all the way up her back. She already started moaning. She knows what he likes in bed, so she hugs his body with her legs, supporting herself against the fridge and holding onto his body. He grabs her ass with both hands and bites softly at her breasts. She closes her eyes and enjoys this.
He drags her to the bedroom now, and he ties her hands up to the corners of the bed. He gags her to add to her humiliation. Her eyes widen and her nipples are the most erect. Richey takes off his pants to reveal his penis is back again. "I don't have emotion for you, Junice." Richey says as he grabs her delicate feet and move them upwards. She tries to say something, but she is blocked out by the gag. "We're not even friends. We fuck every Friday night. You are just my buddy."
He ties a longer rope to the top of the bed and ties her foot to that. He does the same with the other one. Her legs are now over her head, her feet in the air above her face, and all her limbs are tied to the top of the bed. She has a concerned face but can't say anything because of the gag.
He caresses her legs up and down and then fingers her. She starts moaning, and he starts grabbing her breasts, putting his hands through between her thighs.
He then stops and adjusts the position. He unties her legs. She feels glad for a moment until her legs are tied to the sides of the bed now. "You used to be a ballerina, right?" Richey says and spreads her legs on a 180 degree angle. Her toes point as he ties each foot down to the side. He fucks her slowly, getting her to squeeze at his dick as she moans. She wiggles around as her pale body is licked and caressed.
The gag is removed from her mouth, and she screams "You bastard!" as she humps his leg.
"Whore!" Richey says as he slaps around her breasts.
She makes an angry face as she sweats. He waves his dick above her face. "I don't do oral!"
"Junice, take it. Not bad to try something new!"
Junice takes it in her mouth. The dick goes all the way in. The testicles touch her chin as he fucks her face. Her delicate tongue and lips now suck the penis. Richey pulls at Junice's nipples and plays with her breasts for a while. She cums, letting Richey spread it all over her smooth belly. He keeps fucking her mouth until he cums. "Swallow it!" Junice does, and she feels disgusted. He doesn't untie her, but cuddles with her on the bed, caressing her body even more.
Richey feels like he wants to do this again with Junice next week, maybe even until his girlfriend agrees to do it. Junice feels bonded to Richey as his body is against hers, feeling his warmth.


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