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Body is your Friend 2: Toy for a Day

Short story By: PearAmongstApples

Natasha got to know her crush better, but she is out of money. Luckily there's a person she finds who will hire her, and for a longer time than she thinks.

Submitted:Sep 5, 2010    Reads: 1,203    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Warning: Contains woman/women being dominated, so do not recommend for heterosexual women to read.

Body is your Friend 2: Toy for a Day
Natasha had gotten to know Alice better now. Natasha visited her last workplace often to hang out with Alice. She'd been doing that for months. Alice was such a sweet girl, with a delightful laugh and grades that made her look like a genius. Of course, she was into art and her artwork often turned out perfectly. Natasha admired her great sense of hippie-fashion as well; with her blankets that could be tied to your head or waist.
She didn't feel awkward around Eb at all when she visited, but he went away to college. After weeks of starting college, Alice was absent from home often because she had so many art-freaks to hang out with. That was a disappointment for Natasha; she wasn't an art freak and she'd never get to hang out with her as often.
One day, Natasha showed up at the house after class, only to come in and be disappointed not to find Alice there. Natasha was also disappointed that she didn't have money left for next month. She had trouble finding customers in her college since not many people were interested in being her friend. Natasha pouted and walked slowly downstairs.
She saw an obese man in his 40s, crying his heart out as he sat on the kitchen table. He was starting to drink. Natasha walked up to him, "Hello Mr. Heff. What are you upset over?"
"My wife!" the man says in a slightly angry voice. "She is a bitch! I've been living with her for 19 years, and I haven't been treated fairly."
Natasha sits down beside the middle-aged man, "What is it that's unfair?"
The man says, "Everything! She's out partying with friends right now. She thinks she's so attractive. You know, she cheated on me twice? I still stuck with her. Damn, it's like I can't get women and she can get men. I might even be sticking with her just because she's the only hot woman who'll do me."
"That's terrible." Natasha caresses his hands with hers.
The man says, "I wish there was a way to get revenge. Not like I could get out and get a girl to sleep with me. I've been so lonely."
"You can." Natasha says. "As long as you keep quiet about it and don't sleep with someone who just does it for the money."
"There are prostitutes that do it because they like it?"
"Yes." Natasha miles, "I'm one of them!" She unbuttons her blouse, one by one. "Mr. Heff, consider this an advertisement. I can think of some freaky things." She unbuttons completely, and she stands up out of her chair to let her chest be right in front of the man. She tells the man her price and pushes the unbuttoned blouse's sides down so they press against her nipples, but the middle of the upper-front of her body is completely bare.
Mr. Heff hesitates, then rubs Natasha from neck, middle of breasts, and down to her belly button. Mr. Heff sighs, "No." Natasha buttons herself up, hoping Mr. Heff's rejection doesn't mean he'll send her to the police. "I can't believe this. It's very cheap. I've had hundreds of dollars, an I didn't know what to spend it on. You're hired for 24 hours!"
Natasha looks back and smiles. This meant a lot of money for her. The man went back to his couch and started watching TV, "Natasha, come around this weekend. I'll give you the money to book it for a day."
"Yes!" Natasha jumps up and down out of sheer happiness. She comes over and kisses her crush's father in the cheek, then runs out. Natasha does all her homework by the time Sunday morning comes. She gets ready, doing her eyelashes after taking an especially cleanly shower. She puts on her clothing and goes out. It is early in the morning as she goes over, opening the house and finding that her customer is asleep. She is currently getting paid, so she decides she'll give him a treat.
Mr. Heff goes downstairs, yawning as he spots a girl in the kitchen making her breakfast. She is frying some eggs as she dances around. Mr. Heff realises that Natasha is totally naked except for the long apron she's got on. Her back is completely visible, and her ass blows her customer's mind. "This is good, Natasha. My wife's away on vacation with her friends, so we can be alone the whole day.
Natasha serves him his breakfast on the table with a smile. She says, "You can order me to do whatever, and I'll do what I feel like doesn't hurt me."
"The money is on the table."
Natasha walks over and throws back her apron as she goes off Mr. Heff's view. She takes the money while nude and puts it in her purse. Natasha goes into Mr. Heff's view after 2 minutes, fully clothed in white top and jeans, but nothing on her delicate feet. "I haven't finished my breakfast yet." Mr. Heff says.
Natasha puts a bare foot in the middle of her customer's legs, "You can do it after you get rid of that boner." Natasha starts dancing as she slowly lifts her shirt up. Her belly looks good as it swings around, her abs giving her extra curves. She then lifts off the whole thing, cupping her breasts and dancing around. She turns back without letting him see her nipples yet, and she pushes down her jeans. That sexy ass is revealed, and now she just dances around.
Natasha is completely naked as she puts one leg up on Mr. Heff's shoulder and swings her hips around while rubbing her body. Natasha gets on her customer's lap, sitting on her feet and swinging her ass around to his torso. Mr. Heff starts touching Natasha, so she kisses him. She wrestles tongues with him, then lets him lick down her neck and her bare chest. She humps Mr. Heff's hand as her body gets licked. Mr. Heff zips his boner out and does her against the refrigerator. She moans the whole time.
Mr. Heff gets back down as he is fed by the naked young blonde in front of him. Natasha keeps that lustful smile as she crosses her legs to not let her customer see his cum dripping from her while he eats.
Natasha hangs around the house, watching his shows with him on the couch while he touches her from time to time. Her customer wants ice-cream so she lets a scoop rest on each of her breasts, and then he puts some chocolate coating all over her chest. He licks the whole thing off. He gets a boner again, so Natasha gets fucked on the carpet.
Later on, the man watches more TV while Natasha lies on the couch with her ass on his lap. He touches her shaven, pink pussy whenever he feels like it. She flips around after minutes, letting him rub around her ass-cheeks. He even motions them so they look like they're talking, "Hi Frank." He says in a comical voice as he manipulates Natasha's ass, "Would you like to play with us?" Natasha laughs at the joke as her customer sucks at her ass. Natasha lets her back rest on his lap too, so he fondles her breasts, and then kisses her.
He gets sunscreen from upstairs and rubs it all over Natasha's bare body. She wiggles around the whole time while she is rubbed over and over again. This time her customer fucks her in the couch, getting her to spread her legs and place her feet up above his head before penetrating her soft pussy while he kisses her body. His hips slap at Natasha's bare, wet ass as he pounds on her body.
Natasha is caught off guard when she feels the doorbell. Her customer tells her to open it, so she does. It's another couch-potato the same age, except he has a beard. "Wow, this is just as you described it."
She looks at her customer, who's calm, "That's my friend, Natasha. He's just coming over to play chess."
While the two played chess, Natasha was told to bring them and cook them stuff to eat & drink. Then, once she was done with the work, she was laid down on a couch beside each man. The men touched Natasha continually. Natasha felt it was unfair that the other guy got the service for free, but she bared with it as her breasts were squeezed by him.
The friend says after the last game, "Frank, you mind if I…?"
"Sure." Mr. Heff says. Alice is held by her hand and walked upstairs. She is pushed on Alice's bedroom. Her naked body lands on the soft bed, her boobs bouncing more than her body. "Sir, please respect the owner of this room." Natasha tries to start as she is about to get off the bed.
"Natasha, be nice to the guest." She hears from downstairs. "That means do everything he says."
She is laid on the bed to be made out with, touched, her body kissed, licked and her legs spread in order to reveal her tight vagina. She is fucked while she smells the bed on which Alice sleeps. She even sees Alice's High School graduation photos on the walls. She orgasms as she reaches her climax. The older man with his hands on her breasts takes his penis out and shoots his cum out on her perfect body. She rubs the cum all over her, even sitting up to put his dick in her mouth to suck out the last of it. She swallows and lies back down in the bed as the man exits.
After an hour or so spent in her crush's bed, she goes back down. Her customer smiles, "You've not done your job for the past hour. Are you trying t rip me off?"
"No sir!" Natasha says in a frightened voice. She feels so stupid and scared.
"Now, Natasha, I will pay you fully if you dance your ass off here. Natasha was yet to eat her lunch, but she just drank her water and then started dancing to the channel Mr. Heff switched to. Natasha swings and shivers all over her naked body. She takes up pillows, scarfs, the remte control and anything else she finds lying around the house to incorporate them into her dance. She dances so much, her whole body glows with sweat, some drops even flying off with the movement of her long hair.
Her customer unzips out his penis again, and she goes over and sits on her feet, each foot beside his seated thighs on the couch. She lets the tip of the dick into her soft vagina and circles her hips around as he humps her. He puts an arm around her so she throws her head back in pleasure and lets him lick her breasts and belly again. She becomes faster and faster, her breasts shaking wildly in front of his face as they both orgasm.
Frank finds the game of Twister after Natasha eats her lunch naked. Natasha keeps her happy attitude and plays the game naked with her customer. By the end, when Frank doesn't seem to get his face stuck to interesting places in her body, he just lets her play by herself, twisting into all kinds of shapes her young body can get into. He fucks her again on the board while she is on all fours with her front facing the ceiling.
The night comes in and the two get into the washroom. Mr. Heff gets Natasha to brush his teeth, then she brushes parts of her body with the toothbrush. Natasha is then lead to Alice's parents' bedroom. She sees the double-bed and she is laid down on it. Her legs are rubbed and then her customer starts rubbing her clit. He pinches at the lips, opens them up, kisses all around the crotch area.
Then, Natasha sees her customer finally get naked. He is, as expected, hair and has a beer belly. He slaps her face and neck with his boner. She holds on to the dick with her mouth, then she licks to the side. She lifts her head up a little to lick the hairy balls. "I am not kissing your mouth tonight, Natasha!" Mr. Heff chuckles as his dick is in the young blonde's mouth. Her pink juicy lips and tongue touch around the dick a lot until Frank decides he will cum. He does, and Natasha swallows it all. "You're nasty, Natasha!"
After a while of cuddling in the bed and talking, the two do it again. He penetrates her on the same bed he used to sleep with his wife. The two continue on, sometimes Frank making Natasha dance on the bed before she is fucked, until Frank falls asleep. She tries to get away, but her customer starts humping in his sleep so he gets his penis into her.
She falls asleep with the penis in her, but as she wakes up, she goes away. She checks, and yes the money is still there. She is going to go shopping tonight!


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