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Body is your Friend 1: Business Decides All

Short story By: PearAmongstApples

Natasha is only 19, yet she pleasures people for money. She puts on extraordinary shows for her customers; she is like a very skilled stripper customers can have sex with. She also likes Alice, a girl she doesn't know how to approach.

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WARNING: Has female/s being dominated, so not recommended for straight women.

Body is your Friend 1: Business Decides All

Her eyes were blue, yet she had the long eyelashes. She had shiny blonde hair, and her lips were pink and juicy. She walked around her high school after her final class ended. She was 19, yet she was still in High School because she skipped a lot of classes the other year. She lived alone in her apartment, and she was beautiful. She was definitely passing the classes this semester. But that's not all that was on her mind.
"Hey Natasha!" an 18-year-old boy shouts from the car him and his friends drive by. "Did you prepare yourself for tonight?"
The car pulled over beside her. She made an annoyed face, "Yes." She couldn't believe Eb was discussing this in public.
The car full of boys drove away, "Two hours left." It was actually 1 hour and 49 minutes, but whatever. She looks to the side and sees her. The most beautiful and sweet girl she'd met. This was Alice Heff. She had round cheeks and nose, and her eyes were sparkly under all that brown hair. Natasha fantasised about Alice a lot, but she knew she couldn't be anything more than friends with her. Natasha stopped staring and kept walking towards her apartment. She had to dress up for the occasion that night.
Natasha hangs out in the party. She wears tight jeans and a black top. This kills her conversation with the girls around, because they all have high-heels and dresses with various ways of showing their cleavage. They look at her with disgust for ten minutes, but mostly just ignore her. Natasha keeps having her drink. She'd brought some juice because she didn't prefer alcohol before her performance.
Eb goes up to her from the crowd, "Natasha, you're here. You can start anytime you want to."
"Okay, and Treg told me to tell you he took care of the money." Natasha notes to Eb as she throws the empty juice-box away and dances right into the middle of the living room. The crowd watches her as she kicks off her shoes on the carpet, some men even sitting down from the dance floor to enjoy the view. Natasha slips out her black top; now letting her breasts bounce around to the music. Some gasp and some cheer her on as she also pulls her jeans down, becoming the naked girl of the party.
She puts on a wild smile that she doesn't take off until her job is done. She keeps dancing, going up to the nearest standing guy and rubbing her ass on him while putting her hands up against his cheeks. The boy is hesitant, but he grabs her boobs. She lets him fondle her nipples before she walks away, leaving the guy to be made fun of by his football friends. She sits on her legs in front of two boys. They're astonished that she is so close to them as she slowly rubs her breasts into each of their faces. She goes to another boy and puts her back against him, letting her arms hug his head backwards, his hands instantly going to rub her breasts and the length of her belly. She approaches the next boy who gets his penis rubbed by Natasha's ass-cheeks through his sweat-pants.
Natasha soon gets tired of giving lap-dances and decides to go and get the team and decides to get them beer. They cheer as the naked blonde walks in from the kitchen with the 12-pack of beer. Natasha sees that the girls are not jealous, because now she is the most popular and sexy in the party. Natasha sits down, crosses her legs and watches the music videos. The guys beside her stare at her body. Natasha says, "Go ahead, touch 'em." The boys touch and lick the breasts and her belly. Some even rub her thighs & the entire length of her legs. She lies on her chest, letting the boys around her rub and kiss her up from behind as well.
They start watching wrestling, and Natasha is challenged. She gets to the middle with the challenger, and they get in a fighting position. She is able to lock him in her arms at first, but then candy is thrown at her bare body. She also locks him again in between her thighs, and all the boy can do is rub her legs. Natasha then gets up and puts one delicate foot on the boy's chest and says, "I won." The guy puts her toes in his mouth, and her sits up to reach her clit with his hand, rubbing her. She fake-orgasms at it as some of her juices flow out.
Some girls leave then, thinking this disgusting. Natasha hears the music again as another girl joins her dance. The team teases the girl, so she dances while rubbing up to Natasha. Natasha looks back to pull off the girl's dress, and the girl hesitantly puts her arms up. She is in her underwear, and she gets kissed by the naked blonde wildly while also getting cupped by Natasha's hands that slipped into her bra. She can't take it, so she leaves. Just as Natasha planned; she didn't like girls.
Natasha dances on, sweating like crazy. Boys take turns rubbing up on her, one of them actually touching her vagina with his penis from behind his underwear while she does circles with her ass. She is laid on her back on the bed, her legs also coming together. The boys pour beer over her body and lick as much off as they can. She feels their hands and tongues on her breasts, chest, neck, armpits, belly, and her thighs.
Natasha takes a break in which she takes a quick shower. The boys watch a sexual comedy movie when she comes out. "If any of you want to do it away with me, then come on." She tells them the money they have to pay. Some boys are disappointed, but a few get the money out. She takes the 18-year-old closest to him away into the bedroom.
Boy 1 is sat down, his pants pulled down to reveal his hardened penis. She sits on his lap, her bare legs rubbing his. She squeezes the penis lightly between her thighs. The guy kisses, rubs and licks Natasha's body, and his cum shoots out into her chin. Natasha rubs the semen over her breasts. She lays back down in the bed while he writes a message in black marker on one of her breasts before he goes out.
Boy 2 is sat down, and she puts one leg over each of his shoulders, then lying back with her ass right below his face and her arms keeping her head off the floor. Boy 2 rubs her thighs beside his face, her clit below his chin, scratches her belly upwards, and even pokes her breasts with his sneakers. Natasha moans the whole time until she lies on her back on the floor. Boy 2 cums all over her, and he kisses her before writing a message on her belly then going out of the room.
Boy 3 seems to be into eating out girls as well, so Natasha gets on the bed to sit on her feet. She grabs back over her head at the pole she lays back on while her legs open wide so Boy 3 can chew at her clit. She moans the whole time, humping his face. Every breath she takes makes her breasts go slightly up and down, and her body is explored by Boy 3's hands. He cums to the bed. She lies in bed while he writes another message on her right inner-thigh before going out.
She washes the last of the semen off. She goes back to the living room, seeing that the party is over since no one's voice can be heard over the music. Natasha opens the door and is greeted by three naked boys. "Natasha, can we split the money?"
Natasha just seizes the opportunity to have more money, "Sure!"
She goes on all fours, and she kisses each dick's tip. She grabs two dicks while licking and kissing one, rotating the dicks so they all get a chance to be in her mouth. She lays on her back on the table. Her body is rubbed. She feels the penises against her bare belly, the long slides down. She feels the rubbery dicks slap her perfect breasts continually until they actually get erect. Natasha is rubbed by hands and kissed with slurping lips until the boys are ready. They cum almost at the same time, some of it landing on each other but most landing on Natasha's bare, wiggling body. She rubs the liquid all over herself. She lays still, looking at the ceiling as the boys who study with her write stuff on her thigh, belly and then turn her around to write on her ass-cheek.
Natasha puts her jeans and black top on to crash on the couch. The next morning, she is woken up by Eb, "Hey Natasha. You must leave. Our parents are coming back any moment."
Natasha looks past him and sees Alice. Before she gets out of the house, she is told by Alice that Eb is her brother. Natasha smiles, feeling closer to her crush since she did her brother.


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