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Justin's Undies

Short story By: pDaisy

Gay Erotic Content. As Justin leaves for work, his boyfriend Erik gets stuck at home for the day doing chores. Little does Erik know that today's chore will be more exciting than most.

This short story was inspired by a line from the book Hour of Darkness, published here on Booksie by AMS1971.

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Erik watched from the window as Justin left. He settled himself in the driver's seat of his truck and shut the door. Erik could see him arranging his possessions in the seat beside him and taking one last sip of his coffee before he started the engine and let it run for a few minutes.

It was the same routine every Sunday morning, and rather than it being a routine that Erik hated or grew bored of, it reminded him of why he and Justin were together. Justin was the stable one in the relationship. The one who made sure that the money was in their account to make sure the mortgage payment would be paid, the one who remembered the important birthdays of their friends, and the one who figured out the schedules of their sporting events and how it all fit into the day and somehow still managed to have dinner on time.

Justin worked every Sunday morning so he and Erik could afford to contribute to their retirement plan. It was a dedication to their future and their plans to be together that reminded Erik just how in love he was with Justin. In fact,Erik sometimes scared himself with how much he was in love with the leader of their small family.

Erik brought his attention back outside in time to see his partner look up at him and smile. Justin sent him a kiss before he put the small truck into drive and moved down the driveway and out of sight of Erik's vantage point.

Sighing in contentment, and a tinge of sadness that his partner was gone for the day, Erik put the cup he was holding on the nightstand beside their bed and looked down at the pile of clothes that Justin had left on the floor. Shaking his head he scooped them up in his arms and stood up noticing that he had missed a pair of Justin's underwear poking out from under the bed. He went to hamper first and dropped his armload into the basket and went back for the underwear.

Kneeling down he reached under the bed and found his hand brushing against another piece of clothing. Shaking his head in wonder he made sure to look under the whole bed to clear out anything that Justin may have left behind. Organized he may be, but tidy was not a word he would use to apply to his only love.

With his knees folded beneath him and his face pressed against the carpet to retrieve his boyfriend's unmentionables, Erik suddenly realized how close his position was to their last sexual encounter. He looked over to Justin's underwear, then paused straining to hear if anyone was in the house even though he knew that Justin was gone. Moving his face closer to Justin's briefs, he nuzzled into them feeling the cotton against his cheek and inhaling the scent of the one person in this life he would die for. The intensity of Justin's musky smell clung to his underwear and Erik felt the tears rising in his eyes as he buried his nose into the fabric and brought the image of Justin to his mind.

The sense of his partner's maleness filled Erik to near bursting. He drew Justin's essence into his body, laid out flat on the carpet with his face buried in his underwear, and began slowly and deliberately grinding his rising erection into the carpet.

The smell of Justin's groin was enough to bring his naked image to Erik's inner vision. The scene was one of Justin dancing and using his hands to caress his soft neck, his amazing torso, his hardening nipples, his swaying hips, the cheeks of his bum, and finally his fully erect phallus. He watched Justin with his eyes closed and brought his hands up to gather the rest of the fabric of Justin's undies against his cheeks and eyes. He was immersing himself in the scent of his lover.

Erik felt the wetness in his own shorts as his grinding cock pushed roughly against the individual strands of carpet through the fabric of his shorts. He rolled over bringing the underwear with him and covered his face completely.

Draped in the underwear he pushed down his own and released his rock hard member. Stroking himself slowly he returned to the image of Justin. He was slowly crawling across the floor toward him. Erik reached a hand under the briefs on his face and spit carefully into his hand before returning it to his raging cock. His saliva provided a necessary lubrication to the job his hand was performing. It wasn't his own hand on his cock anymore; instead it was Justin's. Erik watched the way Justin held him firmly, but tenderly. The way he stroked him quickly yet in such a controlled way so as not to hurt Erik, only bring him intense pleasure. The way he cupped, fondled and pulled his balls with his other hand. The way he sucked one or two of his fingers and then brought Erik to the brink of explosion by slowly circling the root of his maleness that was tucked beneath his balls. The way he watched Erik's reactions in amazement. How Erik's arousal triggered his own, but how he left his own cock to drip precum slowly from the soft tip and let Erik use it to lubricate his own hand as he grabbed Justin in his lust.

Erik reached up and brought Justin's underwear to his crotch, pushing the fabric against his hardness. He quickly pulled off the t-shirt and socks he was wearing and after a second of hesitation he slipped into Justin's underwear and reveled in the feel of his partners underwear against his skin. He thought about how his cock was in the same place Justin's cock had been. He thought about how his ass was in the same place Justin's ass had been. His pulse rising to the point of panting he opened the small hole in the front and pulled his erection through. Jerking his cock forcefully and moaning in pleasure he continued to imagine Justin's attention. His mind found the image of his lover behind him, fucking him vigorously and on the exquisite edge of pain.

It was enough to bring him to the brink. His eyes squeezed shut he thrust his hips off the floor and grunted with each thrust. Utterly lost in his fantasy, his stokes and thrusting culminated into a rush of orgasm that pulsed up into the air and landed in hot creamy drops on his hand and ran languidly back down the soft fabric of Justin's underwear. Erik's panting slowly ebbed as he continued to milk the last of his cum out of his softening member and rubbed it affectionately into the cotton undies.

"Ah... Erik?"

Justin's voice brought Erik into a state of panic and he jumped up off the bedroom floor to see Erik looking at him with an expression of wonder and a spreading smile. "Oh fuck me!" Erik almost shouted in his embarrassment as he ran. "What are you doing here? "He was trying to cover up his cock, which was still hanging out of Justin's underwear. Globs of sperm were dropping off of his hand as he made it to the bathroom. He felt the heat rise to his face as he tried to hide. Slamming the bathroom door behind him he leaned against its hardness and took a deep breath.

He heard Justin outside of the door. "I came back because forgot my wallet. When I called and you didn't answer me I got worried and came to find you. But more to the point Erik, what were you doing when I came in?"

Erik heard the smile in his question and groaned knowing that he wouldn't live this one down for a very long time. "I was doing laundry," he said meekly through the door.

Justin laughed and leaned his head against the other side of the door. "Can I just tell you that I have never seen anyone do laundry in a way that almost made me cum before."

Erik smiled and covered his face in the bathroom. "Really? You liked what you saw?" he asked, hesitant but excited about the prospect of what he might hear.

"What I saw was the person I love the most in this world, writhing in ecstasy while wearing my underwear and moaning in such a sexy way that I almost couldn't stop myself from jumping on you and swallowing that load you shot all over your hand."

Erik didn't say anything, but felt the heat leave his face and return to his groin.

"Erik?" Justin asked through the door.

"Ya baby?"

"Can we do the laundry together before I leave?"

They both laughed - Justin standing in the bedroom with his head leaning against the bathroom door thinking about how hot his partner was, and Erik in the bathroom leaning back against the same door thinking about what a life he had with a person he couldn't possibly love any more than he did right now.


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