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Warning: Strong Sexual Content. Alex, on his way home from work, has an encounter he will never forget. This story is dedicated to AMS1971, whose writing inspired me to write this. Check out her Booksie site! Also, in an effort to have my work appear on the "Featured Writing" section of Booksie, please "like" if you like this story and leave a comment. Thanks for reading, Pink.

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The streets of Vancouver were wet as usual and I huddled under the shop overhangs picking my way from one awning to the next and squeezing myself to the brick buildings to avoid the wind. I hated this time of year. Endless rain and I didn't get to see the sun for three months! I had just finished work and was making my way to the local coffee shop for some warmth.

Starbucks came into view and I made my away across the street quickly jumping over growing puddles covered with thin films of oil. Annoyingly, I had to wait to order my half coffee, half hot chocolate, as the line was enormous. After 10 minutes, I finally grabbed my order and scouted the available tables.

I saw him looking at me and avert his eyes immediately. A smile crossed my lips and I checked my watch. 5:30 pm. I had two hours before I had to be home. I grabbed my faux mocha and approached his table. I knew he could see me approach, but he didn't look up, pretending he was unaware of me.

"Mind if I sit here?" I asked casually.

He glanced up from the paper he was reading - copy of Xtra West an alternative newspaper magazine that circulated Greater Vancouver. It was a good indicator of what he was into. "Excusez-moi?"

French, damn sexy! I thought to myself. "Sorry, my French is pretty rusty. Can you speak English?"

"Yes, a small bit," he replies with a heavy accent that I can't get enough of.

Every good looking French guy I meet instantly reminds me of the guy in the Matrix movie and I want him to swear at me just to see how it feels. "Would you mind if I joined you at your table?"

He looked around the coffee shop taking in the numerous empty tables scattered around the place. "Ah… no, I would not mind. Please sit," he indicated the chair across the table from him.

"Thank you," I settled in my chair. "You're not from Vancouver," I decide to state the obvious as an introduction to conversation.

"No, I live in Montreal."

I smiled. "Nice city, Montreal. I've only been there once before, but I liked it very much. What brings you to the West Coast?"

"I came to visit my family, and I have never been here before, so I decide to stay for longer to see the city."

I nod. He folded his newspaper and put it on the table studying me with dark eyes. He was close to my age, maybe mid 20's I'd guess, his build lean, but not skinny. You could see the definition of his muscles under his thin sweater. His hair was also dark matching his eyes, and contrasted his slightly pale shade. I guessed that was the winter in Montreal, no time for sun bathing in the East at this time of year. He had maybe two days of growth on his face that made him look even sexier.

I glanced at his hand holding the coffee cup on the table; neatly trimmed nails, and, if I suspected correctly, a recently applied thin sheen of clear polish. Difficult to see, but not if you know what you were looking at.

He raised the cup to his lips and I followed it with my eyes and saw him watching me intently. There was recognition in his eyes. An unspoken invitation generations old that gay men are born with.

Setting his cup back on the table between us he leaned forward slightly, inviting me to do the same. "I think," he whispered, "you would like to fuck me, yes?"

I almost choked at the forwardness of the statement and backed away a little too quickly. He looked at me curiously as I took a swallow of my drink to regroup.

"Sorry, maybe I have made a mistake," he stated politely and prepared to get up to leave.

"No, no!" I countered desperately. "You just caught me off guard."

He looked confused. Shaking his head he said, "My English, I don't understand this so well."

I was beginning to recover from the blunt offer on the table. "Sorry," I began, "you surprised me. But it was a good surprise and I think I would very much like to but it's just…"


"Its just I have someone waiting for me at home."

"Ah I see… maybe this is not so good then." The door was closing.

"No wait, I would really like to… be with you… now."

He brightened again. "And your boyfriend? He would not mind this?"

"Well… what he doesn't know can't hurt him." I said feeling guilty when I saw his look.

He nodded thoughtfully and finally smiled revealing his gleaming teeth. "You will follow me, yes?"

I glanced around nervously looking for anyone that might recognize me and nodded eagerly.

He got up and I dutifully followed. My heart was pounding in fear and anticipation knowing what I was walking into. He headed out of Starbucks and quickly made his way across the street dodging the light traffic.

"Are you staying in a hotel nearby?" I asked, trying to puzzle out where we would be going.


No help there.

"But it's not far," he stated.

"What's not far?" My curiosity was getting the better of me.

He pointed down the street, but said nothing. He was a fast walker and I ran a couple of steps to reach his side just as he stopped and faced me.

"We are here," he announced.

"Here, where?" I asked and looked behind him at the large building at the end of the walkway. The sign read Greater Vancouver Public Library. "You need to pick up something to read, before we go to your place?" I asked quite confused now.

He laughed and grabbed my arm pulling me up the walkway.

Once inside he knew where he was going. He didn't once stop to look or ask for directions, simply waving at the two library staff that sat behind the large curved lending counter. He brought me to a wide, carpeted set of stairs and took them two at a time. Four flights later, he moved through a door on the forth floor landing taking us into the heart of the library stacks. I followed quietly, and looked around, but saw no one. Passing row after row of books, he suddenly veered to his left and continued now between the rows. I caught the odd glance of words on spines, but the feeling in my stomach kept me focused on his ass in front of me.

He stopped and turned around. Shrugged his coat off. As it hit the floor and he started to remove his sweater the reality of the situation hit me.

"Wait! Here? You want me to … fuck you… here?" I practically whispered the last words.

"Yes, right here," and he continued in his sexy accent, and never stopped removing his clothes. His t-shirt was discarded on top of the pile of his sweater and coat. He had a gorgeously smooth chest, the center of which was covered with a small tuft of hair. His cute navel drew my eyes down toward the masculine v-shaped muscles that pointed down to his groin which disappeared beneath the edge of his jeans and belt.

I swallowed, trying to bring some saliva to my now dry mouth. "But what if someone comes?"

He smiled mischievously, grabbed my right hand and brought it to his chest. "I think someone will cum quite soon." I laughed nervously, glanced around one last time, straining to hear if someone was close. He captured my attention again with his dark eyes, and staring directly at me, he guided my hand across his chest and settled it on his left nipple. I played with it instinctively and he hissed and threw back his head in pleasure.

His hand leaving mine to its own devices, he brought both arms up to encircle my neck and pulled me toward his waiting lips. Crushing me with his passion, he devoured my mouth and bathed my tongue with his.

I was a sucker for a good kisser and that's when he owned me. Utterly, completely, uncompromisingly, I was his, and only his. Anything he wanted I would give him, anything he asked for I would provide, anything he told me to do I would follow.

His lips were all over my mouth and when he was finished with it he moved to my ear, gently probing with his tongue and pulling at my lobe with eager teeth. I was writhing from the sensitivity of his attack on my ear when he finally moved to my neck and clamped down hard on the soft skin. I gasped with shock from the sheer ecstasy of what I felt. It seemed that he wanted to suck the blood from my neck and I gave in whole-heartedly - whatever he wanted from me would be his.

As he continued to work at my neck, I felt my body below the waist beginning to respond. The bulge beneath my jeans strained to be released, and as if by some telepathic connection his hand slid down the front of my jeans and squeezed hard. I moaned loudly, not caring if everyone in the building heard me, and this fueled his own desire, increasing his frantic pace and rubbing me fully erect.

His mouth back on mine, we ravished each other with our tongues as I pulled off my jacket and broke for no more then a fraction of a second to throw my shirt over my head and onto the pile of clothes now littering the library floor. Any concern of being discovered gone, my need pushing me further, I grabbed his belt and pulled it from his pants in one yank. It clattered onto the shelf beside us, and hung limply draped over a forgotten copy of Brown and Beatty. He took me to the law section of the library of all places!

He dropped to his knees, my disappointment at his mouth leaving mine forgotten as soon as he released my straining cock from its fabric prison, pointing straight at him. I dropped my head to watch as he slowly brought his mouth closer to its tip and then gently blew a stream of his breath across the surface. It jumped quickly in response to his teasing, and just as quickly, he enveloped my entire length with his velvety soft mouth in one swallow. Skillfully he worked up and down its length, lubricating with saliva as he went and keeping his teeth back allowing the softness of his lips to caress the hardness of my pulsing cock. I cried out in my passion and felt his mouth stretch into a smile around my member. Looking down, I made eye contact with him, his eyes dancing with pleasure at turning me on. Staring into his eyes was so intense it almost brought me over the edge, but sensing this he backed his mouth off my cock with a final sharp suck and squeezed the bottom of my cock at its base to successfully bring me back from the edge of orgasm.

"Holy fuck!" I panted and he rose to meet my mouth again. Seconds later I could feel my energy rising again and I knew that I needed to taste him.

Undoing his fly with one hand I reached in and took out his semi-hard cock. Fondling him to full hardness I leaned over and explored his foreskin with my tongue, running underneath its length and back again to its tip before taking him fully in my mouth. His hands clenched at my hair and it drove me wild to know how much excitement he was getting from my mouth. As he continued driving his cock into me, I unbuttoned his pants and reached down grabbing both his balls in one hand and pulled them down, tugging them tight to the edge of pain. He moaned in response, but didn't stop his assault against my waiting mouth.

I took hold of the base of his cock and allowed my tongue to follow the entire length of the underside, following its path up to the tip. Amazingly soft, the tip of my tongue slipped across his dick and around the head lovingly. Working my way back down, I lapped at his balls now swinging gently and heard his breath catch in response.

He was preparing himself to go further, and I stood back up and brought my face close to his. He breathed in the smell of his scent off of my face.

"Do you remember your invitation in the coffee shop?" I whispered into his ear.

"Yes." He panted along with me.

"Take off your pants," I commanded quietly and took control over what was about to happen.

He instantly obeyed, lost in a growing hunger for what he knew was coming. He discarded his pants and underwear with the rest of the clothes, turned around to rub his ass seductively against my cock, and then got down on all fours in front of me.

I practically came watching him entice me with his ass jutting up in the air. I knelt behind him and sucked one of my fingers liberally, leaving as much spit as possible on it as I brought it to his small pucker. Circling gently over the ridges of his hole, he bucked at me, pushing his ass closer to my finger. I massaged his hole and he gave me a satisfied growl and nestled his head into the crook of his arm on the floor. He was lost in pure pleasure, and I felt the need to make it even better for him. I brought my mouth forward and sucked one of his ample balls into my mouth and chewed sensuously as he groaned louder and louder in response to my oral attention.

Working my finger inside him now, he began to whimper and speak quietly to himself in French. A sexier language I haven't heard, and in the intensity of being fucked by my agile finger finding his p-spot, he gave himself to me as completely as I had offered myself earlier. I could tell he was getting close to release, so I eased off. On my knees behind him, I nuzzled up closer to his rear. Reaching down with one arm under his chest, I lifted him toward me so we were now both on our knees and sandwiched together, his back against my chest, his ass rubbing achingly against my dripping cock.

With both of his arms he reached back over his shoulders and circled my neck. Turning his head to the side and me moving even further forward, brought our mouths together again and we kissed while grinding into each other. My hands roamed over the ripples of his stomach, spreading the sweat that accumulating in droplets. I rubbed his whole torso as we kissed deeply, from the tense muscles of his groin, up to his now hard nipples, across the downy softness under his arms, and along his sensuous limbs as they made their way around my neck, finally intertwining his fingers in mine as we held on and trusted each other with what was about to happen.

Gently pushing him away from me, and back down on his hands and knees, he looked over his shoulder at me and pleaded silently. I spit on my hand and massaged the lubrication onto my cock slowly. He watched in anticipation as I brought my cock closer and closer toward his now loosened hole and out of his sight. Pushing up against the hot ridges of his pucker sent him into a clench of anticipation and I waited as he again dropped his head to the floor to rest it on his folded arms in front of him. His ass eagerly waving in the air, telling me he was all mine. Slowly his muscles relaxed and I maneuvered the head of my cock into his waiting heat.

He gasped and tightened as I moved forward through his first line of muscle. Again I waited and listened to him slow his panting. The head of my cock throbbing within him, I felt him relax and I pushed slowly but steadily and felt his body give into mine at last as he fully devoured my length. Every ridge being passed, every budging vein sliding by, every ripple of muscle that surrendered to my steady push, created a pulse of shooting electricity between our bodies. Moaning loudly I pulled back just as slowly as I had entered him and allowed my cock to respond to the lubrication of my spit and his willing body.

He gave in to his passion and began to ride my cock, pushing himself faster and harder against me. He threw back his head and let out a small cry of pleasure each time I buried myself to the hilt against his willing ass. His arms now stretched out to the sides and hanging on to a bookshelf in each, he raised his voice in sexual elation.

"Baise-moi fort!" he practically screamed at me.

I had no clue what he said, but the intention was clear and I rammed the whole length of my cock into him and felt the heat of his body rocket through me. I couldn't stop now and he knew it. Slamming against each other, and lost in the joy of our bodies melting into each other, my cock grew thick in anticipation of what it was about to experience. He felt the increase inside of him and his cries of pleasure matched the rolling waves that I was experiencing within me.

I withdrew from him before I was finished and he quickly turned to face me, both of us on our knees and jerking ourselves to completion. The head of our members rubbing against each other as first he and then I spilled over the edge and watched each other as ropes of semen splashed onto each other's cocks, over each others taught bellies, and dripped languidly onto the carpet between our knees.

Panting and sweating I slumped back, my hand still on my softening member. He brought the hand that he had been fondling himself with to my chin and lifted my face up to meet his advancing lips. We kissed through our ebbing passion and smiled at each other as we both sat back and considered what had just happened.

Hearing a door suddenly opening back toward the stairwell, we both flew up and grabbed our clothes running to the end of the row and hiding behind the stacks. I hazarded a glance back and saw our still white cum gleaming on the floor, right next to the dangling belt quietly perched over the volume of Brown and Beatty. I pointed at it silently, but frantically, and he looked back and laughed silently. Ducking back behind the row of books I tried to steady my breathing and unconsciously covered myself with the bundle of clothes I held in my hand. We heard the intruder quietly continue down the main pathway through the stacks and continue on until they reached another door at the opposite end of the room. Hearing the door close, we both made eye contact and laughed quietly while rushing to get dressed and retrieving the forgotten belt.

We walked out of the library hand in hand and rushed across the street to the bus stop. Our cheeks glowing with satisfaction, we waited in silence. Within minutes the bus arrived and still clinging to each other we sat in the back of the sparsely populated bus and gazed at each other.

"Stephen?" I said to him as I looked at his beautiful dark eyes.

"Yes dear?" he asked dropping his French accent and putting a big smile on his scruffy face.

"Can we do date night tomorrow too?"

We both broke up and laughed and my boyfriend of six years kissed me not quite as passionately as he had in the library, but his love was evident and I snuggled in next to him as the bus moved us out of downtown Vancouver and closer toward our apartment.

"By the way, do you speak German?" I asked him playfully as we approached our stop.

He grinned as he looked at me, bringing his face closer to mine. "If you fuck me like that again," he whispered as the bus came to a stop, "I'll speak any language you want."

I grabbed onto his hand tightly as we exited the bus and we huddled with each other against the falling rain. What will next week's date night be like? I thought to myself as we ran for home hand in hand.


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