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Soft and Precious

Short story By: ParaParti

A fantasy about having sex with a girl from work.

Submitted:Jan 24, 2014    Reads: 1,248    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Starting a normal day at work on a very busy match day, I enjoy working in the restaurant that I work in because of how the staff act and because one of them in unbelieveably hot. Her name is Kayleigh. Shorter than me about 5ft5, medium length blond hair but at work it's always up, one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen, her make-up is perfect making her look incredibly desirable. The clothes she wears are fairly tight fitting especially her trousers she has the best arse out of all of the girls in the restaurant, trousers that tight you could see the outline of the boyshorts she was wearing underneath. She's caught me looking a few times at her and we get on quite well. During the break that we have in the second half of the game I'm still working a little bit. She comes over to me and tells me to meet her in the toilets down the hallway but give it a few minutes so not to arise suspicion. After a few minutes I head off to the toilets, realising it's locked, I knock on and tell her that it's me and she lets me in locking the door behind her walks over to me and without saying anything puts her hand under my apron and puts it flat against my cock rubbing it making me nice and hard for her. I sit down and she carries on but now I'm in a better position I put my hand underneith her apron and rub her soft pussy, she closes her eyes bites her lip, from the pleasure that she is receiving just from that. She unties my apron then fumbles with my trousers to get them undone and down to my ankles. now sat there in my boxers I undo her apron and unbutton the her shirt letting her amazing boobs popout at me, I squeeze them with one hand and undo her trousers with the other. Her trousers down just fall down like mine do but I like the fact that I could see her soft blue with black pokka dot boyshorts just peeking over the top of her undone trousers and I slide my hand down there. She gasps a bit as I start to make her a very happy girl. She takes my boxers down and bends over properly wanking me and licking the tip whilst I'm still playing with her pussy. I move my fingers around into position to make her cum and I start rubbing, at this point she takes my dick into her mouth the soft, wet, warmness of her mouth feels great; along with her tongue swirling around it she makes me want to cum really quick but I manage to resist. watching her head bob up and down on my dick as I'm rubbing her sweet pussy is a tantalizing view. She tells me to cum and she moans as she gets closer to an orgasm which feels great for me, we both cum at the same time I blow my load into her mouth as she cums on the knickers and my fingers. She stands up and takes her trousers and knickers down and places her self over my dick ready to fuck; but I stop her. I slide down between her legs and rest my lips on her pussy and slide a couple of fingers into her. Sat on the floor with her above me whilst I eat her out I can tell that she loves it because her has her hands on my head pushing my down harder onto her pussy. I lick her clit and the lybia after sucking my both into my mouth and slowly licking them to start with but then speeding up and giving attention to every part of her, my fingers have curled round abit to rb her g-spot as I'm eating her out. She's having that much fun that I can feel her legs shaking at the side of me, I look up at her and her eyes are closed with a big smile on her face as she gets closer and closer to cumming. She puts a hand against the wall to support herself as she cums, sqeezing her legs together and pushing me more into her clit to lick her harder making her have the best orgasm she's had in a while.

I sit back up and kiss her but I'm still fingering her, she makes me stop with fingering her, I make sure that she is sufficient lubricated my me eating her out and she gently sits down on my dick. She's only a small girl so she has to take my dick slowly as it's kind of wide. She sqeezes her face from the bit of pain that she is having as I'm entering her so she stands back up again taking me out of her pussy and lowers herself again this time being able to take me all into her and she is releaved now all she has is pleasure. She rocks back and forth on my dick to start off with then starts bouncing on me the feeling is insatiable. I always forget how soft and smooth a vagina is, it feels so good. especially when I get somebody like her. I completely undo her top but we don't take it off so we can get dressed again quicker I grab her boobs and suck the nipple a bit. I can feel her getting more and more rigerous with the way that she's fucking me. arms wrapped around my head as I'm sucking her nipple she goes fullspeed grinding and riding me quickly bringing me to an orgasm really fast, she's not reaching it as fast as me so I put my thumb against her clit and rub that as we fuck. She yelps a bit then makes me kiss her, we passionatly make out, I can feel the muscles in her vagina tighten as she's cumming which makes me thrust hard into her when I cum and as I'm cumming I'm pumping me dick in an out of her as quickly as I can as she stays still and cums all over my dick. We can't help but grab each other and squeeze from the huge amount of pleasure we've both gained.

We clean ourselves up and leave the bathroom and head in different directions avoiding the eyeline of our work mates, Her food is already out on the table I have to go and get mine. I make up an excuse like my friend in another restaurant needed me and get to having my dinner, me and kayleigh are sat on the same table but we don't really talk whilst we're eating as we're watching the game. After we've eaten we continue the shift as normal occasionally talking to each other about tv shows etc. when we're alone we discuss for her to come back to mine with me for the night and we both agree that it's a good idea. She waits for me at the end of our shift as I have to help clean up and restock the bar. I finally finish and meet her by the building we sign out from, I order a taxi for us as it's fairly cheap and we head back to my house. She falls asleep on me in the car even though it's a 10 minute taxi drive. When we reach my house I wake her up and she's incredibly adorable when she'd just been woken up no wonder I'm falling in love with her the more I spend time with her. We get into my house, she strips down to her underwear and just collapses into my bed. Out in seconds. I stay up for a bit longer to do some other work then I join her in bed by spooning her when we snuggles further back into me to keep warm. I fall to sleep fairly quickly as well.

In the morning I wake up before she does and I notice that I have an intense case of morning wood. Kayleigh wakes up slightly and can feel my dick slightly against her arse so she pushes her arse further back and rubs my dick with her arse. I take my boxers off so I can feel the soft and silkyness of her knickers, they feel amazing against my dick. I lift her leg up a bit and put my dick between her legs, I put her leg back down and she can feel the top of my dick pressing against her pussy with her legs closed squeezing it tightly. I pump gently back and forth being able to feel the material of her knickers and it's turning me on more and more. She's enjoying it as well watching my dick slide back and forth between her legs and feeling it against her clit. I don't want to take her knickers off to fuck her they feel far too nice. So I lift her leg up a bit pull my dick back from between her legs, move her knickers over, check that she's wet and she is. She's soaking I can feel the moistness on her knickers. Still in our spooning position; I slide my dick deep into her. She gasps and grabs the pillow tight and I see a smile appear on her face she's clearly liking this I thrust gently in and out of her, she gently burries her face in the pillows and moans with pleasure. It feels too good for me not to carry on so I go faster and harder making her whole body move bringing her closer to an orgasm; speeding up I get up above her whilst she stays on her side and I fuck her like that, legs still closed, making her feel even tighter than she already is and I cum hard into her thrusting my dick into her harder than usual at the end. I lay down next to her; dick still inside of her still throbbing and I carry on fucking her making sure that she is going to cum as well, sure enough; she does. Curling up a bit and shaking slightly as she cums, once she's cum she relaxes again and giggles not expecting anything more to happen but now I pick her up and put her ontop of me but not facing me. I put my dick back into her already hard, her legs either side of my hips, laid down and I pump my dick into her. now that I have more control I can go faster than the last time and I do. Whilst I'm fucking her I'm constantly hitting her g-spot making Kayleigh cum multiple times at once, she puts her head back to rest over my shoulder against the pillow, her left hand on my head as she just lays there and lets be fuck her senseless and she has no objections to it what so ever just sheer pleasure. I cum a few more times before I stop. She takes my dick out of her, turns around, gets comfy on me and we both take a few minutes to relax.

After those few minutes she pushes herself up and smiles at me then moves down me kissing all the way down to my dick then taking it into her mouth making me get hard in her mouth, she's clearly enjoying the fact that she can make me hard that quickly becuase it's not long till I'm fully hard and she's going to town on my dick licking the head and tickling the sensitive part of my dick with her tongue before diving deep down on me and getting the depth to go perfect and wanking me at the same time in rythym with her sucking. I put my hands on her head and control the depth that she goes, telling her what to do before telling her that I'm going to cum and her forcing my dick as far down her throat as she possibly can and I cum down her throat. She's not even struggling to do it, I can feel my dick pulsating on her tongue as I cum. She comes up from being that deep on me, coughs and climbs back up to have our eyes meet. Without warning I put my hands down her knickers stroking her clit. I watch her face going from a cheeky smile to her eyes rolling into her head, eyes closing and her biting her lip and letting out a slight moan of pleasure as I rub her clit. I pull her knickers down and get my hand to cover all of her pussy sliding my fingers inside of her and getting her g-spot. I finger her like that as well as having my palm pressed against her clit rubbing that at the same time. She tells me to keep my hand still and I oblige. She rocks back and forth on my fingers using my fingers to fuck her, eventually she stops and tells me to make her cum and I do. I move my hand and fingers around quickly making her collapse onto me and squeel a little bit with pleasure. Once she's calmed down she gets back up and slides my dick inside her again. I love how soft and smooth she is. I love looking at her as she's bouncing on my dick enjoying every last bit of it, using me to make herself cum. rotating her hips around grinding on me then slowly pulling me out of her then sliding all the way back down on me. She does this a few times because of the reaction she gets from me. Eventually I can't take it any more and I have to hold her still by the waist and fuck her fast and hard. I'm fucking her that hard that her boobs are bouncing about all over the place, her hair was going all over the place and she's placed her hands on my chest to keep her support. She cums loads of times towards the end she's having that many orgasms that she's screaming with pleasure each time. I cum twice into her when I'm done and I stop she just drops on me. Exhausted she can't take it anymore, collapsed, panting and shaking all over. She drags herself off of me and cuddles up to me exclaiming that it was the best fuck she's ever had and she will definitely be coming back for me.


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