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Jaelyn's Submission, Part 4

Short story By: PaigeNicole

Jaelyn needs help and doesn't realize, at first, that a strange man knew exactly what would help her.

** There are tons of errors in grammar and punctuation. I am having to go back and edit this entire thing as I wrote it when I was younger and I like to think I am older and wiser now! I will miss things though .. I am sure!

Submitted:Oct 18, 2012    Reads: 2,215    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

The man presses himself even further between Jaelyn's thighs. She can feel his pants rubbing against her private areas which are almost exposed with her dress pushed up so high on her upper thighs. He leans in and starts kissing her neck and she hears him taking a deep breath through his nose then letting it out slowly across her neck.

"You smell absolutely wonderful girl."

His hands start moving through her hair slowly and he pushes some of it away from her neck. Jaelyn can't help but angle her head in such a way that his kisses hit their mark.

The man smiles to himself at this gesture and continues the kisses up her jaw line and eventually getting over to her lips. They are so young and full and very sweet, he thinks to himself.

He can't help but want to get a taste of her. He easily pries her lips open with no opposition from her and dips his tongue into the sweet wet opening exploring. He hears Jaelyn moan slightly and that makes a certain organ on his body twitch as he gives a small moan of his own in return.

His hands find her hips and slowly start moving up the sides of her thin small body, higher and higher, until they are adjacent from her small round breasts. Without hesitation, he moves over and grabs them both into his big strong hands and starts kneading them gently. They feeling like putty in his hands and he hears again, a moan, from his prize, the girl.

He pulls away from the kiss and grins down at her while still kneading her breasts between his fingers. "Does my little beauty like that?" Jaelyn can't help but say, "Yes Sir" and that causes the man to grin even more. "Very good my dear", he says as he pushes forward even more causing her to move back.

He takes one hand and puts it on the back of her head and leans closer whispering, "Lay back" and starts guiding her backwards until she is lying on the table top with her legs dangling over the edge.

The man stands up right, looking down at this little beauty on the table in front of him. Jaelyn sees him lick his lips as he mumbles in a husky voice, "All mine". Then, with an almost smug look, he tells Jaelyn, "and soon you will want it no other way. I can guarantee that!"

Not wanting to rush things, he stands there looking at Jaelyn for a minute as if trying to decide where to start. It feels similar to a birthday and this girl, this lovely young girl, is his gift. A gift he wants to open as carefully as he can.

He looks into her eyes and holds the gaze while he fans his fingers out and starts running his hands up top of her thighs, pushing the dress up even more. Jaelyn lifts her head from the table and glances down her body. She sees that her skirt is up high enough to see her thong beneath the nylons and her heart starts to beat faster.

She lies back down and stares up at this strange man. Things are getting... inappropriate, she thinks, but for some reason she can't bring herself to stop him. There is a part of her that loves the feelings that this stranger is drawing out from her. She shivers a little and closes her eyes berating herself for letting this continue and yet she still doesn't stop him.

She feels her dress getting stuck beneath her body and knows that the only way he can continue moving it up is if she lets it happen. She opens her eyes and looks up at the man and he is staring down at her. Not a word is spoken as Jaelyn lifts her hips up from the table and he pushes her dress up even further. The touch of his fingers on her tummy sends bolts of electricity through her and she can't help but moan.

In the short time she has known this man, if she can even say she knows him, he has made her feel new and exciting things. Even still, her mind is trying to tell her to make it stop but her body is unwilling to listen. All it took was one look for him to make her want to obey. He didn't even ask and yet she did what he wanted.

The man sees the turmoil in her eyes and knows her mind and body are in an argument with each other. He leans down, almost laying atop her, and whispers in her ear, "Enjoy it. You will not be disappointed."

more to come ...


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