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Jaelyn's Submission, Part 3

Short story By: PaigeNicole

Jaelyn needs help and doesn't realize, at first, that a strange man knew exactly what would help her.

** There are tons of errors in grammar and punctuation. I am having to go back and edit this entire thing as I wrote it when I was younger and I like to think I am older and wiser now! I will miss things though .. I am sure!

Submitted:Oct 16, 2012    Reads: 2,000    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

He turns back to Jaelyn and asks, "Now, where were we?" She looks up into his eyes and sees him staring back into hers. "Oh yes," he interrupts the mutual gaze, "I was in the process of taking a good look at you. From what I can tell, you are perfect in every way."

Jaelyn waits a moment and then asks, "Perfect for what ... Sir?"

"Why perfect for me, my dear," he replies with a smile.

He then puts his hands on her hips and sets her up on the table behind her. He moves his hands to her thighs and starts to softly gently caress her outer thighs through her nylons. Without saying a word he moves his body forward and pushes her thighs apart with his hips so he can stand between her legs.

Jaelyn's short dress starts moving up higher on her thighs and the man's hands moving up higher and higher on her thighs as well moving up the dress even more.

Jaelyn still isn't sure what is going on or what is going to happen tonight. Her head keeps telling her to fight and get away from this strange man but another part of her keeps her there. There is still something about him that intrigues her and compels her to stay put and see what transpires.

The man looks down at her and says quietly, "You aren't sure if you should stay or if you should run are you girl?" Jaelyn is once again startled by hearing the words in her head said out loud by this man. "That is totally up to you dear, but I do wish you would trust me and stay a bit longer."

Jaelyn looks up at him and asks, "Why Sir? Why should I trust you?"

He smiles and places his hand gently on her face, "I will never hurt you. You will learn who you are and what your place is in this great world. I will protect you and you will learn to let me. You will learn to love me just as I love you."

Jaelyn interrupts him saying, "Love you like you love me? You only just met me! I can't believe you can really love me."

The man glares at her after she is finished. Jaelyn glares back then quickly adds, "Sir" to her last comment.

The man smiles widely. "You are already learning, my girl" and he kisses her once again on the lips.

The man continues his little speech:

"If you obey me I can give you everything you want and need."

"If you should choose to disobey me then I can take it all away again."

"If you chose to leave, even now, I will receive you back, if you beg for my forgiveness and truly want to be back with me."

"You will be mine and you will always be mine, whether you are with me or not."

"You will never be alone again."

Jaelyn starts shaking her head thinking this man must be insane. She keeps telling herself that he can't possibly love her yet.

"Enough words for now, you will learn it all in time. For now let's get to know each other better shall we?"

Jaelyn nods her head, "Yes Sir".


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