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Jaelyn's Submission, Part 2

Short story By: PaigeNicole

Jaelyn needs help and doesn't realize, at first, that a strange man knew exactly what would help her.

** There are tons of errors in grammar and punctuation. I am having to go back and edit this entire thing as I wrote it when I was younger and I like to think I am older and wiser now! I will miss things though .. I am sure!

Submitted:Oct 15, 2012    Reads: 1,997    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

Jaelyn's server starts walking towards her table with the drink she ordered but stops in mid-stride seeing that there is a man there now with the girl. The server blushes a little upon seeing who the man was and lowers her gaze as she gets closer to the table with Jaelyn's drink. After lowering the drink to the table the server stands still and doesn't move, as if she is waiting for something. The man looks away from Jaelyn to server and nods his head, acknowledging her.

"I will need a drink as well and for the rest of the evening I will be joining this girl at the back table." He nods towards the girl in his arms as he speaks in case the server is slow and doesn't understand who he means to spend his evening with. The server nods saying, "Very well, Sir" and hurries away to get another one.

Jaelyn watches the server leave and can't help but to wonder what kind of man this is to receive all his needs met without hesitation. The man laughs softly at the girl's confused expression and says with amusement, "I come here often and everyone knows their place." Then leaning even closer to her ear he whispers, "but do you know yours girl?" Jaelyn shakes her head no and the man laughs a loud sexy laugh whispering again, "You will learn my girl, you will learn."

"Now let me get a look at you, love," he says as he turns Jaelyn around to face him. He uses a finger to move some hair away from her face and his eyes start moving very slowly down her face.

"Stunning, absolutely stunning", he whispers to himself while he runs his fingers softly down her cheek.

The mysterious man then leans close to Jaelyn's ear and whispers, "so tell me, why have you not screamed or at least tried to run my girl?"

Jaelyn freezes for a moment, thinking, but not really knowing the answer to his question. Logically she knew that is what she should have done long ago, but there is something about this man that seems interesting. In the end, all she could think to say was, "I am not sure."

Almost instantly after he hears her words, she hears him saying in an almost stern sounding voice, "Sir!" Jaelyn looks up into his eyes and stares at him with a questioning look.

"Sir! That is what you will say following everything you say to me. You understand my girl?" He repeats, again sternly.

Jaelyn is a little taken back at first but finds her head nodding yes and hears what she believes is her own voice saying, "Yes, Sir". The man smiles at her and runs his hand down her face, "Good Girl. That isn't so hard is it?" Jaelyn shakes her head and says, "No, Sir". Again the man smiles and leans in and places a soft kiss on her lips and whispers, "The sweet sound of your voice calling me Sir is like music to my ears".

Just then, the server comes back with the man's drink. He takes it right from her hand and nods towards her in appreciation. As the server was walking away, the man calls out to her saying, "Hold the girls meal, we will dine later. Also, until we are ready to eat, I would like some privacy in this corner of the restaurant. I will gladly pay for the use of every table near ours, if need be."

Without giving the server even a second to respond the man continues, "Thank you, I will call on you later and I can assure you that you will be tipped well for your service." The server then nods her head slightly and walks away mumbling, "Yes Sir".

Jaelyn, intrigued, looks towards this stranger and asks, "Why does everyone call you Sir.. Sir?"

The man grins, "You remembered, my girl, and that makes me proud of you." Jaelyn blushes and half smiles at his compliment, "Thank you Sir." The man then continues speaking, "The server calling me Sir is out of respect. She calls every man in this place Sir. Now you, my beautiful girl, call me Sir because I asked you too and you have chosen to obey. Therefore, once again, I will say how proud I am of you."

Jaelyn nods again in understand even though she wasn't sure she really understood, at least not yet.


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