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Jaelyn's Submission, Part 1

Short story By: PaigeNicole

Jaelyn needs help and doesn't realize, at first, that a strange man knew exactly what would help her.

Submitted:Oct 15, 2012    Reads: 2,289    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

Jaelyn runs into the restaurant free from the pouring rain outside. She pats down her damp dress while fiddling with the wet strands of hair falling front of her eyes. She doesn't notice that there is man standing half way in the shadows only a few feet from her. He lets his eyes roam down her body and stops at the small round lumps of her breasts. They are pressing against the wet top of her dress like ripe fruits ready to be picked. He figures she can't be more then 17.

"Maybe 18 at the most," he mumbles to himself.

The man can't help but to stare as the girl talks to the host. He can almost visualize what she might feel like should he reach out and touch her. "Time will tell", he thinks, "and very soon". He moves back into the shadows not wanting his cute little prey to notice him just yet. He was looking forward to this hunt. In the end he knows that he will be able to convince this girl to be his.

"And his alone", he grins to himself.

The restaurant host leads Jaelyn towards the back of the room. She slides into a booth not noticing the man grinning in the shadows. "This is perfect" the man whispers to himself while nodding his head in approval. His approval was aimed towards the host who doesn't even know he is approving her choice for the girl.

For the next several moments the man stayed in his place in the shadows watching the girl, observing her movements and actions. He was a good reader of people and was able to know that the girl was alone. To most people this was an obvious observation but it was not his true meaning. She was alone period. She had no parents to speak of or a boyfriend, not to mention friends in general. Sure she looked satisfied with her life from outward appearances but the man knew better. He could save her and he planned to do just that.

He waited for just the right moment and then started his way across the room towards her. She was like any other woman, making her dinner choices and then sliding out of the booth to make her way towards the powder room. This is what he waited for and was able to time his actions accordingly.

For the brief second that her back was to him he walked up behind her and whispered into her ear, "Let me help you girl." She is startled and freezes as she listens to his deep sexy voice. She doesn't respond to him so he put his hand goes around her waist, his palm pressed against her lower abdomen. His other hand goes to the outside of her thigh and slowly starts moving up towards her hip in a very precise movement. He knew exactly what he is doing and still the girl doesn't say a word. He grins as he notices that she doesn't even try to move away from his grasp. There is something about him that makes her want to stay where she is even though he is most definitely an older man whom she didn't know from Adam.


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