The Wild Thing: Please Baby Please

By: P A Edwards

Page 1, Judy has a wild sexual experience when she gets pulled over by a cop in Texas one night.




Judy was taking a drive through Texas on a warm June evening.  She passed a couple of ranches and was out on a rather deserted road and guessed she was just going to have to admit to herself that she was definitely lost.  She got her map out and was trying to look at it and drive at the same time.  She wasn’t doing a very good job and almost ran off the road a couple of times.  She was getting ready to pull over to look at the map when she suddenly happened to glance in her rearview mirror and noticed a cop with his lights on behind her.  Oh great she thought this is just what I needed.  She noticed a gravel road up ahead so she decided to pull over.  The cop pulled off the road a ways back from her car which she thought was rather bizarre.  Also, it was starting to get dark so she felt a little uncomfortable.  While she sat in her car and waited, she found her proof of insurance and registration.  It was really a very warm evening in Texas.   She sat in her car for what seemed like an hour before she noticed a plain closed man about forty years old get out and start walking toward her car.  She thought it seemed strange that he was out of uniform.  He walked around the car several times before coming to her side of the car. 

“Get out of the car,” he said.  Judy slowly got out and handed him her car registration. 

“Turn around and put your hands on the car and spread your legs,” he shouted.  Judy did this, but thought it was really strange because she had no idea what was going on at this point.  The only positive note about getting stopped was that the cop was so good looking so she didn’t mind.  She turned around and did what he said.  After a few minutes of putting her hands on the car, he started slowly running his hands down her legs and even put his hand between her legs for a second.  He was starting to get her turned on.  Just at that moment he started talking again.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he said.  He got his handcuffs out and handcuffed her.  She had no idea what was going on at this point, but she was enjoying it.   

“Start walking toward the car,” he said.  He grabbed her hands and escorted her to the back seat of his police car.  It was now completely dark outside.  Just when Judy was getting ready to ask what was going on, he started talking again. 

“Do you know why I am stopping you,” he asked.  “It is because I noticed how hot you looked about two miles back when you passed me.”  Suddenly he leaned down and started kissing her on the neck.  Judy was still handcuffed when he pulled her down in the backseat of his police cruiser.  He was still kissing her neck and ran his hand up her shirt.  Judy was attracted to him so she didn’t resist.  His hand ran up her stomach and stopped on her breast.  He rubbed her nipples ever so gently and she started getting so turned on.  She felt funny all over and started tingling.  He continued rubbing her breast and worked his other hand down to her shorts and unsnapped them slowly.  He pulled her shorts and her panties off.  He immediately started rubbing her clit. 

“Oh, that feels great,” panted Judy.  Judy’s pussy was starting to get really wet and he started to unsnap his pants.  Judy could see his eight inch rock hard cock bulging out from his pants.  He undid his pants and continued rubbing her pussy and clit.  At this point, Judy was so turned on that she didn’t care why the cop stopped her.  The cop had his pants down and was rubbing his cock. 

“I’m going to unhand cuff you as long as you cooperate,” he stated.  The cop reached behind her and took off the handcuffs.  Judy was so relieved that they were off of her.  The cop continued to rub her clit.  Judy reached down and started rubbing his cock up and down.  Then she started kissing his rock hard cock and licking it. 

“I might let you go eventually if you keep doing that,” the cop said.  Judy put his cock in her mouth as far as she could and sucked on it for awhile.  Then she licked his penis up and down for what seemed like hours. 

“Lay back,” the cop suddenly said.  He started rubbing his cock against her clit for a few minutes.  Judy was going crazy.  She was about to have an orgasm when he decided to slide his cock inside her very wet pussy.  He was on top of her and he was starting to bang her hard.  Judy was having an enormous orgasm when the cop suddenly stopped. 

“Get on top of me,” he whispered.  Judy hopped on top of his cock and he grabbed her around the waist.  She rode on his cock and it felt so good to her riding up and down on him.  She had another orgasm.  It felt so awesome having sex with a complete stranger.  Just then the cop started moaning pulling her up and down rougher and harder on his cock.  Judy wished she could ride him all night because she felt such intense pleasure throughout her body.  The cop suddenly stopped and Judy felt him come all inside of her. 

“You can get dressed and go now,” said the cop.  “I won’t get you on any charges this time.”  Judy hurried up and got dressed before he decided to change his mind.  She jumped out of the back seat of his car and the cop suddenly drove off.  Judy hurried back to her car and thought this is the wildest thing I have ever been through and drove home.                    

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