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The Candy Shop

Short story By: P A Edwards

Tags: Sex, Oral, Ride

Pete goes on a trip to New Orleans with two pretty women and feels like he is in a candy shop

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Candy Shop

It was August 1st, 2005 and Missy and Angie were at the airport in Louisville, KY trying to rent a car for their trip to New Orleans, LA. They finally got done with all the paperwork and ended up with a maroon Pontiac Vibe. They were getting ready to head for New Orleans when Angie suddenly decided she needed some male companionship on this trip.

"Let's take Pete with us," said Angie. Missy agreed with her so they drove to Frankfort, KY to pick him up. They also made a beer stop, as they called it, and bought a case of Bud Light. Also, after they picked Pete up, they decided to let him be the one to drive to New Orleans. The trip to New Orleans was a wild one. They practically drank the whole case of beer on the way and were pretty well lit by the time they got there. Finally around twelve in the morning, they found their hotel room. It actually was a two room suite. Missy had the bedroom while Pete and Angie took the living room.

"Let's hit Bourbon Street," said Pete. Angie agreed with him, but Missy had already passed out from all the booze. Pete and Angie walked down to Bourbon Street and had a wild night. By the time they got back to the hotel at 4 A.M., Angie had about twenty sets of beads around her neck. Pete was feeling really good also. He felt like he was in a candy shop because he had two good looking women with him in the hotel. He walked over and grabbed another Bud Light out of the cooler and asked Angie to put on something sexy. She put on a black see through bra and panties. They turned the television on MTV and Angie danced around the room to the song, "Just A Little Bit," by Fifty Cent. Pete was getting horny as hell watching her bend all the way over in front of him. She had a very nice ass. Pete decided at that moment that he was going to dance and strip to the song also. He took his shirt off and it revealed his very muscular chest. Then he unzipped his pants and Angie started pulling his jeans off. She pulled his underwear off also. Pete pulled her down on the couch and Angie immediately went down on him. She started sucking his cock and licked it up and down like a lollypop.

"Girl, please don't stop," shouted Pete. Angie continued this for the next five minutes until Pete grabbed her and told her to get on top of him. He pulled her panties off and Angie rode his cock up and down. She was so turned on that she came several times.

"Oh my gosh," panted Angie. "You are so good in bed." Pete had his hands around her waist and was helping her ride him hard. Angie was shaking all over. Next, Pete started playing with her nipples while Angie cried out with pleasure because it felt so good. Her pussy was sop and wet and Pete could feel her dripping all over him. Angie got off of Pete's cock and he started kissing her nipples and sucking on them. They were as hard as gold nuggets. He then started kissing her stomach and worked his way down to her vagina. He licked her wet pussy and thrust his tongue inside her. Angie was going crazy from him doing this. She felt like her eyes were rolling back in her head from having an orgasm. Finally, Pete stopped for a few minutes and Angie was so drunk that she actually passed out during this time. Oh well he thought. Just then he heard Missy up walking around so he knocked on her door.

"Are you awake Missy?" asked Pete. She said yes so he went in just in his underwear. Missy was up drinking a beer and she about died when she seen him in his underwear. Pete felt like he was in heaven. He walked over and got in bed beside her.

"You are so pretty and have such a nice body," Pete told Missy. He started kissing her and slid his hand up her night shirt. He gently started rubbing her huge tits until they were erect. He then slid his hand in her panties and started fingering her already wet pussy. He was so turned on by her and his cock was already rock hard. He pulled her shirt and panties off and got on top of her. He slid his cock inside her and starting banging her as hard as he could.

"You turn me on so much more than Angie does," panted Pete. He continued banging Missy until he was about ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of her right before he came and put it all over Missy's huge tits. Pete felt like he was in heaven from having sex with two women.

"Do not tell Angie we had sex," stated Pete. "She will be really mad and jealous." They agreed not to tell Angie and Pete finally got to bed about six in the morning. They stayed in New Orleans another week and partied and had sex. Angie still does not know that Pete and Missy had sex. About a week after they left, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. They felt so lucky to get out of town right before the hurricane hit. They have not been back to New Orleans since the hurricane demolished the town. Shortly after they went home, Pete and Angie moved to Missouri and Missy never heard from them again.


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