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Tags: Adult, Sex, Oral, Erotica

Tonya met Kelly on the internet and met him for a great night of passion.

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Tonya was on the internet trying to find a date on singlesnet.com. She had just joined the site and had talked to a few men, but really hadn't met anyone interesting yet. Suddenly she noticed one that looked very interesting. He was about 49 which was 8 years older that her and he had similar interest. She emailed him and after about ten minutes he emailed her back. They chatted for the next hour or so and Tonya thought he was so good looking. He suddenly started asking some strange questions

"What are you wearing right now," he typed

"Jeans and a t-shirt," she typed back

"Take them off and tell me about it," he replied. So Tonya took them off and typed back and told him about it.

"I'm in my underwear and bra now," she typed back to him.

"Take them off and rub your clit," he typed. Tonya slowly started rubbing her clit and was enjoying it as she looked as his picture.

"I'm rubbing my seven inch penis and thinking of it being in your pussy," he replied. Tonya was rubbing her clit and thinking of his cock while she did it. It felt really good to her. She had a great time masturbating over the internet.

She continued talking to him over the next couple of weeks. His name was Kelly and she enjoyed masturbating while she talked to him every night of the week after work. She couldn't wait to actually meet him. It felt so good to rub her clit and just imagine what it would be like to be with him.

One night he asked her to meet him in Leitchfield, KY at the Taco Bell. Tonya could not wait to get there that night. She had to drive about 45 miles to meet him, but she thought it was worth it. Finally, about 8 pm she arrived there and got to meet him. He was as good looking as his picture. They talked for a little bit and then decided to get some beer and go to the Hatfield Inn and get a room. Kelly had on some really tight shorts and as soon as the door closed to the room Tonya was unbuttoning those shorts and had her hands on his cock. He was really built and tan too. She pulled his shorts off and immediately started sucking on his cock.

"You are so good at this," Kelly stated. Tonya continued to kiss on his cock as he started to pull her shirt off. Kelly finally got her shirt and bra off and started kissing her huge breast and tits. Tonya had some really huge tits and .Kelly really liked them. They were very sensitive and Kelly rubbed them gently. Tonya loved this and grabbed one of his hands and took it down to her pussy. Kelly about ripped her shorts off and was really turned on when he discovered how wet her pussy was. He rubbed her clit gently and she cried out with extreme pleasure as he continued to rub it. Kelly finally pulled her down on the bed and slid his cock in her very wet pussy and banged her for about twenty minutes. After twenty minutes they took a break and started drinking a few beers and Tonya found out that Kelly was a really good guitar player and had about ten guitars. They talked for about 30 more minutes then Tonya decided to start kissing him and went down and started kissing his cock and licking it.

"You are the best I've ever had at doing that," whispered Kelly. Tonya continued sucking on his cock for about ten minutes then she decided she wanted to jump on top of him. She grabbed a hold of the headboard and rode him hard for about 10 minutes.

"Can we do it doggy style?" asked Kelly. This was the next position they tried. Kelly absolutely loved her ass and he banged her from behind for about ten more minutes until he though he was going to cum. Tonya was so wet and this turned Kelly on even more.

"Do you want to keep doing it this way?" asked Kelly.

"Yes definitely," moaned Tonya. Kelly continued to bang her from behind until he finally fully ejaculated in her pussy. It felt so good to him. They decided to drink some more beer and talk some more after they had sex. Finally about 1 am Kelly said he had to leave and go home. Tonya thought this was very strange but didn't say anything. After he left, Tonya found herself wondering if he was married because he left so abruptly. She stayed in the motel for the remainder of the night because she was drinking.

The next morning she drove back home. She got on singlesnet.com and tried to email Kelly, but apparently he had deleted his account. It was very bizarre. She didn't hear from Kelly again for several months and then one day he found her on myspace and sent her a message. She ignored him because she had met someone else and she still felt he might be married. He emailed her several more times, but Tonya continued ignoring him until he finally stopped emailing her. Then eventually he deleted his account and that was the last she heard of him.


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