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Right Here Waiting for You

Short story By: P A Edwards

Christy is dating a truck driver and is mad because he is always gone. However, when he comes home they share a night of great sex. Recommended for adults age 18 and over.

Submitted:May 20, 2011    Reads: 2,396    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Christy had not seen her live in boyfriend for three weeks.She was dating a truck driver and the distance was taking a toll on the relationship.They seemed to fight every time he came home for a couple of days.They would also fight whenever he called her from his cell phone.Her boyfriend's name was Dan and he had not called her for several days.She was not very happy about not hearing from him.She occupied her time by watching television and feeling lonely.She was in the middle of watching her favorite soap opera when she was startled by the ringing of the phone.
"Hello," said Christy.
"It's me," replied Dan.
"Where the hell have you been and why haven't you called me?" screamed Christy.
"I was giving you time to cool off from being mad," said Dan.
"You were probably out with some woman at the truck stop," screamed Christy.She continued screaming for several minutes until Dan hung up on her.Christy threw the phone across the room and scared her cats to death in the process.She almost hit one of them in the head.She stormed out the door and drove down the road to get a twelve pack of beer.Christy was extremely pissed and about half drunk when Dan finally came home.
"I'm home," said Dan.Just then Dan saw the beer cans.He walked up to the coffee table and knocked all the beer cans off.
"What the hell are you doing drinking again," screamed Dan.
"You asshole," yelled Christy.Christy then smacked Dan across the face.She was getting ready to smack him again, but Dan grabbed her hands and pulled her close to him and passionately started kissing her.She tried to pull away from him, but he was too strong.He continued kissing her and started giving her some tongue.Christy was still extremely angry but she knew she wanted him.She tore his pants open and he lifted her up on the kitchen counter.
"I love it when you are mad," whispered Dan."We have great sex then."She ripped the buttons off his shirt tearing his flannel shirt open.She started passionately kissing his chest and ran her tongue over his nipples.She then finished ripping his pants open and grabbed his cock and stroked it up and down.While she stroked Dan's cock, Dan pulled her panties and night gown off and started to finger her already wet pussy.
"You are so turned on baby," panted Dan.They continued stroking each other for several minutes and then Dan grabbed her around the waist and slid his cock in her pussy and thrust his penis in her deep.Christy moaned with pleasure.
"Let's go back to the bedroom," whispered Dan.Dan carried her back to the bedroom and gently put her on the bed and started kissing her neck and gently rubbed her breast and tits.He moved down slowly and kissed her breast and licked her nipples ever so gently while he slid his finger in her already soaking wet pussy.Christy was enjoying it so much.He then moved farther down and kissed her stomach and finally he started kissing her thighs.He could taste her juices running down her thighs.He then slowly started kissing and licking her pussy.Her juices tasted so good to him.He licked and ate her pussy until he found her clit.Christy immediately cried out with pleasure while Dan continued sucking on her clit.
"Oh Dan I'm coming so hard," she screamed. "Oh please Dan do not stop."She felt such intense pleasure all through her body from head to toe.Dan continued thrusting his tongue all over her clit licking her juices as she came.He then pushed his tongue in her pussy very deeply and licked back and forth and about drove Christy crazy with pleasure.
"Dan I want your cock in me so badly," she cried out.Dan was so hard and erect from her enjoying herself.His huge cock was throbbing and he slid it in her as deeply as he could.He pulled his cock out and thrust his hips forward to get his throbbing cock in as deeply as he could inside her wet pussy.It turned on Dan so much because his cock slid in so easily and he banged her hard for about twenty minutes. Finally, he pulled out before he came and Christy put his cock in her mouth as far as it would go.She licked the end of Dan's cock and rubbed her hand up and down on his cock for several minutes.Then she licked it up and down and back and forth and drove Dan insane because he felt such extreme pleasure.
"Oh Dan rub that cock all over my nipples," panted Christy.Dan ran his rock hard cock up and down over her nipples.Her whole body felt extreme pleasure once again.She then got on top of Dan and rode his cock.She was so juicy and it ran down all over him.The feeling of her juices running on his body excited him and he finally came all inside her after she rode him hard for awhile.
"Wow, that was great," said Dan.I have to leave now so I can be in Georgia in the morning.

"You can't be serious," shouted Christy. "I haven't seen you for three weeks."She started screaming and throwing her shoes at him.He finally got tired of getting screamed at so he left.Christy was right back where she started earlier in the day which was mad and waiting for Dan.Oh well she thought at least we have good sex


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