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I Still Remember You

Short story By: P A Edwards

Tags: Erotica, Sex, Oral, Adult

Brenda and Rick get back together again when he comes home on leave from the Air Force.

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Brenda had dated Rick for two years after high school. They had broken up and the next year he had joined the Air Force. One day in 1990, Brenda was shopping at Walmart when she suddenly almost ran into someone with her shopping cart. She looked up to say sorry and she realized it was Rick. Oh my and how he had changed for the better. He had slimmed down and had muscles now. He looked great.

"How are you?" he asked. Brenda could hardly take her eyes off of him.

"I'm home for the next two weeks and I just bought a new Ford Mustang," he stated. "If you want, I will show it to you." Brenda agreed to see it and went for a ride with him in the blue mustang. After the ride, Rick turned to Brenda and asked her if he could take her out that night. She agreed and they set a time for 7 that evening. She drove back to her parent's house very happy and could not wait to see him that night. At exactly six forty-five Rick pulled in the driveway and whenever he came to the door he brought Brenda one red rose.

"Thank you, it is beautiful," exclaimed Brenda. Rick walked her to the car and even opened the car door for her. He took her out to Applebees for dinner. Brenda still couldn't believe how much he had changed. He was such a gentleman and looked great. After dinner they went for a drive through the country and he pulled off on the deserted road that they use to make out at in high school. Rick stopped the car and put his arm around Brenda. They started kissing and Rick ran his hand under Brenda's shirt and unsnapped her bra. He started playing with her nipples and Brenda started unsnapping Rick's jeans. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down for several minutes. Rick worked his way down between her legs and fingered her pussy until it was good and wet. He then pulled her jeans and her panties off. Brenda put the seat back and Rick moved over on top of her. He slid his cock inside of her and started moving his cock in and out of her pussy. This felt so good to Brenda and she just felt warm and tingly all over. They continued in this position until Rick suddenly stopped.

"Get on top of me," he whispered. Brenda moved over on top of him and got on his cock. Brenda was really getting wet and Rick had his hands around her waist. She rode him for the next ten minutes until Rick was about to climax. He suddenly pulled out of her and Brenda went down on him and started sucking on his rock hard cock. She did this for a few minutes and then started licking it up and down until he about exploded. She licked it off for a while and then they decided to get dressed. Rick took her home around 12 A.M. Brenda invited him back over to her parent's house the next evening. He arrived there around 6 and brought some more roses. This time he brought a dozen. He knew that Brenda really loved them. He also had something else for Brenda.

"What is it?" Brenda asked. Rick suddenly got down on one knee and took out a ½ carrot diamond engagement ring.

"Oh my gosh," Brenda exclaimed. She could not believe her eyes.

"Will you marry me?" asked Rick. Brenda was speechless. She definitely was not expecting this at all tonight.

"Yes," she said. "And the ring is so pretty." Brenda and Rick decided to get married the next night. He was getting ready to be sent to Germany. Also, they decided to elope. The next night when they said their vows Brenda about fainted during the ceremony because she was so nervous. After the ceremony, they went to the hotel for their honeymoon. Rick brought some champagne and poured them both a glass of it. They finished off the bottle and they were both feeling pretty tipsy. Rick then started kissing Brenda and pulled her down on the bed. They about tore each other's clothes off. Rick started kissing her nipples and then worked his way down to Brenda's pussy. He licked it until she had a magnificent orgasm and was practically tearing the blankets off the bed. Then he worked his way over till he was positioned behind her and they had sex doggy style until Rick almost came. He pulled out of her then rubbed his cock against her breast and nipples. He then got on top of her and started going in and out of her several times. He was definitely hitting the spot on her because Brenda was moaning with pleasure. Rick continued for about thirty more minutes and finally he came really hard.

"I love you Brenda," he whispered. They continued making love for the rest of the night. Two days later Rick went over to Germany and a month later Brenda got to join him and they are still married till this day.


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