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Tags: Sex, Oral, Wild, Night

Pam just got dumped by her boyfriend when she met Tim at a college bar one night. They went back to his apartment for an extreme night of pleasure.

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The year was 1989 and Pam was in her second semester of college when her boyfriend dumped her. He was stationed at Fort Knox and she was attending college in Richmond, KY. The breakup was really difficult for her because he was her first love. She found out he was cheating on her and she was devastated. She started drinking shortly after the relationship ended and her friends were wanting her to go out to the bars on this particular Thursday night in October.

"You need to go out and meet someone else and get out of this funk your in," stated Robin. Robin and several other girls were going to J. Sutters Mill and they were determined to drag Pam with them.

"Ok I'll go to the bars with you," moaned Pam. Pam was going through her closet looking for a mini skirt. The rest of her friends were all wearing mini skirts to the bar on that particular night. She finally found something to wear and got ready. She even drank a couple of beers before she left that night to get in the mood to party. Finally at about 7 they all decided to walk downtown. Pam could not wait to get to J. Sutters Mill and drink some Long Island Ice Teas or a Zombie. Pam's friends just wanted her to meet another guy so she would quit talking about her ex. They were getting sick of hearing about him. They arrived at the bar at about 7:15 and immediately ordered a couple of beers. It wasn't long after this that Pam starting ordering her usual Zombie. The DJ was playing Motley Crue and quite a bit of Poison. They both were very popular in 1989. It was during the middle of one of Motley Crue's songs that Pam spotted this great looking guy that looked like he should be on a soap opera. Pam could not take her eyes off of him. She finished the rest of her Zombie drink and got up the nerve to go and talk to him. She was about half drunk and a slow song came on so she asked him if he wanted to dance. They started dancing to the song, "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" and Pam discovered his name was Tim and he had just broken up with his girlfriend. He was really nice and Pam could not believe how sexy he was and a great dancer. When the song was over, Tim bought her another Zombie and asked her to go back to Danville with him for the night which was about an hour away from Richmond. Tim's friend Ralph drove and Tim and Pam jumped in the back seat and immediately starting kissing. Tim pulled her down in the seat and slid his hand up her shirt and began rubbing her fully erect nipples. Pam was so turned on because he was the best looking guy she had ever seen. Pam was wearing black panty hoes with her black mini skirt and Tim about ripped them off of her trying to get to her wet pussy. He fingered her good while she rubbed his cock. She about tore his jeans off. He pulled her panties down and slid his rock hard cock in her pussy and banged her there in the backseat for the next thirty minutes. Tim banged her hard and Pam screamed her head off the whole time.

"You two are awful," said Ralph. Ralph turned the radio on to drown out the sound and started playing Whitesnake. Tim started trying to bang Pam to the song while she continued screaming with extreme pleasure. Her pussy was so very wet and turned him on so much. They continued having sex all the way back to Danville. It was a very wild night. Finally, they arrived at the apartment that Tim and Ralph shared.

"I am leaving you two here," said Ralph. Tim led Pam inside and took her to bed immediately.

"Wait," screamed Pam. "Let's play some Poison while we have sex." Pam blasted one of their songs while Tim came up behind her and starting fingering her pussy again. He slid into her pussy from behind and screwed her so hard that the headboard kept hitting the wall. They went at it for about twenty minutes and Tim loved the shape of her ass from behind. He finally pulled out of her and Pam got on top of him. She started riding him to the beat of one of the songs and her pussy was very wet and very sore after about an hour.

"Can we have oral sex now," asked Pam. She immediately kissed him and continued kissing him all the way down till she got to his cock. She immediately put his cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. She put some chocolate syrup on it and licked off every drop of it while Tim came all in her mouth. She continued putting chocolate syrup on his cock and licking it off until he about came again. Tim then put the syrup on her nipples and licked it off then continued downward to her pussy. He put the syrup on it and ate her pussy till she couldn't hardly stand it any more because she was coming so hard. Tim then jumped on top of her and slid his cock in her pussy and banged her hard for the next hour till he came all inside of her. They continued having sex till about five in the morning until they finally went to sleep. The next morning Pam could hardly walk from being so sore. Tim took her out to eat and then drove her back to her dorm room. They continued having an affair for the next year until Pam left college and moved back to her hometown near Ft. Knox. She never seen Tim again. .


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