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Tags: Sex, Erotic, Sexy, Banged

Paula just started a new job with her boss Tony. She was nervous because she liked him. They would be much more than boss and employee at the end of the day. They end up in a hotel having sex. This contains sexual content. Recommended for adults 18 and over.All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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Paula felt very nervous as she drove to the office. It was her first day on the job and she would be working for Tony. Paula had liked Tony for several years, but he was sort of shy and reserved. Paula felt sort of awkward because of her feelings for him and hoped things would go well on her first day.
"Hi Tony," she said as she walked in the office door.
Tony looked up from his papers and smiled. "Are you ready to go over the figures on the budget?. I will train you today." Tony actually had a crush on Paula, but had never told her. He noticed right away her skirt and sexy legs and the blouse that showed her cleavage. Also, Tony liked tall women and Paula was five foot nine inches tall.
"Great I'm ready for anything," Paula stated as she bent over to put her purse down at her desk. Tony couldn't help noticing her very long sexy legs and how terrific her butt looked in the tight grey skirt.
"I always love enthusiastic employees," stated Tony as he walked over to the coffee machine.
Paula thought he looked hot in his navy blue dress pants and light blue dress shirt. How am I going to get any work done thought Paula. I am so attracted to him. Paula had known Tony for several years. She had met him through a mutual friend one night at the club. Paula had been dating someone for the last several years so her and Tony had never hooked up. Gosh he has a such a nice tight butt, thought Paula, as she watched him get some coffee. Paula couldn't help but wonder what kind of underwear he had on. How am I going to concentrate on figures when I have to work with someone I'm so attracted too.
"Would you like some coffee," asked Tony. "We need to get started because we have a deadline for our budget and project."
"No Thank you," replied Paula. Tony walked back to his desk and Paula walked over and sat beside him to look at the figures. Tony kept wondering what it would feel like to have Paula's long legs wrapped around him all night long. I need to get focused, he thought. The project needs to be done next week. Tony and Paula eventually got focused and worked on the project throughout the morning. Finally, at luch they stopped working for awhile. Tony couldn't stop looking at her legs. Paula caught him looking at her legs, but he looked away when he noticed her watching him.
"Would you like to go somewhere for lunch," asked Tony. Oh my gosh, thought Paula. He has never asked me to do anything before. What if I end up having an affair with my boss? Paula couldn't help thinking what a turn on that would be.
"I would love to," stated Paula. Tony took her to Lobster House for lunch and Paula couldn't help wondering where this would go between them. When they arrived at lobster house Tony opened the doors for her. He looked so good in those navy pants and Paula wished she could put her hands in his pants and rip them off. Tony was also noticing Paula and how her nipples looked slightly erected in that white blouse. They were both turned on during lunch and Tony got a great glipse of her cleavage and huge nipples when she got up to go to the restroom. I hope I can control myself he thought. He waited till Paula came back from the restroom and walked with her out to the car. Tony watched the slit in her skirt and saw more leg when she got in the car. He decided he couldn't stand much more. He suddenly reached for her hand and slid his hand down to her legs. He then slid his hand up the slit in her skirt up to her panties. Paula was surprised, but didn't stop him. He slid his fingers in Paula's panties and started rubbing her pussy He played with her clit for a second and put his fingers inside her pussy.
"Oh gosh," whispered Paula. Tony then kept fingering her pussy for a few minutes. He couldn't help but notice hot wet and firm her pussy seemed to him.
"Are you as attracted to me as I am to you," whispered Tony.
"Oh gosh yes,"panted Paula. She was still enjoying Tony fingering her pussy.
"Why don't we go get a room for about an hour and I will make you feel so good." stated Tony.
"Please do," panted Paula. Tony then proceeded to drive to the hotel. Paula slid her hand between his legs as he drove there. She loved feeling his cock and couldn't wait to see it fully erected. They finally got to the hotel and Tony had a fully erected cock. They went in the side door and up to the second floor room. Tony grabbed her and pulled her skirt up as soon as they got in the room. Paula grabbed his belt and undid it. She put her hand in his pants and grabbed his erected cock. Tony slid his hand up to Paula's panties and about tore them off of her. Tony wanted to throw her on the bed and absolutely bang the hell out of her. He pulled her skirt off instead and started finger fucking her again until the juices were running out of her pussy. She pulled his pants off and put the end of his cock in her mouth. She sucked it thouroghly for a few minutes. Tony about ripped her shirt off and started kissing Paula's nipples gently and then started slowly sucking on them. Paula moaned with pleasure.
"Oh Paula I want to bang you so hard," panted Tony.
"Oh Gosh I can't wait," Paula screamed loudly. She suddenly got on top of Tony and he grabbed her around the hips and thrust her down on his fully erected cock about 5 times.
"Oh Tony I love it rough." Tony then thrust her up and down about 12 times. They were on the bed now and Paula was having a massive orgasm.
"Please don't stop Tony," screamed Paula. Paula rode him up and down and Tony helped by bringing her down on his cock. The juice from Paula's pussy was dripping down her thighs and on Tony's balls and thighs. Paula was screaming loudly with delight.
"Baby let's have some oral sex," said Tony. Paula got off of Tony's cock and laid back in the bed. Tony kissed her gently then kissed her down the neck and kept going down until he got to her breast. He sucked her nipples gently and put her huge size D breast in his mouth. He had a mouthful. He then kissed Paula down to her pussy and sucked on her clit till it was huge and swollen. Paula screamed out with pleasure. He then licked her pussy for awhile.
"Oh you taste so good. It's your turn now to suck my cock," Paula went down to Tony's cock and started sucking the head and licking it also. She put as much of his dick as she could in her mouth and kept sucking. She kept going up and down sucking on Tony's cock for about five minutes.
"Paula you are so good at sucking cock,"moaned Tony with much pleasure. Paula continued sucking Tony's cock for five more minutes then she licked Tony's cock up and down making sure she didn't miss a spot.
"Oh Paula I'm about ready to come,"screamed Tony.
"I can't wait to taste you," panted Paula. Tony came all over Paula's breast and thought this was a turn on. He also came in her mouth some. Paula enjoyed this greatly.
"That was so good," said Tony. "I'm afraid we have to get back to the office and finish up our work."
"Oh, no just when I was having fun," said Paula. They got dressed and Tony drove them back to the office. It seemed that having sex helped them think better because they got quite a bit of work done. It seemed like they had only been at the office a few minutes when five o'clock came around.
"Wait, Paula, don't leave stay after a few minutes, said Tony. He waited till everyone was out of the office and suddenly grabbed Paula and started passionately kissing her. She kissed him back and he knocked some of the items off his desk. Paula sat up on his desk and Tony pulled her skirt up and panties down. She jerked his pants open and about tore the button off. She stroked his cock until it was fully erect and he fingered her until she was nice and wet. Tony slid his cock in Paula's wet pussy with ease and banged her hard on the desk. He went in her pussy good and deep and they both screamed with delight. They finally reached climax together and it was awesome. They finally finished their project early the next week and Paula was pleased. She not only had a job but a new man. It seemed she had been nervous over work for no reason. She was happy and hoped that they would date for years to come.


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