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Party Animals

Short story By: Oktavius

Tags: Sex, Party

At a sex party we have sexy fun and play erotic party games.

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Party Animals

"Do I look alright?" Marianne asks as I reach up to press the doorbell.

A sheeny black satin dress, so high up her thighs that every step of her high-heeled feet shows anyone whose interested a glimpse of bare thigh above sheer seamed black stockings, a thin halter strap disappearing under her blonde hair, cleavage cut in a deep V between her breasts and held closed by a bow that's pleading for a guy to pull undone, backless down to the short zip down the curve of a bottom that attracts my hand like a magnet.
"You look fantastic!"
Marianne's dressed just right for Jerry and Suzanne's party.

Moments later the door's closed behind us, we've got champagne glasses in our hands and there's Suzanne. She's in her trademark vivid pink, her dress even shorter up her bare thighs than Marianne's, see through enough to show the shadow of a black thong underneath, clinging to her curves like a second skin, and peaking over the nipples of her breasts.

"Mmmmmm…..John….so glad you and Marianne could come"

I feel Suzanne's breasts against me as she hugs me. Her bottom's soft and round. My erection stiffens as I remember Suzanne's breasts swinging above me and the smoothness of her legs against my hand.

Other friends are there too. There's Sophie in her "schoolgirl" outfit: white blouse tight over her breasts and thin enough to show there's no bra underneath, grey pleated mini-skirt, white knee socks, straw boater and rakish necktie to tell teacher she's a naughty girl who needs her bottom spanked. Amanda in her black and red basque jutting her breasts out, a black thong strap between her cheeks, with black sheer nylons and red-buckled suspenders. Our eyes meet and she smiles. I remember those nylon clad legs wrapped over my back. There's Andrew and Martin: tight jeans, open shirts and gold medallions, bulging erections. They look at me ever hopeful. Anything can happen at Jerry and Suzanne's parties!

Marianne takes my hand. I know what Marianne likes. She leads me to the blue-lit room with the thumping, pounding music. As my eyes accustom to the gloom I see figures gyrating around me to the throb of the beat. Women in brief underwear or already nude, men stripped to the waist, in briefs or naked. In the dim light my eyes follow hypnotically swaying breasts with dark shadowed nipples, thrusting thighs, swinging buttocks with deep shadows between their cheeks, perfect dark triangles of pubic hair, near vertical penises swaying stiffly. I watch Marianne's body moving sensuously to the music. Alex has found her. He's bare chested with his jeans bulging. His hand reaches under Marianne's dress, finds her panties, explores her bottom. She snuggles back against him, her body saying "Yes!" Now he's undoing the zip of her dress. She turns to face him. He reaches between her breasts to pull the bow and Marianne's breasts bounce out, then reaches under her hair for the halter clasp. Her dress falls and she kicks it aside. In the blue gloom the dark line of her vagina lips swings hypnotically above her stocking tops as her hips move to the music.

I feel a hand on my bum, feeling for the valley between my cheeks. A predator has found its prey! I turn. Jane! She's forties, dark hair, good figure, big breasts, in white bra and panties, her bra scarcely big enough to sling her breasts, her panties sheer enough that even in the gloom I can see the shadow of her bush. She unbuttons my shirt and I toss it off my shoulders. There's a wedding ring on her finger. I fondle her breasts. I slide my hand down her smooth front. I tickle her navel with a finger tip the way Marianne likes before my hand slides down inside her panties. She's hairy - and her hair is wet with juice! She smiles that way a woman smiles when there's only one thing on her mind.
"Shall we find a bedroom?" she mouths.
I take her hand. As we leave I glance at Marianne. She's just in stockings and heels, dancing with Alex. They're dancing so close her nipples are against his chest and his hand is cupped between her legs.

We head upstairs. We pass a couple kissing, his hand under her skirt, his penis out and wrapped in her hand. First bedroom we try is locked, second too. Third is free. There's a big double bed and we bolt the door behind us. We're kissing passionately. My hand cups over the bulge of her mound through her panties. I can feel the line of her slit through the thin white cloth.

"Strip me! Strip me!" she moans.

I unclip her bra behind her back and let her bra fall. Her breasts bounce out, big, smooth and soft to my touch.
"Kiss me on my tits!" She's excited.
I kiss her breasts. She gasps as I lick across her taut nipples. I kiss her down her front. I crouch in front of her to pull her panties down. Her thighs are firm and smooth. Her full bush is coarse against my lips. I dart my tongue between her vagina lips.
"Ohhhhhhh….!" she gasps, and spreads her legs wide for me to kiss the insides of her thighs.
She steps back and kneels nude on the bed, legs wide, breasts quivering.
"Strip for me…..stick your cock out….."
I slowly strip naked for her and stand with legs spread, my hips rammed forward so my knob brushes against her front, showing her what I've got. Eight inches, hard, bending up, hungry….

Her left hand plays between her legs, her right hand runs lightly over my balls and penis.
I growl with pleasure as she licks the drop of pre-cum of my tip.
"I want you to fuck me between my tits!"
At Suzanne's parties they always want to do the filthy tings they'd never dare ask their husbands!

She oils her cleavage with lotion. She leans forwards, holding her breasts together. Her bum looks good in the mirror behind her and I can see her cunt hair between her cheeks. She oils my shaft with lotion and fingers my balls. I fight not to come. I slide my shaft between her breasts as she squeezes them together. My red-purple knob peeps up between her breasts. I start! She moans softly as my hairy belly catches her taut aroused nipples with each thrust of my shaft. I remember Marianne on that empty beach, leaning back with her legs wide against a palm tree, her vagina as tight and smooth as Jane's breasts. I hold Jane's shoulders. I'm rising! Jane senses I'm getting wild and my shaft's stiffening between hr tits. She squeezes her breasts tighter. She looks up at me with excited eyes……
I push her back as my hips ram involuntarily forward. Creamy white semen fountains, splashing over her face, catching in her hair. I stagger backward dripping semen onto the bedroom carpet. My semen trickles down her front, catching in her navel and her pubic hair. She wipes my cream off her body with her white panties.
"Watch me masturbate! I love it with a man watching!"

She lays back, legs so wide she's T-shaped. Her hand slides down her front, through her cunt hair and she starts. Slow and rhythmic at first, then firm and fast, grunting like an animal as her pleasure rises, her body writhing with pleasure, her breasts flopped sideways and quivering with the movement of her hand. She cries out, her legs fold up as if she's wrapping them round a man on top of her, her back arches as her hips thrust up like Marianne's do when she climaxes. Then a long, deep throated half cry, half sob, as her body judders in a tit-quivering orgasm. She lies back, panting, eyes closed, holding her hand cupped over her mound. My erection's sticking up hard again. She opens her eyes.
"Want you…" she says softly. She reaches her arms up toward me and her legs spread even wider. But there's a yell from downstairs. Suzanne's strident voice.
"Party games! Party games! Come on everyone!"
I pull my briefs on, Jane slips on her panties and bra. We kiss briefly.
"Later!" she whispers "Want you!"
But no-one misses the games at Jerry and Suzanne's parties!

We head downstairs. As we pass a bedroom door it opens. Out come Andrew and Martin. There's a black guy with them. They're all just in tight bulging briefs and look well pleased.

We gather downstairs.
"I want five couples for 'Find your partner'. Come on boys and girls!"
Marianne pulls me forward. She's just in her black thong and high heels. Clive with his sex-bomb wife Karine comes forward, and three other couples. Suzanne holds five straws in her hand, and we men draw. Clive gets the short straw! He strips off his briefs. His hard-on is aimed at the ceiling, like any guy's would be with Karine to enjoy! The girls line up. Clive undresses them, slipping Karine's black lace negligee off her shoulders. It falls. She's nude and my eyes explore her sex-bomb body. I watch Clive slip down Marianne's thong. Leggy Celia steps her foot up so Clive can slip her nylons down those long, long legs. Now nude, in turn the girls bend over with backs to Clive and legs wide. Clive fondles each one: five sexy female bottoms, five pairs of soft smooth thighs, Clive's hand reaching between spread thighs to feel five pussies from behind. Clive's erection's all but vertical now!

Now the contest! Suzanne brings the blindfold and ties it over Clive's eyes. The girls swap positions and line up again, bending over and leaning against the wall, with legs slightly spread.
"Now Clive, find your partner!"
Suzanne takes Clive by the hand and guides his hand to the first girl's bottom, Celia's. We all know the rules. I've played this before, but the other way round, standing with four men with my back to the wall, fighting not to come as a woman's hand feels for stiffness, length, size and hairiness of balls!

Clive moves from girl to girl. I watch Marianne quiver and spread her legs wider in response to his exploring hand. Clive moves on leaving Marianne rocking on her high heels, excited at a man's touch. Karine grins as Clive's hand lingers on the backs of her thighs and reaches under her as if gauging the hairiness of her cunt. Clive hovers indecisively between two girls: Karine and Celia, fondling them both as if trying to recall the feel of Karine's body…. Clive opts for Celia! He stands behind her, hands caressing her thighs and bum cheeks. He nuzzles the head of his shaft between her cheeks, stands spread legged braced for pleasure. His hand goes down and wraps round his shaft, holding it between Celia's cheeks. The stroking starts; firm, full length, savouring every stroke. The room is silent but for the sound of throaty grunts of masculine sex-pleasure, the sound of male flesh against male flesh, the rustling of pubic hair, an occasional woman's lustful purr.
Clive's suddenly frantic, his hand's pumping fast and hard.

Clive's hips ram forward. A deep grunt of satisfaction. Semen splashes over Celia's back, over her buttocks, between her cheeks, over the backs of her thighs. Clive staggers back, his penis swinging limp, and tears off the blindfold. His jaw drops as he sees Celia's body splashed with cream, then as Karine stands and turns. "Just you wait!" say her eyes, but she's smiling too. We cheer and applaud, and there's champagne bottles for Clive, Karine and Celia.

Now it's time for food. Suzanne and her friend Julie come round in sexy maid outfits: black aprons trimmed with frilly white lace, white lacy caps, sheer black nylons and high heels. Thick frankfurters are arranged with vol-au-vents to look like straining penises spurting mayonnaise, cakes in the shape of rounded breasts with cherry aroused nipples, beer, red and white wine. I relax with Marianne on a couch, her thigh pressed against mine, her perfume strong in my nostrils. We browse through porn magazines. I'm drooling over pictures of a blonde and a brunette in an office, peeling off blouses, retro pencil skirts and underwear as they perch on a desk, then in 69 position with blonde's face buried between brunette's legs. I glance at what Marianne's reading. A magazine Andrew brought. On the cover there's a gold medallioned six-packed bronzed hunk just in white Speedos bulging as if about to explode. The TV's showing a movie. There's a housewife being undressed in her kitchen by the heating service man…..He's unbuttoning her pretty dress…..She's in pink underwear…..Marianne turns the page. I hear her purr:
A centrefold guy standing astride a motorbike. Designer stubble, leather jacket open to show six pack, black biker boots, blue jeans open and part way down, massive erection arching out over the bike's bright red tank, in detail so clear I can see the veins standing out along his length, hand fingering his shaft ready to wank.

The housewife climbs onto the kitchen table. She treats the heating man to penis-straining nude poses as he strips….Now she's sitting on the edge of her kitchen table, her feet wide apart on two chairs….The serviceman's standing between her knees, his lips against hers, his hand between her legs, his tool aimed at the lights above her head.
"Mmmmmm…..that's giving me ideas." Marianne purrs, pressing closer against me.
The heating man eases his housewife's legs wider, a last kiss, then he takes her waist and moves in….

A yell from the lounge: Suzanne.
"Time for party games! Party games! Come on everyone!"

We put our plates down and head for the lounge. Jane's standing next to a guy: her husband Derek. She's in her bra and panties. I feel my penis stiffen at the sight of her tits. She's looking wistfully at me.
"Hand-job hero time! Two couples please." This time Suzanne chooses them herself. "John, Marianne…..Derek, Jane! Come on boys, don't tell me she's never given you a handy!"
There's cheers and applause around us. We can't say no - even if we wanted to! We step forward.

The rules are simple. Marianne steps next to Derek. Jane comes next to me. She smiles as our eyes meet. I unclip her bra and slip her panties down her thighs. Jane pulls my briefs down and I let them drop. I'm struggling not to come as her light fingers play with my kit. She purrs softly as my finger tips play in the valley between her bum cheeks. Marianne and Derek undress each other. My erection strains as Derek's hand runs over Marianne's naked body. Derek's penis is shorter than mine, thicker, and sticking straight out horizontally. My erection feels like it's about to snap. Suzanne picks up Marianne's thong and Jane's white panties. She drops Jane's panties on the floor between me and Derek. She grins at us. Her hand reaches down to Derek's erection, as if testing for stiffness and size.
"Uhhhhhhh!" he grunts. He's swung up a notch! Now me! I bite my lip as Suzanne's fingertip glides over my shaft and tickles my balls.
"A difficult decision. Two splendid members. Who goes first girls?"
"Age before beauty!" a woman yells "go on Derek!"
Derek stands with Jane's panties between his spread feet. He pulls Marianne hard against him. His hand explores her bum. Marianne fingers his balls, reaching right under him, running light fingers along its full length. She knows what I like! Derek's erection is bending upward now. Marianne starts. Full fisted, smooth, rhythmic, full length, riding over his head, making him wait just the way I like…..

Derek grunts explosively His hips arch forward then jerk convulsively. Creamy semen squirts a metre across the floor.
"Well done!" cries Suzanne, and places Marianne's black thong at the furthest drop of Derek's semen. Now Jane's white panties are between my feet and it's my turn, with Jane's helping hand!

I wrap my hand round Jane's bottom and pull her against me astride my thigh. Her cunt hair feels good against my thigh and her breasts are soft against my arm. Her bum is smooth and warm in my hand as I slide my fingers up and down the valley between her cheeks. I fondle her breasts. Her breasts are big and soft but her aroused nipples are taut. Her fingers touch my balls and I know instantly she's an expert! Jane's thumb and forefinger catch the head of my shaft just the way I like. She's an expert! She knows how to hold be back as I rise! My penis tightens in her hand! I clutch her bum! I want her!

My semen flies past Derek's furthest splash and lands on Marianne's thong! I'm gasping and there's applause and cheers around me.
"Well done! Well done Derek, Marianne, John and Jane! But I think on distance and style the prize has to go to John and Jane!"
A bottle of champagne each for me and Jane.
"Want you!" whispers Jane in my ear as we part. She presses a folded piece of paper into my hand. I glance at it "Want you" is scribbled on it, and a phone number.

More food and wine......More movies and mags...... It's late and my head's spinning. I've drunk too much…..It's getting hard to distinguish between reality and imagination. Images tumble through my mind……. A pretty woman in a kitchen, bent over the table, her breasts swinging above the table top, a naked guy behind her with his dick up.....A dim blue lit room…women's bottoms and breasts sway to pounding music…..Someone takes my hand….blonde hair, big pleading eyes…. "Oooooohhhh... come to bed with me!"…..I'm in a bedroom….. a half memory of a naked blonde laughing as she playfully hangs a red thong on my erection.....blonde hair spread over a pillow, a soft body under me, hands clawing my back, legs wrapped over my bum…a girl's moans rising to an orgasm cry…..I'm in a shower with two blonde girls.…... was it real?

Now I'm here in the big hallway of Jerry and Suzanne's with Marianne next to me and a mug of strong coffee in my hand. Something's stuffed inside my briefs. I pull it out: a woman's thong, red satin with black lace edging. I try to remmember whose it is. On the wall there's what Suzanne calls her "porn parade". I run my eyes over the pictures we all pinned to the wall as we arrived. There's Miriam doing the splits nude on her bed, leaning back on her hands so her breasts stick up and out. Hungry-lipped Jackie standing in a girl-next-door checked blouse open so her nipples peep out, good-girl white panties down round her spread thighs to erotically underline her lightly furred vagina lips. My eyes linger on Jackie herself standing there just in her see-through pink lace negligee. I remember the feel of those lips round my knob last time, and Marianne's giggles at the tell-tale lipstick on my shaft. There's Jane crouching nude in high heels on a rug, with her legs strained wide. There's our picture too. Marianne sprawled on our black leather office chair, a look in her eyes that would turn any man's penis to steel. I feel my pulse pound and my penis stiffen as I remember what we did afterwards!
"Now boys and girls, cast your votes" says Suzanne.
We're allowed to vote for anyone except our own picture. The votes cast, we wait as Suzanne does the count…..

Suzanne looks at Paul and Melissa with a grin.
"Paul and Natalie!"

I've voted for Paul and Natalie too. Their picture's a classic. Paul laid back naked on a bed, long blonde haired Natalie kneeling nude beside him, legs apart, breasts hanging, her hand wrapped round his arching shaft, his hand reaching right under her between her legs, his hips arched up, his head thrown back with his mouth open as the picture catches the very moment his jet of semen spurts over his chest. There's applause as Suzanne hands Natalie a box of chocolates.
"Now Natalie, come and show your admirers what you can do?"
Natalie slips off her bright red bikini. She's twenties and she's a big-titted, long-legged sex bomb. She perches on the low coffee table.
"Now gentlemen…..cameras ready"
"Click, click, click…." go the cameras as Natalie arches her naked body into penis-straining poses.
"Now gentlemen, we girls all know what you boys like to do when you're looking at pictures of naked women. All those who'd like to toast Natalie ……"

Half a dozen guys step forward. I stay where I am. Marianne's beside me and there's a bed she can spread her legs in waiting for us at home. I watch Natalie in porn-mag poses as stiff-erectioned grunting men franticly stroke their shafts, and spare hands reach out to play with Natalie's legs, breasts and bottom and to ruffle her neat pubic hair. Like all of them I know masturbating over pictures of naked women is one thing, jerking while running your spare hand over a naked woman quite another. One after another their semen spurts. Last is old Mike. He's fifties. Never married, always brings the hottest porn, never fails to get a woman, knows every sex position. He took his time to get a boner over Natalie but he's still going after the younger men have jerked their cream, long enough to bring any woman to her climax, and then keep going, rock hard till he jerks, so Marianne's told me.
"Go on Mike!" the women cry.
Natalie's kneeling on the coffee table. Mike grunts, his face begins to twist and his hand's going faster now. Natalie leans forward, slips her lips over Mike's knob, reaches up to tickle his balls and the insides of his thighs. Still Mike keeps going. He grunts:
"Uhhhhh…suck me!.....suck me!"
Mike grabs Natalie's shoulders. Natalie's lips and fingers take over. Her breasts swing as her body rocks back and forth. Her lips ride up and down over Mike's knob and her cheeks dimple as she sucks…..
Old Mike's body judders as his semen squirts. He stands for a moment in blissful ecstasy, holding Natalie's shoulders then steps back. Even limp and swinging he's got a four incher.
"Well done!" says Suzanne, and there's a crate of beer for Mike.

Then finally the party's over. Marianne's in her black satin dress. She doesn't bother with her nylons. A last kiss of Suzanne with my hand gliding across her bottom and her breasts firm against me. Jane's eyes meet mine and she looks wistfully at me. I check her paper's safe in my pocket. Click-clack go Marianne's high heels as we walk along the long drive with our breath forming steam in the cold night air.
"I'm driving" says Marianne.
Then home.

"Do I look alright?" Marianne asks as I reach up to turn the key in our door.
A pretty party dress, ending just below her knee, tan tights, a neckline just low enough to show off her pearls, long sleeves because it's a cold night, sensible shoes.
"You look fantastic!"
She grins. There's not a crease to show that we changed in the car on the way home, like we changed on the way out. Joanne's standing in our hall, in floppy jumper and jeans.

"Hi John, hi Marianne. How'd the party go?"
"It was lovely" Marianne replies "Just a quiet evening with some old friends. How were they?"
"Sam's been asleep since you left. Sarah was up and needed changing, then I read her a story and she's slept perfectly. I'll be off now. Its late and I guess you'll want to get to bed."
The door closes, and baby-sitter Joanne's car pulls out of the drive.

Marianne's gazing through the kitchen door. I see two chairs, just far enough apart for a woman's spread feet. Marianne turns her eyes to me. They're hungry.
"Undress me….." The kids are asleep. Marianne's voice is soft.

The party isn't over yet.


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