Our Little Game

By: Oktavius

Page 1, Guests who stay at our hotel don\'t know they\'re starring in porn movies - unless we let them play!

                                                                     -Our Little Game-

You’ll probably think that we’re perverts, but from some of the things posted here it looks like there’s a lot of perverts out there.

My wife Marie and I run a farmhouse bed and breakfast guest house in a secluded Welsh valley. Spring was coming, there was still snow on the hills and we were starting to get our first guests of the year. As dusk was falling one evening a car came up the long track from the lane, a man got out and came to our door. He’d seen our “Vacancies” sign at the start of the track. He was spending a few days climbing in the hills and wanted a room for the night. His name was Steve, about 30, fit and muscular.

Marie showed him the guest room upstairs. It had everything a guy could need: a wide bed, an en suite shower and a big TV. We liked the look of him, and from the bulge in his jeans and the way his eyes lingered on Marie’s breasts and bottom it was obvious he liked the look of Marie. That’s hardly surprising: she’s 40, pretty with neat dark hair and a penis-straining figure, her tight blue jeans clung like a second skin to her legs and well rounded bum, and her check shirt showed every curve of her breasts. She’d also opened a button of her shirt just before Steve arrived at our door, giving a glimpse of her lacy black bra, and the look in her eyes would have hinted to any guy there could be more on offer than just a room for the night. Steve took the room.

Soon after he’d arrived Steve went out to the pub in the village. It was time for our game to begin! Marie and I let ourselves into Steve’s room. Right in the middle of the bed Marie placed a pair of her sexiest panties: very brief and very feminine, black satin with a pattern of little red hearts and edged with black lace. Marie had splashed her perfume on them and the fragrance instantly filled the bedroom. On top of her panties she put a little paper note which read:
“Watch channel 10 tonight if you want something to wet my knickers over. Marie.”
As Marie was arranging her panties on the bed I glanced in the open top of Steve’s rucksack. There was a porn magazine with a picture on the cover of a girl posing topless just in white panties and red high heels. Marie grinned as I showed her: we’d caught the right guy!

We waited until we saw the lights of Steve’s car returning then hurried up to our bedroom. Marie had shown Steve the TV, but what she hadn’t told him about was the little webcams we’d carefully hidden around the room! Marie and I snuggled up close to each other with the lights out in our bedroom in front of one screen showing what Steve was watching on the TV, another linked to the webcams, and enjoyed ourselves undressing each other in the dark as we waited for the fun to start!  

Since we first got the idea for our little game we’ve seen everything. We’ve caught husbands and wives having kinky romps, young couples franticly having sex in every position, middle aged businessmen undressing their woman colleagues from sexy lingerie, teenage sisters photographing each other nude for their boyfriends and finger and tongue pleasuring each other, and plenty of solitary masturbators both boys with their porn and girls with their toys. On our screen we watched Steve fingering Marie’s panties, reading the note, then turning toward the TV.
“He’s up hard already” whispered Marie.
Marie’s panties had done the trick! I could see the prominent bulge in the front of Steve’s jeans. He picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels till he got to 10. We could see what he was watching on the monitor next to our computer. I’d let Marie choose which of our videos to load into the player that fed channel 10 for tonight’s show and I could hardly wait to see what she’d chosen!

It was some video we’d taken on our last holiday with our friends Andrew and Lucy. The scene opened with a scene of the deep blue pool at our high walled villa in the sun. Marie and Lucy strolled onto the scene, their tanned bodies clad in the briefest bikinis I’d ever seen, Marie in red, Lucy in blue looking good with her blonde hair catching the breeze. The camera followed their swinging hips and their breasts swaying in their tiny bikini tops. As they neared the camera both Marie and Lucy reached up behind their backs to unclip their bikini tops, and as they dropped the camera zoomed onto their big swaying breasts. Lucy’s nipples were up like deep red corks. As they passed the camera, without breaking their step they tugged the bows at the hips of their bikini briefs, their briefs fell too and the camera zoomed to their well rounded, nude tanned bottoms swinging with their strides.
”He’s got his cock out!” whispered Marie excitedly.
I glanced at the computer screen. Steve was standing watching the TV. He’d unzipped his jeans and about six inches of a massive erection was sticking out, bending up.
“He’s playing with my knickers!”
With a touch of the mouse Marie zoomed in on Steve as he wiped her panties over his shaft, drawing them slowly across the nozzle of its lust swollen red-purple head. It was just like I used to do as a sex crazy teen with my mother’s panties borrowed from her drawer, with her clothing catalogue on my bed beside me open at the lingerie pictures of women in bras and panties, my eyes straining for a glimpse of the dark patch of their bushes underneath the bulge of thin cotton over their mounds, my shaft straining up for a wank just like Steve’s.

The TV now showed me laying naked except for sunglasses on a towel by the poolside, followed my penis swinging up erect as Marie and Lucy approached, then as they got close zooming in between their swinging thighs onto Marie’s neat little patch of almost black cunt hair and Lucy’s light brown bush. Marie and Lucy crouched down spread legged on either side of me in just the right place for me to reach out and fondle their pussies and legs. The camera explored their naked bodies, zooming in on their cunts, bottoms and breasts, and followed my hand as I reached right under Marie to reach up behind her and fondle her bottom and tickle her between her cheeks. I reached down in the darkness and fondled Marie’s bottom now. Her bottom felt every bit as good as it did that day by the pool.
“Mmmmmm…..” she purred, then “Oooooh strip for me!”

As if in response to Marie’s wish Steve stripped of his shirt, jeans, then tight briefs till he was stark naked. He had a muscular six pack and his erection looked like at least an eight incher, bending up from well-filled very hairy balls till its tip was almost vertical. In the gloom I saw Marie spread her legs and slide her hand down through her bush and between her thighs, then she purred softly as she gently pleasured herself. Steve hung Marie’s panties on his shaft like a trophy, and fingered his balls and the head of his penis, as if to tease it to maximum possible arousal, just like Lucy’s expert fingers were now doing to me on the TV.
“Naughty boy!” said Marie – Marie likes naughty boys!

Now on the TV the girls had changed position. Lucy was astride me in 69 position with her cunt right above my face and the nipples of her breasts brushing my front as they swung above me. The camera explored the length of her long, smooth tanned legs as I fondled them, showed some superb close-ups of her bottom and her pussy seen from behind between her thighs with me ruffling her cunt hair with my tongue, and of Lucy licking me across the nozzle of my penis with her tongue. Then the camera panned back to show Marie crouching beside me stroking my shaft up and down and Lucy with her lips down over the head of my shaft massaging it with her tongue as she sucked. We called it “70”; one girl giving sixty-nine while another gives a hand job stroking in time with the other girl’s lips. I closed my eyes as I remembered the feel of Lucy’s thighs in my hands, Lucy’s tongue against my knob and the exquisite pleasure of Marie’s expert hand, well oiled with sun lotion, squeezing and stroking just the way I like!   

“He’s wanking!” Marie gasped.

Steve was standing with his legs wide, braced for pleasure, his hips thrust forward. His hand was wrapped round his shaft and he was stroking full length, firmly and rhythmically, riding over his head, setting Marie’s panties swinging as they hung on his shaft swinging. Beside me I heard Marie’s little whimper of pleasure and the soft rustling of her pubic hair as her hand worked her pussy. Suddenly Steve’s stroking became frantic, just like all the other lonely wankers we’d caught on camera. His face twisted as if in agony and he jerked his hips forward. Over the soft music we heard Steve yell: “Want you! Want you” Want to fuck you whore!” then “Uhh…Uhhh…Uhhh!” as his cream spurted a couple of feet across the room.
Steve finished with his finger and thumb milking a last spurt out of his penis then fell back on the bed panting with his penis flopped limp on his belly. It was one of the best wanks we’d ever caught!
“Oh boy!” purred Marie.    
I heard a grunt from the TV, and watched myself grab Lucy’s bum cheeks, bury my face in her pussy, and ram my own hips upward involuntarily to thrust my knob as deep as I could into Lucy’s mouth as Marie’s hand jerked my cream into Lucy’s mouth and the tight ring of her finger and thumb milked every last drop of pleasure out of my penis.

“Want you!” whispered Marie. There was that familiar edge of excitement in her voice! Nothing gets Marie hornier than watching a naughty boy playing with himself, and she’d finger pleasured herself red hot! She pushed me back on the bed and got astride me for girl on top, her favourite position when she’s hot, gasping “Want you!...want you!” again and again as she moved into position. In the dark I felt her juice-wetted cunt hair brush against my shaft then felt her vagina lips part for me to enter and slide wet, warm and tight down my length. Then her breasts bounced against me as she franticly rode my rod. She was so excited she climaxed quickly, giving a half sob, half cry as she exploded, stifling her normal orgasm shriek so Steve wouldn’t hear. I waited till she’d stopped juddering in her orgasm, and as she crouched panting above me I gripped her thighs and thrust upward till I jerked and filled her. Then we too fell back together on our bed holding each other tight, with my hand cupped over Marie’s pussy the way she likes as she enjoys her afterglow.

“Mmmmmm!…. My boy’s ready to play again” whispered Marie, leaning toward the screen.

After only a few minutes Steve’s shaft was up hard again. On the monitor he was on his back on the bed, playing with his erection arching up over his belly, teasing it stiff. Steve could certainly perform! But I was hardly surprised. The TV was showing some video I’d taken that was already one of Andrew’s favourites. Marie was perched on the big table in the guest dining room downstairs. Steve had watched Marie do a striptease from her “whore” outfit of blouse, tight black leather skirt, stilettos and sheer tan seamed nylons, with a vintage 1960’s style bra, panties and suspender set that almost snap my shaft every time I see her in them. She’d showed Steve some unbelievable nude poses as hot as anything a porn magazine would dare to publish. Now Marie was showing Steve her favourite sex positions: on her back with her legs spread and folded so her knees were near her shoulders ready for Steve to mount, crouching like she was astride Steve and riding him the way she’d just ridden me, and bending over the table just in her high heels with her legs strained wide showing Steve how her buttocks and breasts would quiver as Steve thrust into her from behind.

Steve’s hand closed round his shaft, his legs spread wide and as he began stroking full length he picked up Marie’s panties.
“Go on …. Fast and hard! …. Soak my knickers!” whispered Marie excitedly, urging Steve on.
Steve pumped franticly with one hand as he fingered Marie’s panties with the other. His hips rammed up and Marie zoomed in the camera just in time to catch Steve as he sent his cream splashing up over her panties lying on his chest. Steve wiped his semen off his chest with Marie’s panties and she purred with excitement. Another semen-wetted knickers trophy!

It was late and we had a busy day ahead of us, with a young couple booked into one bedroom and another lone guy in the other. Marie and I left Steve ogling Marie and her big boobed redhead friend Alison kneeling spread-legged naked on a bed facing each other. Scattered around them was the sexy underwear and stockings they’d stripped each other from. They were kissing, with their breasts pressed together, with their hands between each other’s legs finger pleasuring each other’s vagina. Alison’s partner Martin was on the bed too, naked, watching the girls and fondling their bottoms, breasts and legs. Martin likes to watch lesbian stuff, and his boner was sticking almost straight up vertical. I knew that what Martin had coming from Alison when she’d finished with Marie was well worth Martin waiting for and well worth Steve waiting to watch! Marie and I snuggled under the bedclothes for a last session of me on top, then sleep.

Next morning Steve was down early for breakfast in the guests’ dining room, sat at the same big table Marie had perched on in her striptease. Marie went in, dressed in a big floppy jumper and loose slacks, to ask him what he wanted for breakfast. She took his order and left him sitting there as she went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later she returned with a tray of coffee. This time she was in her maid’s outfit, black, figure clinging, with a white lacy collar and a little apron, the cleavage cut so deep her breasts were almost falling out, the flouncy skirt ending high up her thighs just at the tops of her sheer black stockings. She bent over with her back to Steve to put the tray down, letting her skirt ride up to show him her bare thighs crossed by black suspender straps above the lacy tops of her seamed nylons, and the thin black strip of her thong between her bum cheeks. She wiggled her bum at him, brushing her stockinged thighs together. Then she stood right next to him, stepped a high heeled foot up onto the chair next to his and playfully pulled up her skirt to show him her cunt through the see-through black lace front of her thong.
“Did you enjoy playing with my knickers last night?” she said, then without waiting for an answer “My husband’s gone to London for the day. He won’t be back till late. Would you like to play with the knickers I’m wearing now?”
Steve reached up, hooked a finger over the top hem of Marie’s thong, pulled it down at the front, took a long look at her cunt, then ruffled her cunt hair as his fingertip slowly followed the line of her vagina lips. Marie’s purr and the look on her face showed he was a man who knew how a woman likes to be touched.

Up in our bedroom I touched the mouse to zoom the camera in on Steve’s hand exploring Marie’s pussy, fingered the soft head of my straining hard erection, and settled down to enjoy the show.        



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