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Lucy's First Date

Short story By: Oktavius

Tags: Sex, Hand-job

Lucy;s first date with the boy she's wanted for so long.

Submitted:Nov 13, 2012    Reads: 5,276    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

I just couldn't believe it. There I was, 17 nearly 18, on a date with Max. I'd my eye on him since the start of term. I'd fantasised about him. I'd masturbated till my vagina and clitoris were sore dreaming about what it would be like to have sex with him, wondering how big his penis was, the things I'd want him to do with me. I'd talked with my girls friends: all we talked about in those days was boys. I used to pose in front of my mirror trying to look really sexy, then slowly undress imagining Max watching me. Then I'd pose nude in ways that showed off my tits and cunt, the parts of my body I knew boys liked to see. I reckoned I had good breasts and a neat pussy that I kept trimmed but hairy enough to show I was mature. In school I'd been deliberately waiting till Max was coming then going up the stairs in front of him so he could see up my skirt.

I'd met him once at the swimming pool. He was in brief trunks and I was in my bikini. I watched the bulge at the front of his trunks get bigger and bigger: he wasn't embarrased and I think he wanted me to know he was having an erection for me. I think it started then.

All I wanted was Max and now I was sitting next to him. I can't even remember what the movie was. It was some weepy romance and we were by ourselves in a row near the back. I'd dressed just right. A tight blouse with a button-up front that showed off my tits, and my shortest denim mini-skirt. It was summer and I didn't bother with tights. I'd been sunbathing topless in our garden and I knew my legs looked good. I knew boys have a thing about girls' legs and I'd shaved them really smooth for Max. Underneath just a bra and panties, a new black satin set I'd just bought, really brief. I'd posed in them in front of my mirror and slipped them off slowly. I felt good in them.

We were sitting there and I could hardly bear the waiting. I wondered if I'd made a mistake and Max didn't want me, or if I should be daring and make the first move. I have to confess I was a little shy. I was only 17 and I wasn't confident with boys. I wished I could be as assured as other girls.

Then Max put his hand on my bare knee. I felt as if an electric shock ran through me.

'Don't be too forward' I said to myself. I knew boys like it when a girl plays hard to get. So I removed his hand from my knee, but gently, and whispered "No'. I regretted it straight away. I didn't have to wait long. Two minutes later Max's hand was back on my knee. I leaned across and kissed him on the cheek. His hand moved up my thigh a little, testing the waters. Ohh the feel of his had on my bare leg! Whenever I masturbated I took some time to get hot, thinking about sex, naked boys, playing with my vagina, but Max's hand short-circuited all that and I was hot by the time his hand reached the hem of my skirt. It was then I remembered my legs were crossed. So I uncrossed them. 'Should I part my legs for him?' I thought. 'No. Play it cool. Let him work for it.'

He didn't have to work very hard.. His hand was instantly exploring the inside of my thighs, trying to ease my knees apart, but making occasional forays down my calf and behind my knee. I kicked off my sandals. I thought the time had come for a response on my part so I leaned across, reaching for his lips with mine. As we kissed I felt his hand round my back, exploring my bra straps through my blouse, and at the same time his other hand left my leg and found another target - my breasts.

I'd noticed when I masturbated that my breasts got really sensitive, especially my nipples. They would stick up hard. I'd found that running my tongue over them, or my favourite - my panties just lightly brushing my nipples, drove me crazy and once I'd climaxed just on that. My nipples were up now, I felt as if my breasts were going to burst. I didn't say no to Max as he ran his hands over my breasts because it was just so lovely. I let him undo a couple of the buttons of my blouse and slip his hand inside so he was feeling my breasts through my bra. That's when I passed the point of no return.

I asked him if he'd like me to undo my bra. He managed to gasp out yes, and I'd quickly reached up behind me unclipped my bra through my blouse (I'd practiced!). Then it was just exquisite: Max's hands all over my bare breasts, his fingertips flicking my nipples, my lips against his.

Then his hand returned to my knee, and I just couldn't do anything else but spread my legs wide. It was involuntary. I even slipped down in my seat so I could get my legs as wide as I could. I thought he'd touch me on my pussy straight away. I imagined that's what boys wanted most of all. Instead his hand worked its way up the inside of my thigh really slowly, exploring both my thighs. I was almost crazy by the time he slid his finger just inside the hem of my panties and followed down right between my legs. It was the first time I'd been touched down there and I nearly wet myself.

Then Max put his fingertips right on my pussy, massaging me gently between my legs, not too hard, just right. It was so much beter than with my own hand ! He spent ages running his finger up and down the line of my vagina through my panties. I'd read how it can be nice to be brought on through your knickers, because you come really slowly. I'd tried masturbating through smooth silk panties like that and they were right, it was really good. Max knew that too. We started kissing at the same time, tongue to tongue. I think he knew I was coming even before I did. Somehow I managed to control myself and didn't make too much noise as the best orgasm I'd ever had rose slowly, exploded and just went on and on. Then as I was sitting there slumped in my seat, panting, with my afterglow throbbing he slipped his hand down inside my panties and held his hand over my throbbing pussy, reaching right down underneath me. He put his fingers in my vagina. My vagina lips and clitoris were still so aroused and sensitive and he brought me on again with his hand inside my panties, just with his finger tip running round my clitoris. Oh it was delicious. I held his hand there between my legs as we kissed, with tears of pleasure rolling down my face.

I'd had my breasts and cunt touched by a boy and a boy had given me as orgasm for the first time!

He let me enjoy it for a while, then he took my hand and placed it on the front of his jeans. I'd never felt a boy's penis before, but I'd heard other girls talk and I'd gone looking for pictures on the web, just out of curiosity. It felt massive. Max gasped as I gently squeezed it, and as I slipped my hand right down between his legs, where I like to be touched. I didn't know what boys liked. He guided my hand back to that massive ridge and to the top of his zip. I got the idea.

I unzipped him slowly and undid the button at the top. The ridge felt even harder through his briefs. Then I put my hand down inside. I'd never felt a boy's naked penis and had no idea what to expect. It was so stiff I couldn't believe it, and really smooth. I explored it with my fingers and reached down to the soft hairy bag underneath but I sensed he didn't really like that, so I returned to his shaft. I soon found out he liked it best when I lightly fingered its soft head. I asked him what he'd like me to do. I was so innocent! "Wank me" he gasped. I'd heard the word and knew it meant boys masturbating. My friend had told me what to do but I was so excited I'd forgotten. "What do I do?" I asked.

He rolled his briefs down till his penis was right out and sticking straight up. It was huge and I was a little frightened at the thought of it entering my vagina. It must have been eight inches long. "Wrap your hand round it - like this" Max took my hand and closed it around his shaft. He could hardly control himself! It was so big I could only just close my hand around it! "Now stroke it up and down." I soon got the idea and began. As I did Max put his hand on my thigh again, right at the top against my panties and fondled my bare leg. I didn't know what to expect so I just kept going, up and down, squeezing gently, up right over the soft head. I found it easier with just my thumb and forefinger in a ring. Max just sat and watched my hand pumping up and down, grunting with pleasure.

Then Max gasped. I sensed his whole body tighten, and his hips thrusting upward. He put his hand inside my panties, cupped over my cunt and I held my legs wide for him He just kept saying "Lucy…Lucy…Lucy…" over and over again. His shaft had been stiff enough before, but suddenly it got even stiffer, incredibly stiff, and it was bending back on itself. I still just kept going, then his shaft jerked in my hand and in the dim light I saw creamy white fluid squirt out right up the front of his shirt, almost to his neck. Loads and loads came out, spurting with each pulse of his shaft. Then he reached his hand down and stopped me stroking him. I gave him a tissue out of my handbag to wipe it off.

After that we didn't pay much attention to the movie. We spent our time kissing and cuddling. Max managed to pull my panties right down round my ankles! I was still excited and I came again as Max fingered me between my legs. I slipped out to the 'Ladies' before the movie ended to get my bra back on. I let Max walk me home to my parent's place before a last kiss - with his hand up my skirt of course. I knew he wanted to fuck me, eve up against a tree in the park if I'd let him - and I wanted him to. But it was after all only our first date. I was in by 11 pm like I'd promised my mother and she was overjoyed.

An hour later I was on my bed, naked, my legs as wide as I could get them my nipples feeling as if they were going to explode. I was being a bad girl and my hand was working my pussy with it for all I was worth, and I was clutching my pillows on top of me with my legs wrapped over them dreaming that it was Max. I wouldn't have been surprised if Max was doing much the same!

Next morning my mother took me aside. "You were in by eleven like we said.. I now know we can trust you Lucy," she said. Little did my poor mother know!


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