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When their parents are away, twins Linda and Lucy visit the nudist beach and meet two lucky boys!

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Beach Babes

We were on holiday, my sex-crazy twin sister Lucy, our younger brother, our parents and me, at a beach resort in the sun to celebrate Lucy's and my joint eighteenth birthday. Typically it was Lucy who noticed the sign one evening: "NUDIST BEACH" it read, and pointed down a path. From the moment Lucy shared her discovery with me we couldn't stop talking about it, fantasising about it and daring ourselves to go there. All we needed was an opportunity. Our parents announced we were all going for a long drive to some old city with boring museums and architecture, and we saw our chance! Lucy and I argued and moaned so they left us and went off with our younger brother. As soon as they were out of sight we changed into our bikinis, with a blousy top tossed over for some modesty, and headed for the sign that read "NUDIST BEACH".

We'd studied ourselves posing nude in front of the big wall mirror in our hotel room: two leggy girls just turned eighteen with good figures and big breasts for our age. Being twins we looked alike as peas in a pod, both dark haired, except Lucy lets her hang loose to her shoulders and I have mine in a pony tail, Lucy shaves her pussy smooth and hairless and I keep mine lined with a neat little bush of dark pubic hair. Lucy had told me she didn't think my pussy was too hairy, in fact she said my pussy looked really sexy. We decided we'd look good on a nudist beach. But even at eighteen we were both virgins! We lived in a little village, our parents sent us to a posh girls-only convent school and apart from church on Sunday we didn't have much social life, and no chance to meet boys.

We'd talked ourselves up to it but it was still scary going through the gate in the high fence just in our incredibly skimpy bikinis. Sex-crazy Lucy had found them in a shop in the town: just three tiny triangles of cloth barely big enough to sling our breasts and cover our nipples and pussies, and just a thin thong strap between our bum cheeks, much briefer than anything we'd seen back home. Our parents didn't know about them either! They felt so daring! At a kiosk a man in shorts and a woman in a swimsuit took our money and checked our ID proved we were eighteen. I was so excited as the man ran his eyes over us. His shorts were bulging like I'd noticed boys' swim shorts bulging when we'd been on beaches in our swimsuits. I'd heard from girl friends about how men had "erections" when they wanted sex with a girl but I'd never seen a naked man with an erection for real. I nearly wet myself knowing that today I'd see naked men, and for the first time men would see me nude!

But as we stepped onto the beach I was instantly disappointed. Around us were nothing but middle aged women with floppy breasts and hairy cunts, and their obese husbands with limp penises. I saw an old guy's eyes lock onto me and his penis start to swing up. But we hadn't gone there and paid good money to be ogled by men as old as our grandfather. Then "Look!" said Lucy, pointing. On an empty part of the beach were two young men in their twenties laid on towels. Even from where we were we could see the dark patches of their pubic hair - they were naked! Lucy led the way toward them. I was finally going to be seen nude by a real live naked boy!

They didn't notice us till we were a few yards away. My heart was pounding! I tried to swing my hips sexily and my bikini top was so skimpy I felt my breasts were going to bounce out with each step. They just stared at us. I watched their penises lengthen and swing up as we neared them, till they were sticking up straight from thick bushes of dark pubic hair. They were massive! "Suppose they're gay?" I'd nervously asked Lucy. But we saw they had some of those dirty magazines that men read, full of pictures of naked women. Those magazines, they way they looked at us and those huge "erections", told me they certainly weren't gay!

Lucy rolled her towel out on the sand next to theirs.
"Hi boys. Can we join you? I'm Lucy and this is my sister Linda. We're eighteen."
They introduced themselves as Michael and Andrew, and continued staring at us as if dumbstruck till Lucy broke the spell.
"Do you mind if I take my bikini off?"
Without waiting for an answer she reached behind her back, undid the clasp and let her bikini top drop. She stood there for a moment with her legs spread and rocked on her feet in a way that made her breasts swing, then she slipped her briefs down and I saw the boys' eyes instantly run down her front from her boobs to her vagina. Then Lucy got down on her towel and did the splits, leaning back on her hands so her breasts swung up and out, and with her legs spread so wide her pussy was touching the towel, closed her eyes and turned her face to the sun. The boys' penises were pointing straight up at the sun too!
"Mmmmmm…..the sun's so warm. Aren't you going to take your bikini off, Linda?"

I'd almost lost my nerve, but seeing Lucy nude I regained my courage. Ever since I'd started getting interested in sex I'd fantasised about being undressed by a boy. Now was my chance! I took a deep breath, looked straight at Michael, who was nearer, smiled as seductively as I could, and spoke.
"I've never been undressed by a boy. Would you like to take my bikini off?"

He was in his feet instantly! His penis was bending up so its tip was almost vertical, and it swayed stiffly as he stepped toward me. He stood so close to me its tip was jabbing into my belly just below my navel, and I could feel it was really hard. My bikini top was front fastening, with a clasp between my breasts. He unclipped it and ran his hands over my breasts as he opened it and slipped it off my shoulders. My nipples were up taut and sensitive like when I masturbate and get really excited, and I felt like an electric shock had hit me as his hands brushed across them! Then he slid his hands down my sides and undid the two little clasps on my hips. My bikini briefs fell. I was naked in front of a boy! I spread my legs wide as I stood there and he cupped his one hand over my pussy and started fondling my breasts with the other - oh boy! In return I reached down and felt his balls. They were really hairy. I was touching a naked boy!
"Are those your balls?" I asked. "I've never touched a naked boy." He looked down as if he was incredulous at the sight of a nude girl playing with his sex kit. Then I ran my fingers slowly up his shaft, exploring every bit of its length up to its soft rounded head. He was gasping and I wondered at first if I was hurting him. I couldn't believe how stiff it was, and I realised then why it's called a "hard on."
"It's so stiff!" I remember whispering, then stupidly "is that nice?"

Then the pair of us just sort of fell together onto my towel and wrapped ourselves around each other. I was frantic, and he certainly was too! We had a frenzy of kissing and feeling each other all over: my pussy, my breasts, my bottom, the insides of my thighs, his manly chest while he fondled me between my legs, him licking and sucking my nipples, me kissing him all over his hairy balls and up his shaft, his fingers between my vagina lips pleasuring me like when I masturbate, Me squeezing his shaft between my breasts, him licking his tongue along my vagina lips, me on top of him with the soft head of his penis in my mouth and me massaging it with my tongue with him caressing my thighs and his face buried between my legs, and lots, lots more. I felt I'd made up for years of solitary masturbation in my lonely bed with only fantasy boys. I wasn't too distracted to see Lucy was getting the same from Andrew! I was lucky I didn't get pregnant. I got wild, absolutely crazy for sex. All I wanted was Michael on top of me, my legs wrapped over him and me climaxing with that massive penis pumping my vagina. I rolled onto my back, folded my knees up till they were near my shoulders and was yelling "Fuck me! Fuck me!" as I tried to pull Michael on top of me. Fortunately he didn't but instead started to finger pleasure me - oh boy! But he'd only just started when I heard Lucy.

"Go on, masturbate for me, oh please! I've never watched a boy masturbate."
We knew our sixteen year old brother masturbated. Most nights through our bedroom wall we'd hear his bed start to rattle rhythmically going bump-a-bump-a-bump-a-bump. The rattling would rise to a frantic crescendo then he'd grunt or yell some girl's name, sometimes our names. It gave me a naughty kind of thrill when I heard him yell "Linda! Linda!" followed by a long meaty grunt, then silence. Hearing him got me excited too and afterwards I usually pleasured myself with my fingers. He was always ogling us and trying to see up our skirts. We knew he borrowed our underwear and we wondered if it was to show other boys or anything to do with his masturbating. Girls at school called it "jacking off" and told me how boys "did it", demonstrating with a ruler held up at an angle and stroking it up and down with their hand wrapped round it. Lucy and I had speculated so often as we listened to our brother but we'd never seen it for real. I detached myself from Michael. I wasn't going to miss this!

Andrew lay back on his towel and spread his legs wide. His penis was arching up over his belly a good eight inches long at least. His balls were as hairy as Michael's, I could see veins standing up along its length and it had a deep red-purple rounded top. Lucy knelt next to him to watch. I don't know if she did it deliberately (I'm sure my sex-crazy sister did!) but she had her knees wide positioned just right for Andrew to slide his free hand between her legs, and leaned over him so her breasts were right above him. He ran his spare hand all over Lucy's legs, caressing her thighs and her pussy, reaching right under her and up her bottom, and playing with her breasts as they hung above him. He wrapped his fist round his penis and started stroking up and down, rubbing his hand right up over its rounded head. His powerful rhythm as he held Lucy's thigh set her breasts swaying and I thought if boys masturbate as hard as that I'm not surprised their beds rattle! I wondered if boys went that hard when they had sex with girls. I could tell Lucy was getting hot - her nipples were sticking out like corks and she was fingering herself between her legs. He stroked rhythmically for ages, grunting, then suddenly he went frantic, arching his hips up and stroking faster and harder, and pulling Lucy toward him by her bum. He grunted just like we'd heard our brother do, then his whole body juddered and white creamy fluid squirted from the little opening in the head of his penis right up to his chest. He looked like he was trying to wring every drop of it out with his hand, and he gave two or three more squirts, then he flopped back, panting. I'd watched a boy masturbate and seen semen for real - oh boy!

As I was kneeling watching I felt Michael's hand on my bottom, tickling me between my bum cheeks and reaching down my thighs. His penis was almost vertical and I knew he wanted his fun now. Girl friends at school had told me about what they'd done in the bushes with boys on the walk home from school, getting their breasts out, pulling their knickers down and giving their boys "hand jobs". They'd said boys liked hand jobs almost as much as real sex and a girl couldn't get pregnant. I had no idea how to give a boy one, but I'd seen a girl friend who said she'd given lots of boys hand jobs demonstrate it with a bottle and her hand, much like the "jacking off" demonstration. Having watched Andrew "jack off" I was getting the idea.
"Will you show me how to give a hand job?" I asked Michael.

Michael knelt on his towel, stretched his legs wide and thrust his erect penis forward. I squatted beside him astride his leg so my pubic hair was brushing his thigh. I could tell he liked that! He pulled my hand to his penis and squeezed my hand around it, then reached down and fondled my pussy, tickling my pubic hair, and I liked that!
"Have fun Linda, we're going for a dip" I heard Lucy say.
I watched Lucy and Andrew walk off hand in hand toward the blue sea. I didn't start on Michael's penis straight away - I was beginning to learn what boys liked! I ran my finger tips lightly over the inside tops of his thighs and over his balls, and tickled his bum and between his bum cheeks with my other hand. He was gasping, quivering, and a drop of liquid appeared on the little opening in the rounded head of his penis. "I'm getting this right" I thought and decided to start for real. I wrapped my hand round Michael's penis. It was so big I could only just close my hand round it, and even stiffer than before!
"Like this?" I asked.
"Just right Linda….. Squeeze just a little tighter ……. Ahhhhh!"
He fondled my bum and thighs with one hand and my breasts with the other. I began to stroke, rubbing my hand up and down his shaft the way Andrew had masturbated, right over its soft head.
"Lovely Linda …… just a bit slower …… catch the base of my knob ….. Ahhhhhh!.....perfect…..go on!....Aaaaah!"
As I was stroking him I glanced at Lucy and Andrew. They were in the sea, Andrew was standing with the water up to his knees, and Lucy was kneeling in front of him. I could see she had his penis in her mouth and was bobbing her head backwards and forwards. I decided that was the next trick Michael could teach me. I kept going for what seemed like ages wondering what would happen. Then suddenly Michael grunted just like Andrew had done, his penis seemed to become even stiffer, he gripped my bum so hard it hurt and pulled me against him, he tried to ram his hips even further forward and he yelled "Linda! Linda!.....Coming!". His body juddered, his penis jerked several times in my hand and that same creamy liquid squirted out and splashed onto the sand. Then his penis became limp in my hand and he held my hand to stop me stroking.
"Was that nice? Did I do it right?" I asked.
"Oh man!" he panted "Linda, that was so good! Oh man! Oh man!"
I'd given a boy my very first hand job and done it properly! I was a big girl now - oh boy!!!!!

I saw Lucy and Andrew walking back up the beach, both dripping wet. Lucy had a mischievous smile on her face, Andrew's penis was swinging limp and he looked very satisfied. Then from the town I heard a church bell chime the hour. It was almost the time our parents said they'd be back! There was just time for the boys to take a few photographs of us nude in naughty poses like in their magazines - oh boy! I decided I liked being seen nude by boys! Then we were back in our bikinis and blousy tops, and hurrying for the gate.

We got back to our hotel just in time for our mother to find us lazing by the pool in our boring one-piece swimsuits, sipping diet Cokes. Lucy was reading a history book, and I was reading Dickens, part of our next school term pre-read. Our brother was with mum with his shorts bulging as usual as he ogled us. Now we knew what he'd be doing in bed tonight! Mum smiled.
"Girls, you're so good, but you can take a break from your education on holiday."
Lucy smiled sweetly at mum. Lucy can look so innocent in her glasses.
"But mum, our education is so important. We've enjoyed a really interesting day haven't we Linda?"
Lucy winked at me, but I don't think mum noticed!


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