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wild, wild , wet

Short story By: Oceangirl

Tags: Beach, Wild, Sex

Ovie's sexual frustration leads her to a wild encounter at the beach

Submitted:Dec 10, 2012    Reads: 4,974    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

"He's a player. That is a plain and simple fact. " Ovie kept telling herself this again and again, trying to make herself shake off the irritation and frustration welling up inside her every time she remembers the email exchange she had with Davis. She blamed herself partly from falling right into his trap. She felt a shiver of thrill recalling the subtle public flirtations they had...it was all her fault for giving in. She thought she was special...only to learn that there's probably a "harem" of girls crowding him like groupies, following his every word. God, just thinking of his words makes her pussy wet with sweet desire. She cannot even count the times she came just touching herself while reading his writing , thinking it was all written with her in mind.He was her guilty pleasure and she cant help but feel selfish. Ovie picked up her Ipad checking for a new email... nothing. With a sigh, she stripped, walked towards her closet and saw herself in her mirror. She was always very comfortable with her body , her tall, lean frame, flat stomach, and surprising curves at the right places. She silently thanked her parents for the good genes. Ovie donned her new black bikini, put on a long t-shirt , grabbed a small bag and headed for the door of her studio, locking it behind her. She recently just moved in the small but brand new place a few months back. The neighborhood is a bit older, not much people her age... she can bet she's probably the only one in her twenties. Maybe because the rent is a bit pricier than she would have preferred but it was near the beach and that's what all matters. At least she can spend her spare time doing what she loves most--- surfing. She picked up her board by the door and walked towards the beach. Oh... How she missed the beach. She got so obsessed with this Davis guy that she was spending more of her free time locked inside her studio rather than at her favorite place. She told herself that unless Davis starts paying more attention to her , she should start going back to her old routine. With a giggle at that thought, Ovie approached the water, throwing her shirt & beach bag by the small hut nearby and positioned her board. The waves are not that good today, with the beach almost empty considering it was a Sunday. Ovie didn't give her surroundings much thought as she continued to go deeper into the ocean. She was so engrossed in her own musings that the sudden big wave caught her by surprise , throwing her and her board. What was happening to her? She swims like the best fish out there and yet, she cant seem to even move to secure her board. Another furious wave came and she struggled to fight it when suddenly, a pair of strong arms pulled her upwards and engulfed her. She stiffened with shock and turned to see the clearest pair of eyes she has ever seen. "Are you crazy or suicidal?! you're so far off in the water and there's probably a storm coming!" the guy shouted at her face , but he still was not letting her go. She came out of her reverie and finally started to focus on what her rescuer was saying. She shook her head but no words came out of her lips. She thought to herself -- great , now he'll think she's also stupid aside from being crazy or suicidal. The waves kept on coming nonstop pushing both of them... "Forget your board , too far now... The waves are too strong but we can swim back if you can manage to move ?" Ovie just nodded, and tried to swim back but her leg suddenly hit his knee hard. He let out a short yelp of pain. "Christ! Do you even know how to surf, or swim for that matter?" The mystery guy sighed loudly and pulled her back into his strong arms and started leading her back to the shore. She was red with embarrassment but kept quiet. She actually enjoyed the warm embrace of this guy who weirdly smells of sunblock and shampoo. She took a peek of her rescuer's face , he is somewhat older than she is, maybe in his late 30s or early 40s , but he is obviously in shape with a beach toned body. She found herself blushing remembering his commanding attitude as she suddenly became aware of how his nearness is making her stomach flutter. As another wave came, he hugged her tighter as he accidentally palmed one of her breast. She jerked in surprise but he didn't seem to notice as he seemed focused on getting them back at the beach. She is a bit calmer now and could probably swim if she tried but she just kept her position , letting him drag her. She is a bit nervous as her nipples got pebble hard in his palm. She is sure he will notice... she shut her eyes thinking that her sexual frustration with Davis is what's probably making her so hot... she shifted uncomfortably when her hip got in contact with his hard erection. She nervously looked up. He stopped too, they were near the beach now, almost back to safety , the water almost waist length. He suddenly turned her to face him and she melted with his smoldering gaze. Fuck, he was gorgeous. He gently cupped her face with both his hands "Are you okay?" She can only nod, he was too close to her, his gentle hands are betraying the aggressive thrust of his erection, pressing the front of her bikini. She was so wet, she's thankful they are under water because she is positively dripping... She was now holding on to him with her hands around her rescuer's body. Her hands took a mind of their own as they dipped lower , feeling his tight behind under his boardshorts...he was wearing nothing underneath! He pressed closer and the electricity between the two of them is probably enough to light up the city. She was amazed how he still manages to get hard under the cold sea water. His hands are stroking her back now, he was standing still just looking at her, as if challenging her to do the next move. She hesitated for just a couple of seconds but she thought, what the heck, it's not everyday you find someone as hot as this guy just walking by. She dipped her hands and pulled his shorts down just enough to free him. They are still hidden underwater waist down so she bravely started stroking his hard dick... She heard him groan, as her pussy quivered with excitement. His big hands grabbed her ass, shoving her bikini bottoms to the side and with one swift move, he thrust into her wet pussy.Hugging her tight, he started moving inside her under water... she is so feverishly aroused, god, this is the first time she actually was having no holds barred sex in the middle of the sea! He was confidently pumping into her now, burying into her sweet spot, bringing her higher and higher, all with the rhythm of the water around them and as the first few raindrops fell on the them, they came together in unison, their loud sounds of satisfaction lost in the crash of the ocean waves.


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