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A Tale For The Dead Of Night

Short story By: Nova chan

A girl aroused and alone in bed..........will someone join her......

Submitted:Nov 15, 2007    Reads: 11,763    Comments: 20    Likes: 11   

The tale of two flat mates
She pressed her thighs tighter together, embarrassed of the moisture between them. But it didn't help. She rolled over onto her back and looked up at ceiling. The lights from the passing traffic outside flashing onto the ceiling.
It was the second time this week that she had wakened aroused. It was disconcerting to say the least. She had no idea if she dreamed or if it was just spontaneous. Was it even possible for a female? She knew guys got wet dreams, and the wet part she understood.
It wasn't possible to go back to sleep after waking up, like she had found out the night before. Her legs were clamped together again in a vain attempt at stopping the moisture. She wasn't even sure if she wanted the moisture to stop.
Her last boyfriend hadn't even gotten her that aroused, not for lack of trying. After a while that relationship had soured.
How sad was she, 20 years old and still hadn't experienced had an orgasm. But it was like she just couldn't get aroused. But the last night she had awoken tingling. And she hadn't known what to do about it. Her practical self had however prevailed.
So with that thought in her mind she rolled over and reached for the last drawer of her bedside table. Her nightshirt was up around her hips as she stretched for the handle. She drew it open quietly mindful of her flat mate. And her fingers encountered what they were looking for. She grasped it tightly and slowly drew it out of the drawer.
Then she heard a noise that sounded like the creaking of floorboards. She froze in panic, at the though that her flat mate might find her in such a state. She quickly pushed it under her mound of pillows and lay on her front. She could hear her pulse beating wildly in her ears as she huddled in the middle of her bed. The though of been aroused to such a state while there was someone sleep in the next room was strangely enough exciting. She squirmed about on her bed. Her groin was pressed against the mattress and when she moved her hips about it was like someone was cupping her. She shuddered in excitement. She turned over and pushed the sheet to pool around her waist, lying back against the pillows. Her hands ran lightly down her body, down the middle of her chest past the navel and slowed right down. She stopped and rose to her elbows and looked down her body, clad in only a simple cotton shirt that barely covered the essentials. She pushed the sheets away and looked at her self again. Her nipples were hard and could be seen through the shirt. Her gaze wandered downwards to the apex of her legs, it was in shadow. She let out a breath as she slowly cupped herself, and pressing the palm of her hand against her self settled back against the pillows. She looked down at her body and was greeted with an erotic sight. Her right hand was between her splayed legs with the nightshirt now up around her waist. She quickly sat up and pulled the shirt off. It was getting in the way. Her hand was back in place, she pressed it tighter and tighter against the mound all the while moving her hips side to side. The friction that movement was causing was enough to get her heart pounding again.
She stopped moving about when she heard a floorboard squeak. Damn. It was Jenny for sure. She quickly pulled the sheets around her neck and settled back. It was one thing to be touching yourself, but another to be caught doing it.
Her room door creaked open.
"Sammie… you wake?"
"Yeah, now I am. Was that you up before?" Sammie cleared her throat. It was a wonder Jenny couldn't hear her heart practically jumping out of her chest.
"Yeah. It was me, though I heard something." Jenny closes the bedroom door and walks towards the bed with the rumpled covers. She slips under the covers and lays back.
Shit! Was all Sammie could thing as Jenny settled into the bed. She gathers the sheets closer to her naked aroused body. The sheet moved across her bare nipples and she felt it in the depths of her body.
Jenny turned on her side and faced Sammie. "I hope I didn't wake you before, I just couldn't get to sleep."
"I was awake. I couldn't get back to sleep." Jenny face was partly in shadow, but Sammie could see were her singlet had slipped low. She gritted her teeth as she realized her flat mate wasn't wearing a bra, just a thin white cotton singlet and a pair of black boxers. Jenny shifted again and her top slipped even lower. It seemed that with every breath she took her breasts threatened to pop out.
"You don't mind if we just talk do you?" Jenny asked as she stretched her long lush body. She shifted closer to Sammie and slipped an arm around her waist over the sheets.
"No, doesn't seem like I'll go to sleep anyway" Sammie shifted a little closer to Jenny. She glanced down to see that from her vantage point Jenny's nipples almost rising over the edge of the singlet. Sammie felt an almost overwhelming urge to touch the dark nipples. She wanted then to be erect as hers were. She was shocked at the turn of her thoughts. She had never wanted her flat mate like this before. She'd checked out Jenny's body but that had only been in the passing.
Jenny pressed herself closer to Sammie and leaning over, so her mouth was near Sam's ear whispered, "Do you want to touch them?"
"What?" Sammie replied with an incredulous cry. Jenny's body was pressed against Sam, with only a layer of sheet separating them.
Jenny moved away from Sam and then straddled her. Her legs on either side of Sam's body. She cupped her breasts and lifted them as if offering them.
Sammie moved under Jenny's body. Her butt was sitting on Sam's crotch. She looked up at her dark haired flat mate.
"Yes!" Sammie whispered in answer to Jen's silent offering. Her hands were gripping Jenny's slender waist, keeping it in place. She reached up and cupped one of her tits. It filled her hand, so big and soft. Sammie kneaded the breast in wonderment; she felt the nipple hardening in her palm. Jen let out a moan and arched her back, offering more to Sammie. Jenny's legs were spread on either side of Sammie and when she arched her back her butt pressed against Sammie in place that felt like it was aching to be touched.
Jen drew in a deep breath and placed both her flat-mates hands on her tits. She squeezed and let out another moan.
"God, yes! Touch me Sammie; I want you to touch me!" Jenny all but pleaded. She stopped and looked down "Do you want to Sammie?"
Sam looked up at her friend and realized she wanted to badly. "Yes", she whispered into the silence.
"You know why I couldn't go to sleep" Jen asked. "Because I was up thinking about you. Then I heard something and figured it was all or nothing. Have you been with a woman before?"
"No" Jen answered her own question.
"I was up because…" Sam blushed unable to go on.
"You're naked under the sheets aren't you?" Jenny chuckled to herself. She removed Sam's hands from her breast after one last squeeze. She slid off the bed and commanded her friend to close her eyes. Sam complied. Jen then pulled the tank off and threw it onto the floor, the black boxers followed.
Sam felt the delicious weight settling onto her again. Then Jen lay down on her, body to body. Sammie could feel her breast pressing against hers. The slender waist and the long thighs straddling her hips. She could feel her crotch pressing against her own. Jen hair smelled like peach and honey, her shampoo. She though of the honey between her legs and what they were doing together.
"Put your hands on my back" Jen whispered against her ear as she nibbled the lobe. Sam needed no other invitation and ran her hands lightly down her back. The skin was silky-smooth and smooth. She ran her down lower and encountered lace by the feel of it. She cupped Jen's ass against her own body and squeezed. Seemed Jen liked a lot of squeezing her moan evidenced that.
"I want to touch you all over," Jen whispered in her ear again. "Your breast, between your legs"
Sam moved out from under Jen and flipped her onto her back. She threw one leg over her thigh and rose up onto an elbow. Jen was lying back against the pillows with a startled expression on her face. Sam's hand rested on her waist just above the tiny swatch of black lace. She looked down on Jen's bare breasts. The nipples were erect and thrusting upwards. She looked at Jen's expressions again and with that leaned down and took one of the nipples into her mouth. The body beneath her arched and let out a startled cry. Sam drew back and looked at the nipple glistening in the dim light.
"Don't stop, please don't stop"


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