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Meeting in Room 325 Part 3

Short story By: NinaBellini

The Actual Meeting.

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Nina X

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The meeting had come to an end. It had lasted the whole day and it had gone dark outside, we'd had some curled edged sandwiches for lunch with a warm can of coke. Chairs scraped noisily back under the table and we stood and stretched. Talk now was of a team meal. The very thought made me die inside. I stretched my arms above my head again as Chris came up behind me.

"If I don't fuck you in the next half an hour I may murder someone."

I turned and held out my hand as if we'd never met. "Maddy. Birmingham"

He played along "Chris. Liverpool and I want your cunt on my cock now"

I grinned and turned to face the rest of the room. My knickers flooding as I did. He continued behind me "I want to be deep inside your pussy" I swallowed, tried to keep my expression composed as I faced a room full of colleagues. "I want to tongue your clit"

"I'm moving over here now to do some mingling" I said and started to move away. He moved in close right next to my ear.

"I want our juices to mingle."

I leaned in against his other ear "When we're done here we will fuck hard. Then I'll suck your cock and kiss your lips. We can both taste our juices mingling together then"

We stood facing each other. To anyone else in the room it looked like we were talking shop. I was amazed that sparks weren't coming off us. The air between us felt tense and crackly as we parted to make painful smalltalk with other colleagues. Slowly the banal chat dried up and it was decided we would go for a meal. I almost wailed out loud. The group made its way to a little Italian restaurant I'd seen on the way to the meeting. It's only saving grace was that it was mercifully near to our hotel. My pussy yearned for him as I thought about our hotel room. We lagged towards the back of the suited trail and he hooked a hand over my bottom.

"Your arse is amazing" his finger lingered at the top of my leg as he spoke.

"You want to be careful- Someone will see & we'll lose our jobs"

"It is though. I can't wait to have it in front of me with my tongue in it"

I laughed. "Stop. Fuck. You're making this worse. You can't imagine how wet I am."

"I've spent the last two years imagining it. I want to sink my dick into it now"

I folded my arms and pretended anger when really all I want was to lower myself down on to his cock here in the street. As we walked I removed my scarf and knotted it in a ball. Chris gave me a puzzled look but said nothing. We walked together enjoying the sights of a new city. A mix of workers going home and revelers on their way out. A happy in-between time I wanted to link arms and press giddily against him like a teenage couple before their first shag. Knowing we couldn't only heightened my urge. Just next to the restaurant was an alleyway I'd spotted earlier and as we passed I made sure no one saw and threw my balled up scarf up into it.

The restaurant itself was small, intimate and welcoming. Drippy candles in wine bottles sat on red gingham tablecloths. In my head I started singing 'This is the Night' from Lady and the Tramp then suddenly felt intense hunger and was glad we'd come. The owner busied himself moving tables trying to get them together. Chris and I stayed close. There was no way we were being separated for any longer today. As we made a move towards the table the director stopped us before we sat-

"Erm. Are you two from the same branch?"

"No " I replied with a smile

"Lovely let's get to know new people. Sit next to someone from a different area. Someone you don't know. And boy girl." He said it loud so everyone heard.

There was a collective groan but we sat and thankfully Chris and I had got a quietish end of the table. The man on my left was quite clearly trying to get into the knickers of the poor young girl next to him. Bless her. She kept pulling faces at another girl across the table. He was oblivious. This was heightened as the evening wore on and he took full advantage of the free drinks.

Our legs were touching I hooked my calf around his foot. Just for closeness. To feel his warmth. We didn't look at each other but somehow felt each other. Could tell we were both smiling without looking. Excitement bounced between us. The rest of the room and all its raucous noise had disappeared. It was just the two of us. Together. Side by side at long last. My heart thudded with anticipation for what was to come later. How soon we could eat and disappear? Could we leave at the same time?

Our starters came. Chris leaned against me to get the pepper brushing my breast as he did. I gasped a little bit too loudly and then grinned widely at him. Across the table stared.

"Do you two know each other? You make a lovely couple" It was shouted just as the room had gone quiet.

The whole table stared. Oh God. I heard Chris murmuring fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck under his breath as we were scrutinized by everyone.

"Ha! No we don't but thank you" I smiled and pressed my cheek against his whilst pulling an inane grinning face. He kissed my cheek playing along. I shrieked and the table applauded. The mood had suddenly become surreal.

"What's happening?" I asked Chris through my teeth so no one else could hear.

"No fucking idea" he replied through his teeth,

We wolfed down our starters and I pretended to notice that my scarf has disappeared. I got up to go to look for it and just as I was at the door Chris shouted that he'd come with me. I noticed a few raised eyebrows from those opposite us on the table.

"You're a real pro at this aren't you " he said as we headed up the alley. I removed my pants as we walked. "oooh Lady and so classy with it too."

I stopped his words with my mouth. Kissed him hard and deep. My breathing altered immediately and I pressed myself firmly against his chest. Tongues exploring each other's mouth. Feeling his lips moving against mine. We broke away panting.

"Fuck me with your fingers?"

He pushed me against the wall of the alley and raised the skirt of my dress using his knee to force my legs apart. Cold night air danced over my bare pussy.

He slid an insistent finger around my lips already slippery with my juice. Looped round my clit sending my breathing shallow. Then thrust it inside me. I gasped. He removed it straight away then forced in again deep and hard. I moaned unable to close my mouth head banging backwards knocking against the alley wall.

"I want it to be your cock" I looked at him and saw concentration and arousal in his eyes. His hardness through his trousers. I massaged him through the material. "Fuck I want you"

He nodded and stated the obvious "We need to go back inside."

" I know" I replied tailing off with a moan as his finger thrust again up my wet cunt. My body scraped up the wall. I felt the brickwork scratching my back and I got even more aroused.

"I need you. I've waited too long" I fiddled with his flies trying to get his cock out as I said it.

" I know. But not here" We kissed again. Hungrily pressing mouths together. Tongue darting in and around. Bodies pressed close, moans and sighs as our hands discovered sensitive spots.

I broke away. Retrieved the scarf and started back towards the street.

"Before we go back in. Any regrets? Any second thoughts?" he asked

I shook my head.

"No. None but please don't ask me that in the morning" I pushed my pants into his jacket pocket as we rejoined the street.

"Did you find it?" a voice shouted across the restaurant as we reentered.

I held it aloft! "Yes!"

We sat and waited for our meals. Neither of us took our eyes off the table in front of us. I bit my bottom lip remembering the morning. His touch as he shaved me. His unwavering gaze. Yearning tugged again between my legs. The meals arrived. It was good. Simple and tasty. I speared three quills on my fork and turned to face him.

"mmmm. Try this it's superb." I said and he dutifully opened his mouth as I moved the fork towards him. The air bounced again between us. I could feel my body quiver and I had to lower my gaze.

"It's delicious. We need to go as soon as we can. I've had a hard on now for the whole of the day. What if I can't get it up at the hotel? "He said it quickly as he swallowed the pasta and pulled a face of mock horror.

I stared at him smirking. "Do you think that's going to happen? Really?"


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