Washer and Dryer Delivery

By: nikkiplay

Page 1, The craziest thing happened the day my husband made me horny, but then left town.

It was a weekday afternoon around 1:30 and I was home early from work because I was waiting for our new washer and dryer to be delivered between 3-5. I was very happy to be out of work, it was a long and stressful day. My husband couldn’t be there for the delivery because he had to take someone to the airport in Nashville for a 2:00 flight. Before he left the house, he and I had been sending very dirty text messages back and forth to each other and it got me really worked up as I was driving back to the house.

As I walked thru the door I received a picture text from him, when I opened it up I seen that it was a picture of his hard cock, and now I was extremely worked up. Quickly I took off my work clothes and threw on a wife beater and a little pair of my gym shorts over top of my leopard printed push-up bra and panties. Then I headed to the living room with “getting fucked” on my mind, with several items in my hands. I had a little time to myself, and I planned on using it to help me unwind from the shitty day that I had at work today.

I got to the living room and placed one of the items, my pink vibrator, on the end table. I put the other item, a porn DVD, into the DVD player and select a scene to watch as I pleasured myself. As the scene started I fast forwarded to the part where they start to get it on, but before I found it I heard the doorbell ring. I hit the button on the remote to stop the video and get up to go to the door. I could see out the window and see the delivery truck in the driveway and realized that the delivery guys are here really early. I was a little upset that I was interrupted from my fun time, but was also glad that at least I hadn’t gotten naked yet. I pushed a few buttons on the home security system.

When I opened the door they introduced themselves as Mark and Derek and asked if they could see the room they need to bring the washer and dryer too. I said yes, but wondered why they are looking over my shoulder into the living room. As I turned to lead them to the laundry room I realized what they were looking at. Instead of hitting the stop button on the remote while I was fast-forwarding the scene, I pressed the play button instead. I grabbed the remote and hit the stop button; the last thing that was showing on the scene was a lady down on her knees in between two guys, giving them both head.

 I turned to them and apologized, Mark said that it was OK and says “You’d be surprised how many times that happens”.

Derek didn’t say anything at first, and then I noticed that he had been looking at my toy sitting on the end table. He didn’t say anything, but I did notice that he had looked up and down my body several times as I lead them to the laundry room.

Over the next 20 minutes they took the old washer and dryer to the garage for me and then brought the new ones in and hook them up for me. As I watched them work, my embarrassment went away and I started to feel horny again. Other than watching them work, I was also checking them out and thinking dirty thoughts about both of them. Mark told me to give them about 5 minutes and they’ll be able to show me how to work everything.

I went out to check the mail and came back a few minutes later.  As I neared the kitchen I heard the end of what they were saying, it was Derek’s voice at first and I heard him finish up by saying “……………..is so fucking hot dude. Let’s at least try to see what she’ll say”

Mark replied “You really think she’d be down for it”.

“Dude, she was watching a video of that exact thing” Derek said back to him. As I rounded the counter they still hadn’t noticed me as Mark said “Fine, I get to go first this time”. Now my mind was racing!

“OK boys, I’m back now” I said to them with a smile on my face, they didn’t know that I’ve already figured out their plan.

As they run me thru all the operations of the washer and dryer I stood close to them, occasionally brushing my body against theirs. Mark was doing most of the explaining, and I noticed that Derek was doing everything he could to make sure I “accidently” rubbed against him. All of the directions had been given to me about the operations of my new washer and dryer.

Mark said to me “If you have any dirty clothes, you can throw them in there and we’ll show you how good this machine works”.

“I just washed clothes last night; I don’t have anything that needs washed. The only thing that I could wash is the clothes that I’m wearing” I told him, making that suggestion because I knew they both wanted to fuck me.

To my surprise Derek spoke up for the first time and jokingly said “Well, what are you waiting for? Take them off”.

It was his attempt at seeing if I was down to fuck. I saw the look on their faces as my hands reached down and slid my shorts over my hips and let them fall to the ground.

“Ummmmm…..” Mark said as I faced him and pulled my top over my head and dropped it down to the ground also.

“I know what you both want” I said as I felt Derek’s hands start to undo my bra. As it unsnapped I held it up over my tits instead of letting it fall to the ground.

“Pull your cocks out” I said to them.

After they both unzipped their pants and pulled them out I dropped my bra to the ground and grabbed each one of them by their half hard cocks and lead them to the living room.

Mark was in my right hand, I could tell by feeling it that it was a little over 6 1/2 inches but it was very, very thick. Derek was in my left hand, I could tell that it was a normal thickness but as I ran my hand up it I could tell that he was all the way hard and his dick was easily over 9 inches long.

“You boys are in for a treat” I told them.

I got to the living room and stood between them with my back to the couch, Mark was on my right and Derek was on my left. I rubbed both of their dicks as they both begin to rub on my tits.

“My god, how big are these?” Mark asked as he sucked on my right nipple.

“Mmmmmm, big enough for you both to suck on” I said as Derek began to suck on my other nipple. As they were both sucking on my tits they were kicking off their shoes and dropping their pants to the ground.

 The whole time I still stroked them so that they both got all the way hard. Quickly they both pulled off their shirts and dropped them too and went back to licking and sucking my nipples. After a few seconds they were both standing straight up again.

As I continued to stroke both of them, Mark  was rubbing my ass with his left hand and my tits with his right hand, Derek was rubbing my pussy thru my panties; their hands were making me so excited that I moaned a little.

Quickly I dropped to my knees and took Mark’s dick in my mouth, I noticed as I took him in my mouth that he was thicker than I had realized and wondered how big it will feel in my pussy. I let go of Derek and faced a little more towards Mark and started bobbing my head on his cock. Derek was stroking his cock and watching me suck on his friend.

“Oh my god, suck my cock…….” he said to me as I went down all the way on him.

After a few bobs I pulled it out and licked from his balls all the way to the tip of his dick again. I tried to deep throat him again and moaned as I did it.

“Suck my friend now” he said to me.

I turned to find a giant cock right in front of my face, I wasted no time taking it in my mouth, I noticed that this guy’s balls were pretty big too, wondering how big of a load he will have for me (I love a man’s cum). I didn’t have to open my mouth as big for him, but I could tell  by trying to deep throat  him that I’d be able to feel his cock in the back of my throat. I bobbed my head up and down very slowly at first, going a little farther down on him each time. I almost made it all the way down on the last bob. I pulled him out, held his dick up and start to suck on his big soft balls, and then licked all the way to the tip again.

One of them said to me “Go back and forth baby”.

I turned my head towards Mark and took him in my mouth again. Moaning, I started sucking again. I went back and forth between them, giving them each 4 or 5 good deep bobs of my head on their hard cocks, then turning to the other one.

 After a minute Derek said “Can you suck on them both?”

 They stepped even closer to me then, their dicks were pretty much smashed into my face. As I opened my mouth, they both put their dicks against opposite sides of my mouth. I grabbed them both and quickly sucked one and then the other, one quick bob each. Back and forth, back and forth. I heard a loud beeping coming from the alarm system, and just figure that it’s beeping to say that it is activated.

Then I put both of their heads against my lips and tongue and started to  lick them both at the same time. I could tell that they are impressed. For the next few minutes or so I went back and forth between them, sucking one and stroking the other. I gave them both about 3 more turns in my mouth. One time as I sucked Derek, I could feel Mark smacking his dick against my right titty. This made me moan and go deeper on his friend.

“Lick my balls” Derek said to me.

So I started to lick them like an ice cream cone, I could tell he was happy with what I was doing to him.

“Don’t forget my friend” he said, so I turned my head to lick Mark’s balls too.

 As I did that I felt Derek rubbing the head of his dick up and down against my cheek. I looked up to Mark and said “I wanna get fucked so badly” and sucked him again very fast.

I stood up and then sat back on the couch, as Derek sat on the end of the couch Mark reached up and pulled my panties off and tossed them out in the middle of the floor.

Mark lay down on the couch on his side as I lay in front of him on my side. As he was getting into position and I was opening my legs, I started to suck on Derek’s dick again. I got a good 7 or 8 bobs up and down his dick before Mark was ready. As I licked the head of his cock I could then feel it down below. I opened my eyes wide now, I could feel how wide my pussy lips were being pushed apart as his cock slid inside of me.

I lifted my head up and said “Oh yeah……oh fuck yeah” as I stroked Derek’s cock.

After a few slow pumps, my pussy was nice and wet. He began to fuck me a little faster and a little harder now. I continued to suck Derek as I began to moan.

“Oh yeah, that feels SO good” I said as he continued to pump his dick in my wide stretched pussy.

He kept fucking and I kept sucking, Derek was holding my hair tight in his hand as I tried again to deep throat him.

“Oh fuck…..yeah” I somehow managed to say before he pushed my mouth back down over his cock again.

I started bobbing my head really fast up and down his dick and Mark really started to fuck me harder then. I could hear the clapping sound of my ass and his body with each quick, hard, deep thrust of his dick inside of my hot and wet pussy. I could feel Derek’s hips start to move as I sucked him even faster. I could tell that my moans while he was in my mouth had him extremely turned on. Mark was still pounding his dick hard into my pussy.

I was right to be excited about how thick he was. But as I sucked Derek, I began to wonder how deep his cock was going to be inside of me. I still hadn’t been able to get the whole thing in my mouth (I take great pride in being able to get a man’s whole dick in my mouth).

As I took it out of my mouth I cried out “OH FUCK”.

Before I took him in my mouth again I noticed how wet I had gotten his dick with my mouth. Quickly I shoved it back in again and start sucking in fast. Mark was really pounding my pussy then and I tried to say “oh my god” while I still had Derek’s dick in my mouth.

“Come taste your pussy” Mark said to me.

Quickly I turned around, bent over at the waist and swallowed his whole cock that was covered with my own wetness. I began to stroke him as I sucked on his dick, he was still in the same position that he was fucking me in.

I could feel Derek’s hands on my hips now and I could also feel one of his feet against my left foot. I could tell he wanted me to spread my legs apart. As I did that I could feel him rub the head of his dick up and down against my clit a few times. As the head of his long cock pressed against my pussy lips I could feel him wiggle his dick back and forth as it started to slide inside of me. At that time I remembered how long it was and I couldn’t wait to feel it all the way, deep inside. I could tell he wasn’t putting the whole thing inside of me yet, but it was enough to make me feel so good.

As I was standing there, bent over, he was fucking me with short and quick thrusts. I continued to show Mark’s cock the good time it deserved by sucking it long and fast. Derek had me put one knee on the couch as he fucked me a little deeper, which had me even more excited than I already was. He surprised me then by reaching down and grabbing my left leg and having me lift it up high. I was bent over, balancing on one leg as he helped me hold it up as he went even deeper in me again.

“Oh my….fuck me. Oh my god yes” I managed to say before I began to suck Mark’s dick again.

As I sucked it I tried to say “Oh yeah” 3 times, but it came out muffled because of the huge dick that was in my mouth.

“You ready for the whole thing?” Derek said to me.

“Oh yes” I did manage to say without taking Mark’s cock out of my mouth (I can’t believe he still had even more to put in me).

Mark stood up then and turned towards me and kneelt with one knee on the couch and the other foot on the floor. I got on all 4’s with my right knee on the couch and left foot on the floor. Mark was right in front of me, so I started sucking his cock again. I could feel Derek positioning himself behind me and I couldn’t wait for him to start fucking me again.  

As he slid in me I turned my head towards him and said “oh yeah, oh FUCK yeah” as he began to fuck me again.

He didn’t wait long to give it all to me. I could feel him deeper in me with each thrust, and for the first time I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy as he plowed his cock all the way inside of me. Now I knew for sure that he was all the way in me, and really loved every bit of it.

Mark was enjoying it too, because I was moaning a lot and very loudly as I continued to suck his dick and stroke it at the same time. I could feel my tits bouncing a lot with each hard thrust and I felt his hands holding on to my hips really hard as he pounded me from the back. After a few more minutes he pulled it out of me real quick.

I now had both of my knees on the edge of the couch and he was standing behind me pumping my pussy very hard again. To keep being able to suck Mark’s dick, I was now only on my right elbow with my upper body slightly turned so that I was facing him. My head was a little lower than before, so instead of bobbing my head all I had to do was open my mouth. Mark positioned himself so now he could start to fuck my mouth instead of me bobbing my head up and down. He must have been really turned on, because he was really fucking my face real hard and fast. So much that I had a very hard time breathing.

I had my left arm behind me with my hand against my ass, I started to lightly spank myself. Holding still and letting both of them do all the work had gotten me very excited again. Derek was going very hard on me now, pounding my pussy hard and deep with each thrust. I would have been screaming, but Marks’s big cock was in my mouth, so very loud muffled moans were all I could manage at that time. Minutes went by like this until I stared to get the feeling in deep inside of me. He was fucking me so hard now that I knew what was about to happen.

Mark got up and stood next to the couch to watch the two of us for a  minute. And a minute of hard pounding is all that it took.

“Yeah, yeah……..fuck that pussy” I screamed.

“Fuck me….oh my….don’t stop………..yes…yes…..YES!”  I called out as he pounded away on my pussy.

I tried to look back over my shoulder at him but only managed to move a little before the feeling started washing over me.

“OH FUCK……YEAH….YEAH……you like that?.......OHHHHHH” I called out to him.

I felt his grip tighten on my hips as he continued to pound me so hard and so fast. “Fucking fuck my pussy…..don’t stop…oh yes, don’t fucking stop”.

He knew he had me where he wanted me and began to go even deeper and harder than before. I’d almost lost control at this point as I called out “OH…….OH…….OH MY, YES……….OH DON’T STOP……OH, OH, OH……OH FUCK ME!........OH MY…..oh fuck, yes….yes…….I’m going to fucking cum”.

And then “fuck, YES, YES. OH FUCK….OH MY….FUCK YES….DAMNIT YES….OH FUCK!!!!!!” I screamed as I came hard while he continued to fuck me hard all the way through my orgasm.

He slowed his pace as I felt my legs quivering from cumming so hard. As he pulled out Mark stepped forward and had me turn my ass towards him. Derek sat down at the end of the couch again as I swung my ass around towards Mark.

With both knees on the couch again I pushed my ass back towards Mark and wasted no time showing Derek’s dick how much I loved what it just did to my pussy. I inhaled him very fast as I felt the head of Mark’s dick spreading my pussy lips apart as he slid back inside of me again.

I turned back towards him real quick and said “yeah, you gonna make me cum too” then turned back to Derek and sucked his lovely cock again.

Mark didn’t waste any time getting to work on my very, very wet pussy. In a matter of seconds he was pumping it hard again. Derek held my hair up again so he could see my lips wrap around his dick as I started to go up and down very quick on him. At the same time I could feel Mark’s thrusts’ making my ass bounce and I was very turned on. As I continued to suck on Derek, I could feel my tits bouncing against his leg over and over again. As Mark continued to pound me very deep and hard I kept sucking Derek as good as I could. I was holding myself up with both hands and was sucking him using just my mouth to hold his dick, no hands at all (cause I’m a pro). He seemed to really enjoy this, I could tell by his moans.

I was so into his thick cock spreading my pussy and pounding me, they could both tell by my loud passion filled moans. It felt so good to me, and I was going like a machine on Derek’s dick with my mouth. Bobbing fast and hard, and not stopping at all, just moaning loudly the whole time. This goes on and on. Mark was fucking me so hard, making me moan loud; in turn I was sucking Derek’s dick hard and fast and making him moan and grind his hips. I could hear Mark breathing heavy as he continued to fuck me long and hard, spreading my pussy lips wide apart with his fat dick. Feeling his balls slap against my pussy and feeling my ass bounce with each powerful thrust over and over makes me go harder and faster on Derek with my mouth. He continued to hold my hair as I pleasured him with my mouth.

“This pussy is SO good” Mark said as he continued to fuck me very hard.

“OH, I wanna cum again” I said quickly before filling my mouth again.

Mark was really excited by this, I could tell because now he was fucking me even harder than before. I kept Derek’s huge dick in my mouth but I couldn’t bob my head up and down anymore. I had my mouth open wide, and moaning loud with him still in my mouth.  My saliva was running down his cock, making it glisten. Mark’s hard thrusts were making my head bounce around on Derek’s dick, it was in my open mouth bouncing around a lot as I used my tongue on it.

A little time went by and Mark said to me “go sit on my friend now”.

I jumped up and straddled Derek, with my back to him. As I lowered myself down and took him inside my pussy again I let out a moan as it slid deep in me. Mark was now standing beside me and I took him in my mouth again and began to suck his dick some more. I quickly remembered that I had to open wide to be able to get him in my mouth, he was so thick and I loved it.

Being on top of Derek this time, I managed to be able to get him even deeper inside of me than before. It didn’t take long for my loud moans to start again. As I rode his dick, he even thrust up into me every time I came down, getting it even deeper in me. I was so amazed, and my moans were letting them both know. Mark had me by the hair as I sucked him so he could control my head, and I could feel both of Derek’s hands on my ass as I rode him, so he can control how fast I was riding his big cock. The feeling of them both controlling me made me feel really good and dirty.

So I continued to let both of them use me how they wanted to use me for a bit. I fucking  enjoyed every second of them using my body for their pleasure very, very much. Eventually Derek moved his hands to my hips to be able to control how hard I came down on his dick. I could feel him pulling my hips down hard so that his dick would go hard and deep into my pussy each time. They continued to use me how they wanted for a bit. I was so into being used like that, that I was feeling the tingle deep inside again. I was screaming with him in my mouth still because Derek was bringing me down so fucking hard on his dick. So, Mark stepped back and let me scream again.

“Oh…..oh my….oh fuck”, “oh……oh……oh shit. Don’t fucking stop. Keep giving me that fucking dick. YES…..oh………oh……..oh my………yes….oh shit!”  I was really getting into it now.

“Keep giving me that fuckin dick…..oh, oh, oh fuckin shit.” I yelled.

 “Yes, oh my….just like that baby, just like that” I said to him.

He was punishing my pussy with fast, hard, deep powerful thrusts as I was sitting on him.  I was riding him really hard now, getting my ass way up high on his big dick before coming down on it hard. Each time I’d feel him pull my hips down hard. I could feel the head of his cock very, very deep inside of me each time. Deeper than I’ve ever had anyone inside me before. I know he had to love the view of my sweet ass bouncing so much with each pump. I was screaming out now. I kept saying it felt so good.

“Give me that dick” I told him a few times.

 Mark came and sat on the other end of the couch now. “Come ride my dick for a bit now baby” he said.

Again, I did as he said and went over to him and straddle his thick cock. His hips were a little out over the edge of the couch, so I straddled him, facing away from him, while leaning back some to support myself by putting my arms on the couch. All of my weight was on my hands, legs and feet, that way he could pump me from underneath very easily, I was leaning back as he slid inside of me again. 

I felt my lips being spread wide apart as he entered me. He began to pump hard and quick and immediately I feel in love with this position. There was something with the way his dick was hitting something deep inside of me that got me started right away.

“Oh my, give me that dick. That feels so good” I said as I heard the sound of my ass clapping against his body with each hard pump.

I already felt what he was going to make me do “oh my, oh my, oh my……..I’m gonna cum……..oh my……ooohhhhhh shit! I’m gonna fuckin cum!” I managed to say between moans. He had me cum so fast in this position.

“Oh shit, ahhhhhh, ahhh, oh my…..oh fuck….it’s going to happen AGAIN” I yelled as my right hand came up and I grabbed myself by the hair.

Soon I had both hands in my hair, holding and squeezing it. His dick is about to make me explode again already. He continued to pump, and pump and pump my pussy hard. My pussy felt so full right then. I could take no more. On an inward thrust of his dick I lost it, I felt my pussy explode all over his cock. I felt my juices cover his entire dick.

“OH my…..oh shit. That felt so fucking good” I said to him.

I don’t even know if he heard me, because he was still continuing to pound away inside my extremely wet pussy. Then “oh my…..it feels so fucking good……yes, yes, yes” I screamed as I got the feeling again.

I wasn’t sure, but I thought I just came three times, one big one and then 2 little aftershocks again. All within a few minutes. He’s was really fucking me good still. I could feel him slipping in and out of me even easier than before because I came all over his cock three times. My pussy felt so hot and wet, and he was STILL continuing to fuck me.

“Just please keep fucking me” I said to him.

While I was still on top of him, we both lay back on the couch. I was still on top of him, leaning back a bit, with one foot on the couch and the other on the floor, but I kept letting him do all the work that he had been doing to my body. Derek stepped closer now and I turned to take him in my mouth again. He stepped back after a few seconds to look down at me getting fucked again.

“Oh my….that dick feels so good” I yelled at Mark as I started to ride him now.

“Damn it yes…..oh my, oh my……yes! Fuck, that dick feels so good…..I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” I yelled again.

As he started to thrust into me, I said “yes, please don’t stop, please don’t fuckin stop!”.

I began screaming “OH….OH…..OH YES. OH MY…….FUCK!” I cried out as I came again all over his cock.

Like a good little slut, I keep bouncing on his dick the entire time as I came. Derek rushed back over and shoved his dick into my wide open mouth. Right away I began to suck him again. I could feel his dick twitch in my mouth as I swallowed it. Mark wasted no time, and again began to fuck me from underneath like a machine.

Derek looked down at me and said “why don’t you suck his dick now”.

I jumped up, turned around and kneelt down on the couch, I bent over Mark’s hard dick and started to suck it again. I could taste myself up and down his entire dick. His cock and balls were completely covered in my pussy juices and cum, and I intended to clean it all off of him with my mouth.

As I sucked Mark, Derek had gone around behind me and spread my legs apart again slightly. I felt him slide into me with no problem, my pussy was soaking wet from all of my orgasms. He was really turned on from watching me getting fucked like that, so right away he was going balls deep with his thrusts. He was fucking me hard and very fast. I began to moan now with Mark in my mouth.

In the back of my mind, I knew I need to show his cock some love. So I was sucking it very fast and hard. I was stroking it at the same time, twisting my hand lightly as it slid up and down his shaft, I was also working my lips and tongue hard on the top of his dick. I could tell he loved watching me clean all of my sex juice off of him using my mouth and tongue. I could tell he was really enjoying it, I could hear him over my own loud moans.

Derek’s right leg was on the floor and his left knee was on the couch. But now he had lifted his left leg up, so it was hiked up and his left leg was up beside my hip. This allowed him to get deeper inside of me. I could tell as soon as he did that, I felt him going deeper in me right away. He had his left hand on my back and his right hand was slapping my ass as he fucked me hard and fast. I was rubbing Mark’s balls as I sucked him at a slower pace now.

Derek surprised me again. He slid his right hand down my right thigh and made me shift my weight to my left leg. Then he lifted my right leg up and out and held it up as he continued to fuck me very deep. He kept pounding me hard so as I sucked on Mark’s dick. At one point I stopped bobbing my head again and just let Derek’s thrusts move my head on Mark’s dick, and they both seem to love it.

I looked up at Mark and said “I wanna fuckin sit on it again”.

Without waiting for a response, I pulled away from Derek and climbed on top of Mark’s hard dick and slid it in with my hand. “Start fucking me” I told him.

He did as I said and started to pump me again from underneath. I instantly got loud again. “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Please don’t stop. Keep fuckin me. Don’t stop” I screamed.

Derek walked over and gave me his dick again. I sucked that big cock inside my  mouth without using any hands at all. I began to bob my head on his long hard dick as Mark continued to fill my pussy with his big fat cock. I keep sucking it with no hands and he again grabbed my hair. Mark hadn’t slowed down on my pussy either. And I started getting loud again. This kept going on just like this. I couldn’t believe how good I was being fucked.

Then Mark suggested something “Do you want us to take turns on your pussy” he asked as I was grinding my hips against him.

I pulled Derek’s dick out of my mouth and told them both “I want you to both take turns grudge fucking me from behind”.

As I looked up at Derek and seen him looking down at me, I took his cock and start smacking it against my tongue real hard then said “this is for you” then I opened my mouth wide and took him all the way deep inside of my mouth and throat, to where his balls were literally resting on my chin.

Mark looked up and said “HOLY SHIT” as he seen me swallow all of Derek’s 9 inches of hard dick.

I slowly slid it all the way back out until the tip was on my lips, I gave him a light kiss on the head of his dick then for good measure I deep throated the entire thing again. I pulled it out and said to them “Now, are you boys gonna take turns fucking me like a little slut now or what?”

I quickly spun around and put my right knee on the couch and left foot on the floor and awaited my rewards. I lay my hips across the arm of the couch and lay my upper body across the end table, spread my legs and reached a hand back to rub my clit.

“I want you to take turns on me. Fuck me as hard as you can for 30 to 60 seconds, then switch. Do it over and over. Mix it up and keep me guessing who’s in me” I told them.

I wondered how hard I was about to be fucked, then I could tell that one of them just got behind me. I felt one hand on my hip and the head of a cock brush against my clit. Then it slid in, I could tell right away it Derek. Like I said, he fucked me for 30-60 seconds. Then it was Mark’s turn, his thick cock went to town on my pussy like I said to do. So, over and over they keep taking turns punishing me from the back.

They mixed it up a few times to try to trick me, “you’ll never trick me guys, I’m a connoisseur of cock” I said to them both.

The poundings keep happening, over and over. I was so wet the whole time that they both kept sliding in effortlessly.  I didn’t ever stop calling out and moaning loudly. After they’d switched about 10-12 times each I knew that it was Mark that was inside of me now. His time was about up, but I could tell that my hot pussy was about to finish him off.

As he was finishing his time I told him, “I want your cum”.

I quickly lay at the other end of the couch with my head towards the front door. He stood beside me and I started sucking him long, hard and fast, stroking him at the same time. My legs were spread wide, so Derek shoved his cock in my pussy and began to pound away as I sucked his friend. I was right, he was about to blow.

He said to me “I’m about to cum baby” as he looked down at me.

I looked up and moaned “Ummmm, Hmmmmm” to him and I just keep right on sucking his delicious cock.  

Derek hadn’t slowed down and my moans were just  too much for Mark to handle anymore. I took him deep in my mouth and could feel his dick pump as my mouth filled with his sweet cum. As I pulled it out of my mouth a little, he shot another smaller load on to my chin and left cheek. I was still being fucked as I swallowed Mark’s load, so I didn’t care about the cum on my face (I like cum on my face).

Derek was getting close too, I could hear it in his voice. I kept licking and sucking the head of Mark’s dick and making his knees buckle. And now I know it’s Derek’s time.

“You gonna cum for me” I said to him, with part of Mark’s load still on my face.

He said yes, but still took another minute to make sure that he slammed his dick into me as hard and deep as he could. I was screaming his name as I seen it in his eyes. As he pulled out I dropped to my knees on the floor.

As I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue he began to unload. Quickly I remembered how big I though his balls were and tried to prepare for what I though would be big load. Then it hits me, 4 big squirts of cum, all a few seconds or so apart. The first two loads both hit my tongue. I began to close my mouth thinking it was over as the third squirt hit my lips and chin and quickly dripped down on to my tits. I had just swallowed the huge first mouthful, and as I opened my mouth to say “DAMN” the forth squirt hits me in the mouth a bit and covered my upper lip and my left cheek. I wasted no time waiting for more, and shoved his dick back in my mouth, I could feel some more cum spilling from the end of his cock, so I swallowed really hard so I could also clean my pussy juice from his cock also. I used my tongue to make him weak in the knees too.

I pulled him out of my mouth and grabbed a towel that was by the couch. As I tried to clean some of the cum off I said “well, I got a dirty towel now”.

They both quickly got dressed as I got up and lay down on the couch. I could feel how flush my face was and I was very out of breath. Even though I wiped myself off real fast it was easy to tell that they had just painted me with a lot of their jizz. As they finish getting dressed and were about to leave Mark came over and rubbed my clit for a few seconds.

“If you ever need anything delivered again, make sure you ask for us” he said to me.

 “Oh, you better fucking believe I will” I said as I squeezed his dick thru his pants again.

Freshly fucked and still naked, I leaned back and covered up with a blanket, closed my eyes and let myself marinate for a few minutes. I remained naked under the blanket, then I picked up the phone to call my husband to see if he was on his way back from Nashville yet. He answered the phone and when I asked where he was at he told me he was back. He also said he just passed the delivery truck and the guys were high fiving each other.

At this point I worried a bit, because they just pulled out a few minutes ago. I was still laying naked on the couch, freshly fucked and covered in cum. Just then I heard my husband unlock the front door and he walked in. He was still worked up from our texts, and he had a hard on in his hand and a huge smile on his face to prove it. He walked to the couch and yanked the blanket off of me. I could tell by the drastic change of the look on his face that he seen my pussy was stretched wide open and leaking sex juices and that my skin was still glistening from the cum bath I had just received………………………..     

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